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    Elmo's World

    Elmo's World

    Theme song words: La, La, La, La , Elmo's World La,La, La, La Elmo's world.
    I love my goldfish and crayon too. Its Elmo's World. (There's a You Tube video on the song.)
    If you can find an instrumental sound track, you can make it more interesting by singing the song yourself.

    Elmo: Hi everybody. (Looking at his goldfish) Oh hi Dorothy.
    Today Elmo's going to talk about the alphabet Yea! (Elmo's giggle)
    Why just the other day Elmo ran into Elmo's good friend Grover.
    Yea,. and this is what happened. ( segway music)
    (Scene change Elmo meets Grover, passing each other on the street)

    Elmo: Oh Hi Grover .

    Grover:( In excitement Grover passes Elmo then runs back) Elmo ! Elmo! Elmo! I was looking for you. I was having a teensy bit of trouble with the alphabet

    Elmo: A teensy bit? oh! Elmo knows the alphabet.

    Grover : Yes yes I know it too, but i am having trouble with a little bit of it

    Elmo: OK, Elmo wants to help my good friend Grover .

    Grover: Good, ok you start

    Elmo: (a musical scale is played while Elmo says the letters)A B C(Grover gives a aha) D E F G H I J K (Grover gives a, I got that so far) L M N O P (Elmo says What are you having a problem with) (Grover Says Its ok keep going)Q R S T U V W X Y ....

    Grover: Wait wait I know this part. "Z" Thank you so much, I was having trouble with the first part but you helped me just fine.

    Elmo: Your welcome Grover, Bye See you later. (sound of them running off)

    (back to Elmo's Place) (segway music)

    Elmo: Boy, Elmo had fun with Grover.yea (Elmo giggle) Elmo just loves saying the alphabet,and I know you did too. Well its time Elmo says goodbye. Say goodbye. Dorothy. Bye!!!

    ( End with theme song)


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