Just like traditional schools have textbooks, Edge Studio offers written material to give you even MORE information about the voice over industry. Taking a cue from our classes, The Technique Guidebook and The Voice Over Career Planner are both clear, well-organized and full of useful information. Both books are downloadable and can help grow your voice over business.

Voice Over Career Planner

Cost: $27 or free for anyone in Phase-2, Part-A

This planner can be purchased online, via email, or by calling us at 888-321-EDGE (3343).

The Voice Over Career Planner is a 17-page, PDF Planner that sets forth a simple, fact-based course of action that will help you create, grow and operate your business successfully. That's why we have incorporated a Business Plan into the Career Planner that you can follow from your first meeting with a voice over industry expert, to your first paying job, and throughout your career. Use it from the outset, but this is not merely a "start-up" plan.
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Voice Over Technique Guidebook

Cost: $27 for the PDF version or free in Phase-1, Phase-2, Phase-3, or Phase-4.

If you want a hardcopy, get it at our studio for $10 or we will mail it to you for $20.

The Voice Over Technique Guidebook is a 133 page book that helps you develop your vocal skills as a part-time or full-time voice over actor. From assessing your voice to zipping into action, learn how to Investigate, Evaluate, Train, Sound Professional, and grow your business. This guide is filled with techniques that the pros use to make it sound so simple... techniques that will immediately set you apart from competitors. Concise, well-organized, and chock full of updated information.
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