Training & Mentoring for Pros


This phase is for working, established talent.

A selection of 5 different webinar classes every month – designed for the needs of working, professional voice over talent to expand your range, increase your rates, deal with restrictive issues, and keep your performance fresh.

Our Career Planner is also included - a download link will be emailed to you upon signing-up!

  • David Goldberg, owner of Edge Studio and one of the most highly praised directors in the country, along with various other leading coaches and voice over experts teach these classes.
  • Participate by audition only, click the "Register" link above

Think about it: Obviously, an actual gig is not the time to spot ruts and bad habits you may have developed. Every pro, no matter how experienced, benefits by keeping in shape and improving and broadening their capabilities. You need to practice.

More so, most voice over professionals face similar challenges when selling their services. That's why we've built a community of learning where you can network with your peers and share challenges and successes with them.


$57 a month. Or $197 for 4-months (that's $9.85 a class).

Test drive the program for 30 days to see how it feels. If you don't like it, let us know and we'll refund your first month's tuition.

What do I get each month?

1 Advanced Performance Class

A new webinar every month, instructed by David Goldberg or guest. From "Documentary And Film Style Narration" to "Creating Characters On The Fly," each class gives you the core concepts of the topic, with practical exercises, and provides you with the specific how-to information to adapt the technique into your own voice and delivery.

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1 Advanced Audition Class

A new webinar every month, instructed by David Goldberg or guest. Sure you'll never win every audition. But you can certainly increase the number that you do. Each class focuses on a core technique that will improve your ratio of wins to losses. Expect course titles such as "Slating Techniques That Increase Your Wins" to "Dealing With Ambiguous And Directionless Copy."

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1 Home Studio 201 Advanced Class

A new webinar every month, instructed by an industry expert.

It's one of the cornerstones of this program. Course titles include: "Storage & Backup Options," "Time Compression & Expansion, Reverb," "The Art Of Editing And Matching Takes," and more. Each webinar includes Q&A time to work through issues and problems you may have. We’ll dig into issues you face in selling your engineering services and provide specific feedback and suggestions for your situation.

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1 Marketing 201 Advanced Class

A new webinar every month, instructed by an industry expert.

Each webinar includes a practical topic that you can immediately implement to get your business running more smoothly, lucratively, or efficiently. Course titles range from "Social Media And How To Generate New Clients" to "Creating Long Term clients." We'll have stories, examples, and role-plays, where you’ll hear real-world successes and failures in selling voice over services. This allows you to see how these techniques work in real prospect situations. We welcome questions.

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1 Business & Money 201 Advanced Class

A new webinar every month, instructed by an industry expert. When it comes to dealing with your clients, you want to do less for more money... while they want to get more for less money. Yes, you are running a business. And having the tools and know-how to run it more efficiently is what you'll learn. Course titles range from "Rates, Negotiating, And Invoicing" to "Contracts And Talent Release Forms." There's opportunity to ask questions. The ultimate goal: be prepared for whatever clients spring on you, and know how to look out for you. Practical advice and guidance based on real experiences from both sides of the glass.

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It's exciting when we help professional voice talent increase their business. It's also exciting when they candidly email us. Here are some:


Already in our Phase-4 program? Every class below is included! We send you reminder e-mails with participation details.

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Register and Audition for Phase 4


  • Setting: Classes are offered via Webinar
  • Timetable: 5 classes per month
  • Length: Some classes are 45 minutes, some are 1 hour
  • Cost:
    • $57 for 1-month
    • $197 for 4-months ($4.48 a class)
    • $497 for 12-months ($3.76 a class)

To Audition and Participate

  • You must audition to participate in Phase 4. To audition, submit your demo or a sample of recent work, no longer than one minute, to with the words "Phase 4 Audition" in the subject line.
  • The office will then call to let you know if you have been accepted.

After We Register You

You will receive an email confirmation with:

  • Information on how to attend each class
  • A link to download the Career Planner

How to Reach Us

Call us 888-321-3343
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