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    Bullfrog Buddies... To Disney World We Go - Part 2

    Note: This 'Muddyshoes Original' is a 3-Part script and it is going to be tricky, because you folks have proven there are some super talented voices out there, and I know you are up to the challenge. I've written this script to have something very unique... a voice over, WITHIN a voice over! What is ole Muddyshoes talkin' about you ask?

    Well ole Bub and Luther... (hopefully you know who they are at this point,) are gonna turn on the radio in ole Luther's truck and hear an advertisement on the radio at some point during this script. This means, you will need to record an additional short voice over, and apply effects to make it sound like it's coming from an old AM radio, and THEN insert that into the main script.

    This short script will be listed as 'Script 1' below. The rest of the script will be listed as 'Script 2.' Make sense? Ok.. here goes!


    Scene: Ole Bub and Luther done won themselves a trip tuh Disney World, if'n ye can believe it! They just hit the road after packin' and sure as a flapjack has two sides, it started tuh thunderin' and rainin'. Some luck, huh? Here is Script 1 below. Make sure to record it as if it sounds like it's from an AM radio playing inside Luther's truck and insert it into Script 2 where noted.

    "This here's Big Wally Willoughby for AM 1600, WRBT Radio in Swamp Hollar... 'RIBBIT RADIO!" Friends, is your skin too smooth? Not enough warts? Well try "Warts New" today and never be mistaken for a salamander again. Warts New...on sale now at Pickledingers drug store, in downtown Swamp Hollar."


    Script 2 (Main):

    (Scene opens with rain sounds as heard from inside a driving vehicle. Extra points if you can also find a windshield wiper sound for the background. )

    (Loud thunder sound)

    Bub: You hear that Luther? It's a still rainin'! At least it's slowin' down a bit.

    Luther: Yeah, you ain't kid...

    (Sudden tire screeching noise.)

    Bub: Dang, Luther, you better slow down some. You're swervin'! You know them tires o yours are 'bout as bald as ole Betty-Sue.

    Luther: (Luther chuckles and then says) Yeah...you're right, Bub. Well at least the rain is stoppin'.

    Bub: Hey Luther, put on the radio, It'll make the trip seem shorter.

    (Insert sound of radio being tuned in. After this effect, INSERT SCRIPT 1 from ABOVE).

    Bub: Dang, just one of them commercials. You know, them commercial talkin' folks must have the best jobs in the world...bein' paid tuh just talk, talk, talk, ye know?

    Luther: Yeah, they should try and WORK for a livin'! (Luther and Bub both chuckle... and then) Uh oh...

    Bub: What's wrong, Luther?

    (Police siren)

    Luther: Awe dang, Bub, why'd you have to ask "what could possibly go wrong before we left?"

    Bub: Sorry Luther, don't you worry none, it'll be juuuuust fine.

    (Tapping noise on window)

    Luther: Yes, officer? What kin I do for ye?

    Officer Toadstool: You know you was swervin' back there?

    Luther: (apologetically) Uh yes, officer, I..

    Officer Toadstool: You know I could give ye a ticket, right?

    Luther: (apologetically) Uh yes, officer, I'm really sor...

    Officer Toadstool: Say wait a second... Aren't you those boys that done won that trip tuh Disney World?

    Luther: (Relived and proud) Why yes.. yes we are!

    Officer Toadstool: That means you boys prolly know that low down scoundrel that's tryin' tuh move in on my Sally!

    Bub: Gulp

    Luther: (Nervous...) Uh, No...can't think o' nobody like that... Sorry, officer.

    Officer Toadstool: (Matter of factly in an angry voice...) Cause I'm gonna pulverize that frog when I find him!

    Bub: Gulp (Mutters to himself) Good golly... and she's 'spectin' me to bring her something from Disney World... Oh my...

    Officer Toadstool: Well... seein' as ye ain't caused no harm, I'm gonna let ye off with a warnin'.

    Luther: (VERY relieved and thankful) Well thank you, officer, thank you. And we'll be careful from now on.

    (Slight pause and then motorcycle pulling away)

    Bub: Hey Luther?.... Uh... Luther?

    Luther: Huh? Oh ... yeah Bub?

    Bub: That was a close one... I'm in trouble now.... He's gonna kill me! (Gulp) Well, no sense worryin' till we get back. You want I should drive? We're almost there.

    Luther: Nah.. I'm good. (truck starting up) Don't you worry, Bub. You'll be just fine. Hey you wanna listen to the radio?

    Bub: No thanks, Luther. Prolly just more of them talkin' heads goin' on about A-1 Steak Sauce or somethin. We's almost there anyway.

    (End... Part II)


    Hear and comment on 2 recordings of this script that your peers recorded.

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