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Ask us what we've done lately. There's always something new, and it ranges widely from narrating children’s audiobooks and eLearning programs, to character voices in children’s education games, videogames, and talking toys.

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voice over production project - Eden Animation -  Gift of the Sacred Lake
Eden Animation - Gift of the Sacred Lake

The animation for this project was amazing! We provided narration for the Automated Dialogue Replacement.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project - Pixar Audiobooks - Lilo and Stitch Explore The Solar System
Pixar Audiobooks - Lilo and Stitch Explore The Solar System

The production team had a great time producing the narration for many Pixar children's audiobooks including Chicken Little, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Monsters Inc and Lilo and Stitch. Here is a sample from the audiobook Lilo and Stitch - All About Planets.

/Production/Production Portfolio/eLearning/Disney_Lilo And Stitch_All About Planets.mp3
voice over production project - Disney's Winnie the Pooh
Disney's Winnie the Pooh

Exciting projects! We have created, recorded, produced original music and voice over for over 40 educational Disney videos and books, including Pooh, Princess, Lilo and Stitch.

/Production/Production Portfolio/eLearning/Disney_Winnie%20The%20Pooh%20Cookbook.mp3
voice over production project - Disney Education - Tracing Shapes
Disney Education - Tracing Shapes

Produced the audio that is part of an educational explainer video to help small children learn to draw and write.

/Production/Production Portfolio/eLearning/Disney Tracing ABC.mp3
voice over production project - William H. Sadlier
William H. Sadlier

We produced the narration for "I See Shapes" and "We Believe".

/Production/Production Portfolio/eLearning/Sadlier We Believe Production Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Nickelodeon "My Life As A Teenage Robot"
Nickelodeon "My Life As A Teenage Robot"

We produced these Eartha Kitt character voices, animating 5 "My Life As A Teenage Robot" episodes.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
Animation/Toying With Jenny/Toying_with_Jeni_Eartha.mp4
voice over production project -  - Nintendo

Fun promotional recording for Nintendo. Who doesn't love Nintendo?

/Production/Production Portfolio/Editing/Nintendo_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - Marvel Comics Astonishing X-MEN
Marvel Comics Astonishing X-MEN

Watch "Behind The Scenes" footage of Edge Studio recording voice over, pre-lay, dubbing, sound effects, music, mix, and complete sound design for 7 episodes of Marvel Comics Astonishing X-MEN

/Production/Production Portfolio/
Behind the Scenes at Edge Studio- Astonishing X-Men.mp4
voice over production project -  - Eden Animation - Titlee in JugMugLand
Eden Animation - Titlee in JugMugLand

We were happy to produce all audio for the animated trailer for Titlee in Jugmugland. It was as fun to record as it was to pronounce.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
Animation/TITLEE in JUGMUGLAND_intro_Eden Animation Studio,INDIA.mp4
voice over production project -  - Wild Adventures
Wild Adventures

We had fun producing this energetic commercial for Wild Adventures theme park.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Commercial/Wild Adventures_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project -  - American Biography Series
American Biography Series

We learned about past American leaders as we produced the narration for a series of 12 biographical audio books, each showcasing a different person who played a very important role in history.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Audiobooks/Audiobook_FDR Bio.mp3
voice over production project - Smithsonian - Dinosaurs and More!
Smithsonian - Dinosaurs and More!

We had a great job working on this project and learning tons of interesting information about dinosaurs.

/Production/Production Portfolio/Audiobook/Smithsonian Prehistoric Pals Portfolio Sample.mp3
voice over production project -  - InYerPocket

English as a second language listening exercises project for children.

/Production/Production Portfolio/eLearning/InYerPocket_Portfolio.mp3
voice over production project - Sadlier - Oxford
Sadlier - Oxford

We produced the audio for eLearning website Sadlier - Oxford. After the children's chant there is an adult narrating the remainder of the audio-book.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Adventure Parks
Adventure Parks

Fun recording for a Cypress Gardens radio commercial.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Jakers - The Adventures of Piggly Winks
Jakers - The Adventures of Piggly Winks

This was a fun project and Mel Brooks and Joan Rivers were the cartoon character voices!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Lego

The pieces clicked together when we recorded narration for promotional videos for Lego’s new product line.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project - Edu and Joy
Edu and Joy

Produced ESL (English as a second language) narration for children.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Mitso Media
Mitso Media

This was really fun to work on as we revisited the classics while producing the narration for over 50 audio books including: Billy Budd, The Story of Cinderella, Sherlock Holmes and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Lee/French Toast
Lee/French Toast

This company wanted two children conversing in this radio commercial -- voice overs about school uniforms.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Fetchercise

We recorded the narration for a children's nutritional CD.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Turnstile Presents
Turnstile Presents

It was really fun compiling custom auditions for the Author Live! project. Who did not read these stories when they were younger?

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Peep and The Big Wide World - Colors and Shapes
Peep and The Big Wide World - Colors and Shapes

This was a truly fun project to work on and the end result was terrific! We produced the narrations and the music.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Disney - Chicken Little - Trace and Learn
Disney - Chicken Little - Trace and Learn

This was another fun Disney project! Edge Studio recorded the narration and provided the music - and had a great time while doing so!

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Engage Literacy
Engage Literacy

Our client needed voice audio for a web series of children’s books.

The idea of the project was to allow children to follow along as they are read a book online. As they clicked to indicate a page turn, the narrator would read the following page. Since the project was intended to help kids learn to read, we had to provide the perfect vocal direction; they talent had to be incredibly clear, articulate and slow paced without being flat or boring. Children needed to be able to follow along, but the danger was in flattening out too much and letting the audience lose interest.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
voice over production project -  - Holiday Magic
Holiday Magic

GelderHead Productions produces a yearly CD featuring music and a holiday tale that is distributed to sick children at Rady Children's Hospital San Diego and their siblings in addition to Children’s Hospital’s in Orange County, New Orleans, Albuquerque, Milwaukee, and Houston. Edge Studio is happy to donate engineering, voice over recording, and production services to this cause.

/Production/Production Portfolio/
  • We produced the Spanish and English narrations for Arizona Nutrition Network's Bobby B. Well animation cartoon where he teaches children to make healthy nutrition choices.
  • Another children's project we produced was the narration for "Caboodle" an interactive children's magazine.
  • Provided narration for vocabulary booster series for Ace In Home Tutoring.

* Here is the full list of Pixar and Disney projects we've completed!:

  • Pixar Read A Picture
  • Pixar Tracing Shape
  • Pixar Read A Collection: Finding Nemo
  • Pixar Read A Collection: Toy Story
  • Pixar Read A Collection: Monsters Inc.
  • Pixar Read A Collection: Chicken Little
  • Disney Mickey Mouse Club Count Along
  • Disney Bambi Learning
  • Disney Tinkerbell's Magic Story Writer
  • Disney Captain Jack Magic Story Writer
  • Disney Princess
  • Disney Princess Take With Me Alphabet
  • Disney On Ice English
  • Disney On Ice Spanish
  • Disney Cars Write Numbers
  • Disney Bunnies Counting
  • Disney Little Einsteins
  • Disney Nemo's First Concepts
  • Disney Pooh ABC's
  • Disney Pooh 123's Carry A Tune
  • Disney Adventure Parks
  • Disney Zip n Carry
  • Disney Time To Learn With Pooh
  • Disney Princess Rhyme Time
  • Disney Princess Follow Your Heart
  • Disney's JoJo's Circus Get Up and Move!
  • Disney Take With Me Numbers
  • Disney Princess First Concepts
  • Disney's Peep
  • Disney's The Big Wide World
  • Disney Big Wide World
  • Disney's Lilo and Stitch
  • Disney's Chicken Little Kindness Counts
  • Disney's Lilo and Stitch - All About Planets
  • Disney Pooh's First Cookbook
  • Disney Chicken Little Punctuation
  • Disney Seasons
  • Disney Princess Meals
  • Disney Princess Language
  • Disney Pet Friends
  • Disney Princess Write Alphabet
  • Disney When I Grow Up
  • Disney Pooh Learn-in-a-flash
  • Disney SI Space Adventures
  • Disney Ariel Loves Prince Eric
  • Disney The Good Fairies Love Sleeping Beauty
  • Disney Princess Take With Me Numbers
  • Disney Princess First Concepts
  • Disney The Best Book of Pooh Ever!

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