Demos Recorded At Edge Studio


We do. As a working production studio, we showcase our graduates' voices for our production clients to hire, so the demos we produce MUST be marketable. Each demo uniquely fits the voice over artist. Listen to the samples below. You'll hear why we are known for helping voice talent make back the money they spend.

Alyson S

teenager to a woman in her 40's.Warm sexy,smooth,hot,hip,retail, sultry,raspy,professional,fun,girl next door

Ami K

I can be quirky, silly, and animated. I can also do imitations and accents and have tenor singing voice. My natural voice is young 18 - late 20's

Barbara Q

I'm the mom-next-door. Educated and articulate, but also a bit sarcastic with a wry sense of humor.

Beth G

Articulate, clear, educator, girl next door, friendly, Mom, sister, dramatic

Brett G

Deep voice, perfect for announcer and promo spots. My style is great for epic commercials and movie trailers as well as engaging narration.

Brian T

I have a pleasant sounding, conversational and articulate voice. Clients value my positive attitude and professionalism.

Caitlin O

My voice: cultured, sensual, strong & dynamic, diction is excellent. Also: educated, sassy, friendly,soothing, sexy,ditsy girl next door.

Charles "Chuck" S

I'm a 'good buddy or a dad'...a fun guy to hang out with or an authoritative figure. I'm told my voice is big, deep, expressive, inviting, and warm.

Christopher S

The mysterious guy next door...engaging, neighborly, curious, funny, warm, ominous. Also excel with characters/accents & articulating Tech/Med copy.

Corey L

Think of me as your go-to college-aged guy next door. I'm simultaneously warm and welcoming, imaginative and intelligent.

Cris D

Casual, Gen-X, Friendly, Energetic
Corporate, Direct, Clear, Informative, Warm
Rich, Deep, Relaxing, Sensual, Luxury
Friend, Adviser, Informative

Dan K

I have a deep voice but I'm able to bring it high if needed. I see myself as a character actor, able to do comedy, drama, and everything in between.

Delia A

Like in the age of 30, teen and childish.

E. Kyle M

I sound relaxed, friendly, authoritative, articulate, approachable; a rich, deep, confident voice.

Gillian V

My voice is warm, intelligent, professional, and friendly.

Glenn C

Clear, Confident, Personable, and Mature. I have a dynamic range that allows me to express warmth, and intimacy, as well as energetic excitability.

Hallie C

My voice is friendly, expressive & warm. Having studied acting, my range spans from serious & intimate to fun & quirky covering everything between.

Hayley W

My voice is bubbly, friendly, and perky. Very youthful and engaging towards kids.

Jerry T

That "Every man" voice with a spicy smooth, articulate sound that brings warmth, engaging style, and credibility to Jerry's voice work.

Joey S

My voice has been described as relatable, warm, caring, professional, knowledgeable, witty, authoritative, and friendly.

Karen P

Smooth, sweet, engaging, warm, comforting, best friend, sassy, bright, instructional

Kate A

I am quirky girl next door, real sounding person.

Kate F

highly distinctive voice with deep, warm, rich, elegant tone, intelligent, urbane, well-traveled, strong; wry sense of humor. Evokes Lauren Bacall.

Kelly B
Ken G

Whether you need an authoritative voice for narration or a friendly guy-next-door for your commercial, I'm your guy!

Kristen M

I have a warm, friendly voice with a faint rasp. I can be convincing, sultry, fun, instructive. Can speak to a wide range of age groups.

Kristina F

I'm the best friend, the fun teenager, or the young mom type. I'm also very kid friendly.

Lara H

I'm the comfortable, confident voice of authority or the friend you trust and would take advice from.

Linda J

Smooth, clear, warm, sophisticated professional - with a side of happy & friendly.

Loren G

I have the girl next door voice as well as be a baby or a young boy. My voice is very animated when needs to be.

Maia A

Girl next door - friendly - terrific diction.
alto and soprano style singing voice.

Marie T. S

Relevant, clear articulation, current, everywoman, warm, friendly, authoritative & educational, hip, raspy, soothing/meditative

Melissa K

I'm melodious by nature. My voice is lyrical, friendly, and upbeat, but I can breathe a bit of sarcasm if need be.

Mia B

The voice of mother earth - warm, vibrant & comforting. Also can sound smooth, mellow & sexy or change it up to perky & sweet. Educational tone too.

Michelle P

I have a warm, kind voice, reminiscent of a Mom, best friend, or teacher. Can also sound very professional and articulate for business presentations.

Mike C

Paternal, bass sonority. Articulate, educational, excellent with documentary narration style and audiobooks.

Mike L

I am the next door neighbor, guy in a bar or someone you would talk to on the street. Warm to deep voice,or mid range fast
talking person.

Monica S

From a warm and believable mom, sister or best friend, to a smooth and sophisticated delivery style. Characters are a specialty!

Myra B

I have a clear, warm, friendly voice--very smooth, but can also sound professorial--like that really cool professor you had in college.

Nathaniel D

I'm the scholarly friend all the way through the angry monster.

Rachel F. H

I have a youthful sound that's fun, energetic, and flexible. My voice lends itself well to teens, children,and young adults.

Robert G

A smooth, neighborly, yet authoritative baritone voice. Can sound conversational, or educational.

Roger H

I have a friendly, resonant anchor/announcer quality with a very natural delivery; the best of both worlds. I can be humorous, dad-like and intimate.

Sarah A

Sweet, youthful and energetic, but also clear, intelligent and articulate—the wise best friend!

Sarah M

Sweet, young female voice who speaks with a smile.

Saskia M

Smooth, rich, senusal and engaging voice. Can also sound educational and professional.

Scott B
Sean L

All American voice, can be soothing, seductive, even gruff. Also I can sound articulate, and I have good comedic timing.

Susan B

My voice is very warm and caring. It can also be very relaxing and bit sexy. Very articulate and endearing at the same time.

Susan F
Tara M

Smart, professional, friendly, sexy, warm, enthusiastic, best friend, soothing and sarcastic

Tia Z

Effervescent for youthful, hip products and educational projects.
Friendly and warm motherly tones, able to relay serious info with likeable quality.

Tim Z

Warm, sonorous, authoritative.

Valerie K

My voice is cute, high pitched - but pleasant to listen to, and very unique. I have a very good ear and can do a very good, cold read.

Virginia W

Intelligent, trustworthy, warm, young, playful, character actress. Great voice for everything from corporate narration to elearning to audiobooks.

Yvette C

My voice ranges from soft and velvety to the instructional or telephony variety. I'm articulate, upbeat, conversational and relatable.