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    Bullfrog Buddies... To Disney World We Go - Part 1

    (Note: This 'Muddyshoes Original' is a 3-Part script. Ole Bub and Luther done won themselves a trip tuh Disney World. It'll be their first trip outta Swamp Holler, but first, they gotta git their truck packed before the big storm comes!

    Scene: 2 big, fat bullfrogs outside their stump, packin' Luther's beat up ole pickup truck.


    (Open with noises that sound like an ole bullfrog packing the bed of an ole, rusty antique pickup truck, whatever that sounds like...)

    Bub: Hey Luther?

    Luther: Yeah Bub, HEY watch out, you're steppin' on my flipper!

    Bub: Oh, Sorry Luther, I'm just all excited about our trip! Wow... We's goin' tuh Disney World, I didn't think we'd ever leave Swamp Holler!

    Luther: Well, I ain't never thought so neither. Hey, they say ole Mr. Toad done got himself his own... ride there, or some kinda thing. Right in the middle o' Disney World!

    Bub: (excited) Is that a fact?!? Ooh, I'm gonna get one o' them mouse-ear hats, you know where they sew your name in...

    (Crashin' noise of somethin' breakin')

    Luther: (sound of a swarm of flies) Dang it Bub, will ye watch it, That was our breakfast! and they're all gittin' away.. (buzzing sound dies out and is gone.)

    Bub: Shucks, sorry Luther. I was just gittin' excited and all.

    (A bicycle rides up and makes one o' them ding-a-ling noises those handlebar bells makes)

    Sally: (flirty tone) Heeeeey boys.. Heard ye all are goin' to see Mr. Toad, wow, wish I was goin'!

    Bub: (shy squeak of a voice) Uh.. Hi there Sally .. (clears throat) how... how are ye doin? Ye sure look prettier than a bottle o' perfume down at Pickledingers Drug Store.

    Sally: Awe, thank you Bub. (light footsteps and then the sound of a kiss on Bub's cheek).

    (Another crashin' noise of something breakin' followed by another sound of escaping bugs)

    Luther: Dagnabit, Bub. there goes our lunch now. We ain't gonna have no food left if'n you keep lettin' it all out!

    Bub: (nervous) Heck, I'm sorry Luther.. Sally, I'm a sorry, but we really gots ta finish packin', I'll bring ye back something, hear?

    Sally: (gets back on bike and in a flirty tone says) Ok Bub, See ya later, boys... (Bike bell noise from a distance)

    Luther: I think ole Sally's sweet on you there, Bub.. Hee, HEE!!

    Bub: (embarrassed) Oh, stop it, Luther... we's just friends, that's all

    Luther: (teasing) Bub and Sally sitting on a frond, croakin' like lovers in the middle of the pond....

    Bub: Awe stop it, Luther.

    Luther: Ok, ok.

    (Thunder noise in the distance...)

    Luther: Hey Bub?

    Bub: Yeah, Luther.

    Luther: We better hit the road, there's a storm comin' and we got a long drive ahead of us. Don't wanna git caught in it.

    Bub: Don't chew worry, Luther. We're gonna git there faster 'n greased lightnin'and we'll be juuuuust fine. What could possibly go wrong?


    End of Part 1


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