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    Bullfrog Buddies... At the Market

    (Note: This second installment of a 'Muddyshoes Original' is a 3-Part script.)

    Scene: 2 big, fat bullfrogs in the Shoe Fly Market... you know, the one down on Wig Willow Way? Bub and Luther are shoppin' up some grub when... well... you'll see...


    Bub: Hey, Luther?

    Luther: Yeah Bub...

    Bub: You want I should bring you a buggy? That pile you're carryin's 'bout as tall as you are.

    Luther: (grunting noise) Naw, Bub.. I ... I... I.... GOT...


    (Slow baby crying noise that starts nearby and quickly escalates into a loud, screaming crying noise!!)

    Bub: Uh Oh...

    Fanny Sue: LUTHER BUGTUSSLE! You done woke little Billy!

    Luther: (hat in hand, looking down, ashamed, says mumbled and apologetically) Yes, Fanny Sue...

    Fanny Sue: You know it takes more 'n a handful of grub worms to keep that boy quiet once he gets to goin!

    Luther: (still embarrassed) Yes 'm

    Bub: (whispering..) Hey Luther?

    Luther: (whispering back) Yeah Bub...

    Bub: That Billy is one UGLY tadpole

    Luther: (tries to be quiet. but says) Yeah...He wasn't just hit with the ugly stick, he was hit with the whole darned tree!

    Luther and Bub together: (Both try to hide their snickerin' and gigglin')

    Fanny Sue: You're both 'bout to get a whippin! Yer just lucky lil' Billy's startin' to settle down!

    Luther: Yes'm .. Really sorry 'bout that, Fanny Sue...

    Fanny Sue: Well... see that you mind yer manners, hear? HRMPH!! (footsteps walking away...)

    Luther: (Sighing noise...) Hey, Bub?

    Bub: Yeah, Luther

    Luther: Help me load up my arms again...

    Bub: Alright..

    (Sound of things being picked up and put back into Luther's arms..)

    Bub: Uh, Luther.. you want I should bring you a buggy?

    Luther: Nah.. I'm good...

    (Crashing Noise... Following by loud Baby Crying, followed by,..)

    Fanny Sue (From a distance...) LUTHERRRRRR!

    Bub and Luther Together: Uh oh....


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