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I usually get cast as the sarcastic guy, the comic relief, or the cartoon voice. But I do have the ability to be the Announcer as well.
Abby M
You won't regret working with me!
Abby R
Wacky, Zany child character's OR young teenagers
Adam W
The kid from school who was passionate about building robots grew up! I'm a quirky guy next door with a lot of range.
Addie H
I'm a millennial girl, with a happy, bubbly sounding voice and tends to speak quickly. Can sound older than is.
Aimee C
My voice is engaging and enthusiastic with range of high/perky to a low,deep and raspy voice.
Alan A
Hip. Relatable. Commanding. And most important- Believable. A conversational, friendly, guy next door quality that's genuine, authoritative and fun.
Alan G
I'm the best friend type, inviting and affable, but still quirky and humorous. Can also sound dry, cutting or intimate.
Alan K
My voice has been described as being young, natural, bright, soft, fresh, conversational and charming with Irish being my native accent.
Albert H
Clean, guy-next-door, conversational, friendly, intelligent, funny, relatable, genuine, warm, Generation X, Generation Y
Alexei R
Versatile Bass / Baritone well known for evil villains, soldiers, creatures, and goofy comedic characters.
Alicia D
Here's the voice you're looking for! Engaging, warm, smart & articulate. Can be snarky, silly, sexy. A real woman with a natural smile.
Alyson Leigh R
I'm a youthful, girl-next-door with a funny, quirky twist. I can sound articulate and smooth or effervescent and peppy.
Alyson S
teenager to a woman in her 40's.Warm sexy,smooth,hot,hip,retail, sultry,raspy,professional,fun,girl next door
Amy A
I specialize in youthful voices, from quirky and bubbly to warm and caring. Need a perky kid/teen? College student? Fairy princess? I'm your gal!
Amy C
I'm the fun, happy go-lucky girl. I can sound cute and personable, but also flirty and sensual.
Amy D
I can be the raspy girlfriend, the thoughtful mother, the fast legal reader or the informational announcer.
Amy F
A rich and chocolaty voice, extremely expressive and full of energy that can soothe and lull you into a hypnotic state and is extremely compelling.
Amy H
Natural teen voice, children, pre-teens, 20's, seniors. Super sassy to meek and soft.
Andrew R
Versatile British/English voice-overs in ANY style for ANY purpose, PLUS authentic French, Indian and Mid-Atlantic/Neutral accents
Ann L
I have a warm, bubbly, energetic, animated, girl next door voice. My voice is fun and strong. Animation, character and video game voices as well.
Anna G
conversational, slightly raspy , quirky, sultry. upbeat, seductive, poetry read, hip, authentic, real, wry, educational, upbeat, trustworthy, natural,
Anna P
Bright, upbeat, clear, energetic and British. Anna's voice is perfect for appealing to the Yummy mummy, and the younger generation
Antwone M
My voice spans deep movie trailer voices to cute and cuddly cartoon unicorns. I can narrate informative shows and soft sale with natural trust.
Ashton Z
I am able to perform a variation of different voices, accents, noises/sounds. I have a youthful sounding voice with a gravitas undertone
Ben C
"Steven Wright with a smile in your tone." is how one person put it. My voice has also been described as intelligent, direct, and trust inspiring.
Brendan N
my natural voice is a deep baritone with powerful presence. however, my inflections can range to a younger sound as well. my voice is highly flexible.
Brian B
I'm a young, high energy everyman type. I can play the straight man or the crazy one.
Brian G
A rich baritone, or a raspy old coot. A mid range tenor. Sophisticated or country.
Brittany P
My voice is very fresh, natural and conversational. Friendly and inviting. Can easily adjust pitch and tone to portray a wide age range.
Cari F
My vocal dexterity will wow you; I can be warm, sultry, smooth, high-energy and zesty! I've got your sugar princess and femme fatale.
Catherine W
I am expressive, witty, conversational, clear and articulate. I can also invoke an endearing and magical quality perfect for young listeners.
Cedric W
Chion W
warm, expressive, friendly, sisterly, witty, outdoorsy, confident, energetic, inquisitive, innocent, sexy, earnest.
Christina R
I'm easy to relate to and conversational. I can incorporate a smooth, sexy, or upbeat delivery with ease.
Christina S
Crisp sound, perky, girl next door with a quirky twist. From animated to conversational to educational and everything in between.
Christine H
I have the "girl next door", "wise friend", or "classy and cool" voice. Commercials are my favorite but educational & wacky characters are welcome!
Christopher M
Guy next door type of voice! Fun, Kind, and can be a little Sarcastic if need be. A college student style voice and Great for PSA's!
Christopher N
Generally young, ranging from preteen to late-20's, naturally "everyday teenager" sound but with both Cartoony and Dramatic acting ability.
Christopher Z
I am naturally dynamic adding enthusiasm and a variety of colors to delivery. Other attributes are cool, animated, friendly, generation-x and quirky.
Christy L
My voice is Authoritative, Articulate, Smooth, Soothing, Sensual, Easy to Listen To.
Claudine G
I'm the girl with a wide vocal range and clarity - the low end is similar to Scarlett Johansson and the high end is like Lisa Simpson.
Craig H
The boy next door. Casual, Current, Educational, Expressive, Friendly, Neighborly, Personable and Quirky.
Cristina D
Upbeat, quirky teenager/twenty something to kind, intelligent mom to nervous, excitable office worker, I'm your choice! Clear, fun promo voice, too.
Dalicia L
I'm a smooth and warm, yet versatile millennial voice. Can swing natural/conversational, professional, commercial, or educational, even characters.
Dan F
From hip, edgy, youthful and energetic to laid-back, cool and conversational Dan has a sound and style that delivers.
Dan K
I have a deep voice but I'm able to bring it high if needed. I see myself as a character actor, able to do comedy, drama, and everything in between.
Dan R
EZ smooth baritone; acting/singing allows me to change volume, tone, accent, etc. As science teacher & coach enables me to present/voice complex ideas
Dani M
Youthful, versatile and energetic voice. Range 15 to 40 years, and many different voice tones (adolescent, adult, serious, casual, smart, funny, etc.)
Daniel K
I can sound young (20s-30s) and old (40+); I can be quirky and articulate to smooth and confident. Also, I can execute a variety of character voices.
Darren P
Conversational, Friendly, Real. I have a broad range which goes from youthful to middle aged masculine.
Dave B
I’m most often cast as “knowledgeable but friendly” and “professional and conversational.” I’m also great at hip, urban, and the guy next door.
David W
40 and up male voice. Natural storyteller with lots of energy. Quirky. Trustworthy. Suited for Commercials, E-Learning, Audiobooks and Narration.
David G
Hip, Edgy, confident friendly and warm... all at the same time.
David M
Mid-register tone. Age range -- teens to elderly men. Wide range of quirky characters. Articulate. Good with educational and medical jargon.
Debbie G
Best described as upbeat with a friendly and compassionate quality and is very adept at delivering believable, conversational reads.
Debbie S
I'm the sweet, sexy and sassy girl. I'm also the fun, young mom as well as the more mature parent. Can do quirky and serious with a unique tone.
Debra M
Younger sounder but definitely capable of going mature. Quirky and fun. I can range from goofy to sexy to no-nonsense. Also GREAT at kids' voices.
Devon T
Dynamic range of character voices for TV, videogames, and animation. Youthful sound, fun and conversational for commercials.
Diane L
Serious, sometimes stoic sounding woman. Good emotional range and can speak intelligently.
Dieter J
Donna C
From smooth & sultry to fun & perky - my range is very wide! If you're wanting a straight narrator or a credible actor, I've got the "pipes!"
Doug S
I am the nice guy, the friend next door, always positive. A caring Dad. I can be a tough growly voice. A quirky higher pitched voice is available
Douglas T
Strong with a bit of gravel, articulate and elastic voice for characters or narration.
Drew A
My voice has been described as suave and warm with a hint of intelligence and mystery. It's perfect for telling stories or explaining details.
Duke M
I am your GO TO voice talent when you're client is not certain what they really want. Attitudes live inside me and I color them with vocal textures.
Dylan S
Young and energetic girl. Hear the smile in my voice. Very articulate. Can sound educational. Character and quirky -- love animation and anime!
Ed W
Eddie C
I can change my voice to various degrees, can do any kind of level of voice work.
Eli G
Emily E
Friendly or some sass, the midwestern girl next door with a flexible age range.
Emé A
Elegant, engaging, rich, clear, luxurious, international are some of the adjectives which describe my voice.
Erica R
I have a warm, inviting voice with an edge of authority. I'm a contralto to alto range, and am articulate and can tackle tough words.
Erica S
I have an articulate and very clear, warm, motherly voice that gives comfort and makes people feel safe and loved.
Fleshia K
girl next door, quirky, sweet, friendly, mom
Frank G
I'm a fun, edgy, kinda sarcastic regular guy or guy next door, plus I've got the perfect character for your cartoon, anime or video game!
Gamze C
Warm, bright, sultry, authoritative, playful, twinkly.
Gary L
I am very range-y: from neighbor to middle management to quirky to trustworthy to smooth to gruff. My accent work is believable to cartoon.
Gemma L
I am the friendly professional, trustworthy and informative, a narrator. I also voice video game characters and have a range from high energy to calm.
Geoff M
An enthusiastic storyteller, a little quirky, but clear and can speak with authority.
Griffin S
I'm the versatile actor who can sound like a child, old man, monster, robot, psychopath, an old Wizard, a charming yet goofy superhero,
Hayley A
My voice is pretty straightforward, but it's also quite versatile. I can be the girl-next-door voice, nerdy, quirky, awkward teen-young adult.
Heather G
Crisp and educational, Intelligent. Young mother or friendly teacher. Can also do deep, smooth, sexy, and airy.
Hieu T
I can do voice over for game trailer, movie trailer. audio book.
Holden M
I'm have a young, earnest tenor voice. I sound relatable, straight-forward, articulate, and trustworthy.
Ian C
I am extremely versatile and can do the calm, gentle , almost hypnotic to the over-excited hero. My speciality is tone variety and accents,
J.E. B
I'm your Youthful, Truthful, Teen, Tween, Textured, Wide Range kid next door.
Jackie F
Bright, bubbly, cheerful, exciteable, sincere voice over! Described as the girl next door for commercial projects.
Jade Z
Bright and energetic, Jade makes a spot feel fresh and fun without feeling too pushy.
James Patrick C
A youthful baritone with range and color. Also particularly strong with educational/self-help/historical works.
Janna Renée K
From a quirky neighbor to a loving mother to a sophisticated educator, my clear and warm voice brings personality and charm to various VO projects.
Jared S
My voice has a nasal tone in it. But, it is deep and recognizable. Can easily manipulate it in many different ways. Very flexible.
Jason Y
Jason can be high energy, laid back, wry & dry, warm & friendly, offbeat-cool, edgy/sarcastic, conversational, clear & authoritative, folksy
Jean-Francois D
Very deep resident voice, urban and ethnic. couple of dialects, with a couple foreign accents. Veriety of Character voices and more to be explored.
Jeff J
Friendly & Conversational • Real & Compassionate • Lively & Fun • Smooth & Professional
Jeffrey H
I've got a natural, cool, unique voice with a slightly deeper tone. I can also do a more authoritative, quintessential, or high energy young sound.
Jeffrey W
I am an articulate, youthful-sounding explainer. Think of spots that need a friendly, easy-going vibe with a hint of passionate expertise.
Jennifer F
I am a youthful and quirky girl with some spunk, and a friendly and bright sound. Can also be different comedic characters for animation/e-learning.
Jerry P
From the Guy next door, to a blue collar worker to a more sophisticated and intimate sound. From Fun to serious to sarcastic.
Jerry T
That "Every man" voice with a spicy smooth, articulate sound that brings warmth, engaging style, and credibility to Jerry's voice work.
Jesse H
I'm the guy-next-door, buddy who can also sound educational and articulate. I also have a lot of quirky character voices that have a wide range.
Jessica P
Witty, confident, and worldly, I offer a dynamic and versatile voice that’s trustworthy and cool, as well as slightly raspy.
JoAnn T
Youthful, Flirty, Conversational, Girl-Next-Door
Joan B
Youthful, energetic or conversational. Also alluring and classy. Need a kids book or videogame? Cartoonish, silly or dramatic styles available.
Joe T
Accents, Characters, Impressions, Voice Matching and more available for your unique project needs.
Joel W
Guy next door, friendly and warm. Can also be professional and informative. Can also sound younger and quirky.
John B
Natural character, quirky, your favorite wingman, the put upon dad, Mr Know It All, sometimes dry, think a young Harold Ramis, Ray Romano.
John C
I'm the guy next door, real, natural, straightforward. Can be high energy or wry.
John L
I have a cavalcade of eclectic voices, as well as a pretty decent straight-read. Definitely articulate. Can be fun or dour.
Jonathan A
I am very upbeat and quirky, but I do have the ability to be caring and neighborly as well. Very articulate as well as funny.
Jordan Claire M
Young American voice ranging from bubbly and conversational to direct and corporate. Also character voices with a light touch and a sense of humour.
Joshua B
Warm, articulate, sometimes goofy guy next door. Versatile sound - anywhere from educational to casual. Can also do character work.
Joshua D
I have a quirky voice that is annoying, laughable but resonating!
Judith R
From Mom to finicky friend, I'm the anti-announcer. I sound straightforward, humorous, sarcastic, articulate, authentic.
Julia W
Vibrant, with a bit of rasp, I am most often cast as your hip, in-the-know gal. CDs frequently remark that I sound smart while remaining casual/warm.
Julian G. S
VO Animation: All types of characters, both sexes, many ages, animals, kids, elders. From tiny little voices to booming creatures! Comical.
Julieta M
Fun, sweet, magical, child-like, loveable, bilingal, youthful.
Juliette G
Natural pitch is Alto - warm, sophisticated with a range for commercials, corporate and documentary narration International.
Jyl W
Kara K
clear, bright,versatile, youthful, animated, conversational
Kara N
True Brit from London! All London accents but specifically RP, queens english, newsreader - also happy girl, sexy cougar and intelligent narrator
Karen M
I'm quirky but can be sophisticated. I sound like a child, pre-teen, teen or girl next door, Jewish mother, country or like I'm underwater.
Karen A
Karie S
I sound young, friendly, and extremely bubbly!
Kate A
I am quirky girl next door, real sounding person.
Kate B
I'm your friend in-the-know next door, the smart one that you have fun with. Smooth and authoritative, but also candid and wry. Mid range pitch.
Kate L
Grad student, cool aunt, the everywoman with an edge, plus multiple characters. I can bring out the comedy in your copy or the sincerity in your PSA.
Katie D
Instantly relatable, optimistic, and approachable. Very girl-next-door. Good actor and comedic timing. Has the millennial sound. Can hard-sell.
Katie L
Youthful, energetic, honest, fun, articulate, I specialize in real-sounding children's voices, but do adults, as well. Versatile character reads.
Kayla C
Young, energetic, singsongy, ranging from children to teenagers, & the quirky, friendly, approachable best friend, to young adult
Kayli M
Girl next door, conversational, versatile, friendly, character, quirky
Keith H
authentic, believable, creative, guy next door, high energy, soft sell, hard sell, sincere, humorous, cool, hip, corporate, business like, relatable
Kent K
Smooth. Calming. Lots of range. Deep. Slick. Quirky. I can do cheesy gameshow guy or morning DJ. I can go real high and real low. Like Barry White low
Kieran P
I'm a modern young man with a cool articulate London accent. I can performe high energetic reads with huge smile, to cool calm relateable reads.
Kira B
I excel in children's/teen/young adult voices but can also easily perform more mature reads for corporate narration, commercials, etc.
Krysta G
My voice is effervescent, playful and mellifluous. My range spans from precocious child to friendly mom to commanding pirate.
Kyle M
I'm a guy-next-door, techno-geek, with youthful nonchalant enthusiasm. Also a 900 year old sorcerer and a ten year old boy w/ braces. I can do it all!
Laci M
I'm the sweet but spunky girl next door, who can morph into a young child, snotty teen, hip friend, warm mom, or articulate professional.
Lance D
Energetic • Professional • Articulate • Sincere • Authoritative • Friendly • Familiar • Trustworthy • Truly Versatile
Laura F
I am slightly quirky, wry, comedic, conversational, sexy, warm, ethereal, neighborly, upperclass, articulate and great with scientific & tech language
Lillie R
Girl next door, best friend, mom, sister and teacher. Bright, educational, expressive, friendly, personable and trustworthy.
Lisa A
At first listen I am smooth, with a smile,bordering on perky. Keep listening-authoritative,warm,and clean.
Liz O
I'm the friendly upbeat person that has a quirky and youthful voice. I have a clean, crisp and clear articulation.
Liz O
Clean, crisp , clear, straightforward articulation. I have a full range of inflections with a sweet, youthful, energetic , quirky and fun resonance.
Lucas V
I'm the storyteller, teacher, dad, and everyman. I sound casual but articulate, calm & approachable, with an intelligent charm & quirky sense of humor
Lynn V
Refreshingly different-Cute & sassy, while authentic and professional. Colorful, sweet, animated, relatable, youthful, spunky, fun, memorable.
Madeline G
I am the loving teacher, with a deeper tone and a subtle raspy crackle. Can also sound energetic which impacts the age of the character.
Marc F
Other than speaking in French, I can also do English with French or Quebec accent.
Margaret L
Voice descriptors for me would be warmth, clarity, maturity and subtlety. Also proficient with accents, dialects, and character voices.
Margot W
I have a sultry and calming voice. I am an educated woman, very articulate with many strengths yet I can also be animated, playful and quirky.
Maria P
Warm, relatable, sassy, upbeat, friendly, playful with confidence and a smile. It can be conversational, cool & bubbly as well as smooth & smokey.
Maribel R
Mary Ann J
My voice is smooth, comforting, educational and motherly but it can also be assertive and energetic..messaging, commercials, documentaries, training
Matt L
I've been described as sounding like the "guy next door" and my voice has a believable, confident, and happy tone to it. Also, happy and upbeat!
Matt S
I excel at dry, sarcastic and silly reads. I am similar in tome, voice and delivery to actors John Krasinski and Denis Leary.
Matthew P
Three octives Variety of Volumes Salesman qualities Honest and charming Character Voices Fun and cartoonish Narrative Vocal Mimic
Matthew R
Matthew W
Character -- smooth, raspy, wacky, southern, fun, kooky Narration/Commercial -- friendly, conversational, guy next door
Maya R
Smart-sexy, warm, intelligent, sarcastic, current.
Megan B
friendly, youthful, upbeat, sincere, conversational
Megan L
Sweet, happy sound. Young and somewhat quirky. That warm best friend you trust who can make you feel better. Can sound sophisticated, articulate.
Melineh K
My warm voice is real, practical and conversational. It can inspire and explain. On the character side, I am kooky n' funny with a dynamic range!
Melissa R
Playful, mom, girl next door, bubbly, conversational
Michael C
I specialize in celebrity and political impressions and character voices.
Michael C
I have a friendly and articulate sound that can sound as young as a teenager, to a man in his late 20's. I have a great educational sound as well.
Michael H
I'm the friendly guy next door that anyone can relate to. A balanced mix of excited, yet cool. All while remaining very articulate.
Michael J
I have a very youthful, genuine teenage voice. Very enthusiastic and savvy.
Michael S
For narration, a rich, smooth baritone, the classic engaging voice of Middle America. Also incredibly flexible, with a 5-octave speaking/singing range
Michele D
I am the young woman/young mom/newlywed next door. I'm articulate and upbeat and can really make a recording fun. I can also narrate seriously.
Mo L
Energetic and approachable educational or technical narration. Friendly, youthful, powerful, or irreverent hard sell. Characters and comic instincts.
Moe R
Rockin' edgy voice that can be velvety smooth, or upbeat and fun.
Monica S
From a warm and believable mom, sister or best friend, to a smooth and sophisticated delivery style. Characters are a specialty!
Nancy L
Versatile voice - warm, sophisticated, articulate,engaging... rich texture. Authoritative, witty and wry. Trustworthy, savvy, authentic. Storyteller
Natalie H
Quirky, articulate, mature, raspy, smooth, goth, girly, creature-like, girl next door, high-pitched or low-pitched. Can voice young boys as well.
Nate B
Warm, conversational, friendly, authentic, articulate. Humorous with plethora of characters, but also authoritative and educational.
Nathaniel K
My voice is young and bright, but able to achieve deeper and more serious tones as well as gruff voices.
Neil H
My baseline's an articulate, scholarly type. Can also be the friendly, warm guy next door, or his eccentric, shifty brother.
Nicholas (Nick) V
I have the "boy next door" kind of voice.
Nicholas D
Quirky and young-sounding, with a darker edge that can go toward deep or dramatic.
Nicole F
sarcastic teenager, casual girl, excited girl, happy baby / child, conversational college friend, cute, sweet, millennial, fun, friendly, mean
Nik M
My voice has been described as natural, relatable, believable, friendly, guy next door, genuine, informal, sincere, authentic, and so much more.
Noni L
Noni's voice offers warmth and a mellifluous Celtic lilt. Playful character reads, engaging and informative corp/com reads. Fluent Welsh Speaker.
Onyie N
I'm warm and inviting, motherly and nurturing, authoritative and commanding, as well as bubbly, happy-go-lucky and fun. Youthful and Grownup.
I'm a deep Bass / Baritone can be warm, friendly or downright evil. My normal baritone can be gravelly in American, native British -Professor, teacher
Based on my diverse voice, I am able to reflect various sounds like Guy Next Door, Smooth, Edgy, Fun, Personable and Dynamic.
Pamela O
I can be that elf, disgruntled/happy; 5yrs to valley teen, Jamaican, flea, urban youth, "Annie"; sexy babe or dog also power singer
Patty M
My voice has been described as sexy, angelic, sweet, innocent, young, soothing, relaxing, mesmerizing, energetic, upbeat, nice to listen to, etc.
Paul S
My voice is used for Station idents for Blunt Radio and Blunt Radio Xtra, I can soft sell/Hard sell. My voice ids Next door neighbor.
Paul S
Dark, deep, commanding. My voice is a low baritone, but can range to a mid alto. I specialize in the authoritative, or announcer style.
Perry Anne N
Warm, reassuring, informative, conversational, friendly, snarky, sarcastic, wry
Perry M
I can fit into an array of categories.I'm the friendly academic,the goofy guy, the clear & articulate teen, the over the top & quirky cartoon guy.
Peter H
authoritative, serious, yet warm, clear, rich, dignified, trustworthy, a natural storyteller
Peter S
Confident and assured delivery, ideally suited to corporate and technical narration and commercials/documentaries. Good diction.
Petra V
Warm, soothing, engaging, intelligent, international voice for a global, corporate reach, or for e-learning. Clear sound for relatable advertising.
Popeye V
I do a wide range of voice. Such as deep, movie-trailer promos, light and humorous characters, and a natural, guy-next-door style.
Rhiannon S
Quirky and feisty British actress, clear voice and able to do comedy. Often cast as strong edgy types.
Robin S
My voice has been described as charming, easygoing, folksy, intelligent, quirky, and trustworthy - like a brother, a best friend, or a teacher.
Rocco K
Enthusiastic and energetic with incredible emotional depth, rock n roll surfer dude or an intellectual, I also do well speaking directly to children.
Ron G
Baritone, can speak fast or announcer. I can have a raspy voice or smooth.
Rosemary W
Warm, American mom. Strong, articulate, clear, & even for narr. My well-honed comedic acting chops and musical training allow for lots of variety.
Rudy P
I'm the young sounding cool uncle who acts like your older brother. Not too hipster, not too stuffy. Very friendly.
Rueben M
Natural sound is bassy, dark, and textured. Good at technical reads, articulate. Can also do upbeat GND... all the way to gritty with attitude!
Ryan R
I'm a nerd in disguise, an accessible teacher, an overly enthusiastic fan, a dependable brother who's not afraid to be witty or sarcastic.
Samantha C
I'm a girl-next-door and that new young mom; I'm fresh, bubbly, and articulate with a conversational, easy-breezy tone.
Samantha W
I am the girl next door who has a quirky sound and conversational quality. My voice is warm, attractive, and caring.
Samuel K
For commercial, narration, etc. my voice is trustworthy, intelligent, and friendly. Simply, I sound like I know what I'm talking about.
Samuel P
Hello I'm the guy next door,who speak one on one with you. A voice you can trust and feel close to Singer soulful, and Romantic.
Sandra P
My niche is characters, but also am informative, inspirational and educational.
Sandy R
I have a warm, easy-going voice, with the ability to infuse humor and quirkiness. I have a comfortable sound, and work well in fiction and non-fiction
Sarah H
I'm a fun, energetic girl who specializes in eccentric and quirky character voices for animation. Child and teen voices are my forte.
Sarah M
My voice is youthful, personable and believable. I have a friendly girl-next door and quirky best friend sound. My vocal age is 17-24 years old.
Sarah S
Capable of performing a wide range of voices from bright, young and dynamic to rich, seductive and deep and can easily adapt as required.
Sarah V
Female voice talent with broad range of character voices. Popular for Phone IVR and Corporate Videos and children's character voices and singing
Saskia M
Smooth, rich, senusal and engaging voice. Can also sound educational and professional.
Sean H
Seohui P
My voice ranges from soft, feminine, and educational to energetic and bright. I can play various characters using unique vocal tones and styles.
Shauna G
Sheryl F
I'm the young perky Mom or the soft or hopeful Mom. I'm the quirky neighbor,but sweet!
Shirley D
Friendly, real, conversational for commercials. Believable, warm, confident for business, medical, educational videos. Quirky & fun for animation!
Stephanie M
I'm the girl next door, from quirky to playful, with a splash of sexy. Sophisticated, articulate, and coherent I'm able to educate and entertain.
Stephanie Pam R
Can be a conversational young mom, a hip teenager, or a professional and confident narrator. Friendly, upbeat, energetic, strong character voices.
Stephie T
I'm the energetic OCD kid! High Pitched, Animated, Young, and hyper!
Steve S
My vocal range would be 35 to 45 with an expressive, friendly, soothing delivery style
Steven Jay C
Friendly, Quirky, Intense, Helpful, Informative, Educational, Accessible
Steven T
My voice is expressive, articulate, and quirky. Can also sound educational, wry, and sarcastic/deadpan.
Susan I
Innocent, warm, and approachable! Communicates well to children, parents, and the aged. Hi-tech script delivery with understanding and intelligence.
Young, quirky, casual reads.
Tamara R
A Voice Actress with a wide range of sounds. Warm, Conversational, Real, Edgy, Energetic, Friendly, Youthful, Characters, and more.
Teresa L
I'm the warm, friendly, quirky mom voice. I'm the old school Jersey girl. I'm the retired Boca Raton senior citizen. I'm the Brazilian yoga instructor
Terrell S
I'm the best friend, the big brother and the boyfriend rolled into one. Ranging from jovial excitement to deep, gravitous Morgan Freeman-esque tones.
Thomas B
Thomas R
My voice swaps from very smooth, warm and friendly, to gravelly or authoritative when necessary. Whatever the project calls for, it's always ready.
Tim P
Regular guy/Creature/Sunday Sunday Sunday!/Hometown blue collar/Nerdy/character dialects/Halloween
Tom D
I have a friendly, natural, guy-next-door, sincere, warm, informative sound. Think Justin Long, Matthew Broderick, Michael J. Fox
Tony W
My voice has been described as, Personable, quirky, lyrical, mature, trustworthy, earnest, warm engaging and expansive. To name a few.
Tony W
Need James Earl Jones's voice and don't have the money? I may be able to help! Can sound maniacal or studious, be wolverine or an innocent teen.
Tracey H
Mom, quirky, warm, silly, intelligent, very articulate, reporter
Trish M
Warm sounding mom or friend. Comedic characters are one of my strengths. Very unique voice,one of a kind. Great articulation, no accent.
Vanessa R
My voice is quirky, cute, higher pitched, girl-next door, can be lower, teenager, childish
Wendy W
My voice is natural, friendly, sophisticated and engaging, as well as versatile in different age and acting/reading styles.
William T
Articulate, youthful sound.
Zoe S
I'm a relatable girl-next-door type but with a college degree. Think young and conversational, yet articulate and mature.