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Wherever you live, you can have a virtual "visit" from an Edge Studio Technician. Our remote support includes the same comprehensive insight as an on-site consult.

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Everyday we see voice actors lose auditions due to poor sound quality. Begs the question: Do you know what we, and other casting teams listen for?

Voice actors usually don't have casting experience and haven't had the opportunity to hear thousands of auditions, like we have.

Voice actors often don't have the super high-end monitors that casting teams use to check for sound accuracy, nuances, compression, levels, noise floor, and issues such as hiss, hum, noise, and clicks.

You're getting older. (Sorry.) And casting teams are often young engineers with natural hearing ability that surpasses yours.

You might be "blind" to certain sounds and acoustic conditions. After all, you live among them all day, every day. Your brain thinks it's doing you a favor by ignoring them or filtering them out. Not so.

You might think your standards are sufficient, even high. You might be surprised.

Confirm you send your clients industry-standard sound files. Get your sound tuned professionally. At this economical price from Edge Studio, it's probably the best assurance around that your clients are pleased.

We'll report back with details about your recording quality in the following areas:

  • Levels
  • Noise floor
  • Mic technique
  • Acoustics
  • Processing (if used)

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Why do you need customized recording presets?

It used to be OK to send out your recordings "flat" or "dry,” with no processing of any kind. In those days, every producer had a skilled audio engineer whose job was to spruce up your audio, sweeten, master, that sort of thing. Now, your audio should usually be "ready for air," or at least sound that way – because the producer might use it directly in their Final Cut session, as-is. Dry audio may have a very hard time "cutting through" the mix. It also portrays you as a consummate professional. Think of each audition file as a "mini demo," showing off your recording skills in addition to your voice acting skills.

AUDITIONS ESPECIALLY should be processed!

You’re competing with voice actors who may process their recordings. Don't send a Polaroid when clients want to see a glossy 8x10"! If you don't properly process your recording, you’ll sound less professional than your competition. Even if the job you are auditioning for will be produced in another studio, many prospective clients do not realize how the finished product will sound. What you send has to grab the listener’s attention and sound fully professional, without being distorted or going technically over the top.

You may want to do this for several for different genres, because processing settings can be unique for each style.
For example:

  • Commercial
  • Promo/Trailer
  • Animation/Video Games
  • Corporate narration
  • Telephony
  • Audiobooks*

NOTE*: We highly recommend our Mastering Preset and Training Video service for audiobooks. Mastering an audiobook as specified by ACX, etc. involves more than just loading a stack.

We will:

  • Review your audio sample
  • Process it for your voice, style of read, and studio acoustics
  • Send you a processed sample for approval
  • Include instructions on how to import the custom preset

We can work with:

  • Adobe Audition 1.5 - 3.0
  • Reaper for Mac and Windows
  • Pro Tools for Mac or Windows
  • Sony SoundForge for Mac or Windows* (Pro only)
  • Audacity for Mac or Windows*

*For these systems, you'll receive a video tutorial only, templates not available.

NOTE*: If we determine that your audio quality isn't where it needs to be to benefit from audio processing, we will email our evaluation notes with recommendations, and your charge will be credited toward another service of your choice.

All DAWS (except TwistedWave & Adobe Audition CS5.5 or newer)

TwistedWave & Adobe Audition CS5.5 or newer ONLY

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