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Friday July 28


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This Month's Contest


  • Wednesday, July 5, 11:30 am ET- contest opens to entries
  • Friday, July 28, 11:59 pm ET - entries close
  • After closing, all entered recordings are posted for listening
  • Monday, August 7, 11:30 am ET - winners and prizes posted

Contest Title:


Director's Notes:

This is a simulated audition for an off-camera role in a movie. We need the voice of an intelligent robotic bouncer in a crossroads bar somewhere in the galaxy. The robot is somewhat impetuous, and funny despite having a tin ear for humor. It is also multilingual. In this scene, it speaks in a normal, humanlike voice, then speaks in the language of another species from another world. Instead of the words "Graspork fdulyk moshlapooparick sporgladyns," please ad-lib whatever you like, of about the same length ... the more “extraterrestrial sounding” the better. It may or may not sound like human speech, but please make it sound like speech. (Bear in mind that human speech has a wide range of sounds not used in English, including clicks, throat sounds, etc., and we're not limiting you to human sounds.) Do not use sound effects, special effects or tell us a wookie-like roar or a whistle is somehow intelligible. Slate your name or username at the end, in your normal voice.


Stop that brawling. If you continue to brawl, I’ll make you bawl. ... That’s a joke. ... Okay then, Graspork fdulyk moshlapooparick sporgladyns. Capisce?

Remember to check Archived Contests the first Monday of each month to learn who won, with explanations of why they won and why others didn’t, and hear some examples of each.

This Month's Prizes



Free One-Hour Audition-Workout with David Goldberg

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Free DAW webinar!

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See prize details below.




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If you have won any place (1st place, 2nd place...) in the past six months (6 months), you are not eligible to win any place in this week’s contest. Why? To reward other entrants who have improved in that time. But we encourage you to enter nevertheless, for practice and to demonstrate your capability. You are still eligible for the Participation Prize.



All participants are eligible for a free check up with purchase of any one (1) private coaching session valid until August 25, 2017.

This offer cannot be applied toward any services already purchased, nor to any service in which you are already enrolled. Prize is to be used by you only, not transferable.


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