Enlist in BOOTH CAMP to step up
your VO performance and business strategy

At VO Booth Camp, you will:

  • PUMP UP your voiceover confidence
  • BUILD your voice acting, marketing & business skills
  • WORK OUT at the mic with coaching & playback
  • FRESHEN your reads – get out of your ruts
  • MAKE NEW FRIENDS with other voice talent
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR MOTIVATION for voiceover success

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a working pro seeking to expand and strengthen your VO activity, Joe teaches what you need to know, in just one day. Work out at the mic, strengthen your motivation, and unite with like-minded voice talent.

As we always say at Edge Studio, “Learning never ends.” Joe will help even experienced talent add to their capabilities and find fresh approaches to copy. Learn how to stand out in auditions, and to keep from falling into “autopilot mode.”

"As a seasoned professional, Joe offers guidance and feedback which helped me understand where I am, and my next steps to pursue success in this business. As a person, he has consistently offered a smile and encouragement that I needed to pursue my passions. He takes pride in everything he does, and embraces the relationships that develop.  Thank you Joe – for simply being you." ~ Bobby Erickson

Here’s what you’ll learn, plus answers to all sorts of questions from VO Booth Camp participants.
You’ll even get in some recording time and feedback directly from Joe.
Be sure to take good notes, as we cover all of the following:

Warming up (1 hour 15 minutes):

Joe will start by sharing some inspiring physical audio products. Then you’ll enjoy how he answers the question, “Is There Room For Me In This Business?”

Also, a discussion of demos. Your demo is your calling card. Joe will explain why it’s surprisingly easy to make yours distinctive – once you understand how and why. More on this later in the day.

Then you’ll prepare to record for the microphone with warmups and exercises. Discover Tips & Tricks on how to care for your voice, and learn a fun and unusual way to get set for the mic.

Telephony – all kinds of opportunities (1 hour 15 minutes):

We’ll record an on-hold message and explore Interactive Voice Response (IVR) techniques. Learn how to be consistent – essential for many reasons. And, yes, see why emotion and flexibility are as important in telephony as in the afternoon’s commercial work.

Joe will give you an instant critique and guidance to improve your delivery. And you get to keep your recording!

Creating the perfect demo scripts (30 minutes):

It’s time to pick great demo copy out of magazines, and learn how to make it your own. But watch out for copyright infringement and unlicensed music – Joe will explain how to avoid these dangers.

Lunch break (1 hour)

Prepare For The Studio (1 hour):

We’ll record from your magazine script, play back and critique your sample spot. Direction is half the battle. Lose the jewelry and use your hands!  Also advertising terminology, like “donuts,” “two-holers,” “disclaimers,” etc.

The Big Workout! (1 hour):

You’ll have a blast recording two voice scripts! In our business we spend a lot of alone time in our booths. Here’s your opportunity to show up and really open up!

And, if you think that was fun, it doesn’t stop there. Now it’s time to record “The Quiz Show”! This script requires five voice actors, challenging you to find your character and up your game.

Auditioning Online - Pay2Play (20 minutes):

Learn how to win online auditions, and not shoot yourself in the foot. Discover what you need to do to prepare your home studio for auditions. Or, if you already have a home studio, learn how to improve it. We’ll also answer marketing questions like “Should you have an agent, join the union, go it alone?” The answers are both yes and no ... but why? Even if you once knew, is it still true now?

Social Networking (20 minutes):

Every voice talent needs a website – this extension of your business card is where they’ll find your demo. Learn how to grab visitors in the critical first 8 seconds. And how Facebook and other social networking can really amp up your traffic.

Your Professional Demo (20 minutes):

Without a demo, you’re dead in the water. But recording your demo too soon is a career-killer, too. Learn why. And if you’re already working, how can you make your demo stronger? What genre demos should you add? Learn proven distribution techniques, and other ways to blow your own whistle.


Joe packs so much knowledge into this day that there usually aren’t many questions remaining. But if you still have one, Joe is more than happy to answer it. And, like everything before, you’ll find this Q&A session both interesting and fun, whatever level you’re at in your career.

Whether you’re a working talent or still learning the ropes, this course is for you!
Ever feel your rope is played out?
Fix it! Joe will help sort out what
you need to know now.

You’ll come away from this highly motivational day with a personalized game plan for starting or growing your VO career -- knowing exactly where and how to best direct your efforts when you get home!

To ensure personal attention
VO Booth Camp attendance is limited,
so reserve now.

A few lucky attendees will go home with special gifts from our sponsors!

Plus special Edge Studio discounts will be available for all!

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