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Tech Talk - 02-05-2017
February 5, 2017
  • Which is better: a Micport Pro, Shure X2U
  • Do you use an interface box with a laptop - or only with a desktop computer?
  • Is Yamaha AGO3 the only interface with loop back option?
  • My question is: what type of EQ do most VO actors use? I have a large diaphragm condenser mic and a quiet/sound treated space. But I'd like to know how much compression/EQ should I be adding to my recordings to make them sound the most professional?
  • Can I have a VO recorder software recommendations to use? (DAW)
  • Is there a good comparison video in English between the iRig Studio and Apogee Mic?
  • What is the best way to soundproof for noise that comes from the ceiling (noisy upstairs neighbour - bump-sounds and alike).
  • How do you treat the room acoustically?
  • Is Audacity a non-destructive DAW?
  • This one works best for generell noise, not so much for clicks -
  • Does anyone else use GarageBand?

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Genre Talk - Commercials 01-29-2017
January 29, 2017
  • I’m in Canada - how do I break into commercial work?
  • Which is better, or
  • What is voicezam?
  • Is a single commercial demo enough, or do I need several different commercial demos?
  • Is there a way to quickly figure out what commercial niche is your sweet spot?
  • Where can I go to find good scripts? Can I use copy from auditions I’ve done in the past?
  • How do I know how much I should charge?
  • I went through training. Had a commercial demo made which was very good. Sent it out to major talent agents. Got no responses back to be added to their roster, and then pretty much gave up trying to get commercial work. Went into audiobooks because I could get gigs. Don't know where to go after your first push of trying to put your commercial demo out.
  • I have a bunch of commercials for products I was hired for, but they are from different times in my life. Is it okay to use them?

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Open Talk - 01-22-2017
January 22, 2017
  • I have started a cold-calling/email campaign; a couple of sentences saying I provide vo services and included my demo(s). My background is hunting for new businesses/sales, so cold calling is 2nd nature to me. But in this industry, is it better to email first or call by phone first?
  • Just one more....Tom mentioned snail mail; do postcards get a good ROI?
  • Should I have a demo before I have a website?
  • I have some auditions that I have gotten jobs from can I put them on a website?
  • Do I need to construct a soundproof room or can I record from a desktop in a quiet location?
  • I'm building my own home studio and I'm having trouble getting acoustical foam to stick on the walls. I've used spray on glue and double sided tape and it doesn't seem to work. Anybody else have any ideas?
  • How much should I charge for a voice over services? What is the average list of prices?
  • I have road sounds the hits about -40 to -48 while recording at times. What can be used to dampen the external sounds (short of a vocal booth)?
  • Has anyone built a mobile studio - such as in a trailer or a box truck?
  • I'm brand new, as in, no equipment, experience, etc. But I'm very interested in this market. What kind of material could I use to make a demo reel. Would I need to make up my own scripts?
  • Hi...wonder if you can tell me what would be a relatively moderately priced audio interface...thanks much!!!

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Genre Talk - Animation & Video Games 01-15-2017
January 15, 2017
  • If you want to do SAG-AFTRA sanctioned animation and videogame work, do you have to live in Los Angeles?
  • SAG-AFTRA videogame strike update?
  • Please talk about formats for demos for animation and videogames?
  • What is the best way to approach voicing an alien?
  • Do you have recommendations for finding copy and scripts for animation/character demos?
  • I am relatively new to voice work, but an experienced actor and would love a little free advice about how to find animation and videogame work when new to the industry.
  • Is "Behind The Voice" a good place to consider?
  • Do you have any good animation classes or coaches that you would recommend for newer talent?
  • On some auditions they ask you to create a character and song in an audition how safe are your rights to your original material submitted when you never hear back from these submissions?

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Open Talk - What VO Gift Do You Want From Santa This Year? 12-18-2016
December 18, 2016
  • My early Christmas present to myself - a new recording space!
  • More training sessions!
  • My first demo!
  • My first demo!
  • I want 20 regular (monthly) clients that pay on time :) I also want free ISDN! (Sandra)
  • Can't wish for toys; need paying work. Where might I look that hasn't been mentioned in previous TalkTimes?
  • Trying to decide whether to ask Santa for a Kaotica Eyeball. Have AKG C214 mic. Tiny closets in house and live on noisy street.
  • Asking Santa for advice on how to discipline myself to try out for the numerous auditions I receive via Voice123
  • I want Santa to bring me the following: valuable VO training, editing training, marketing and sales training, and more confidence to push through my nerves when I step to the mic even in my home (closet) studio. I've taken quite a bit of classes within the past 2 years. My second demo is much better than the 1st yet my confidence needs to stronger.
  • An affordable A/D converter with xlr input and usb output.
  • I'd like a Sennheiser 416 from Santa

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Genre Talk - Audiobooks 12-11-2016
December 11, 2016
  • Where can I find material to narrate - both for practice and for my demo?
  • What are the names of some potential sources of audiobook demos?
  • Are there courses that can be taken for learning how to do different voices for audiobooks?
  • In responding to audition requests for audiobooks, it's rarely clear to me how much they want voice differentiation between characters: male, female, juvenile, dog, etc. How much should you try to create wholly different voices for each?
  • For Mac users, what is your favorite editor with punch and roll? For Windows?
  • Should you always slate your name at the beginning when auditioning for audiobooks?
  • Beyond ACX, what are the other publishers of audiobooks and how do you approach them with a demo?
  • How many people have a screen and keyboard in their booth with them? Any problems with sound reflections back into the mic?

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Training Talk - VO Training and Demos 12-04-2016
December 4, 2016
  • How do you know when you’re ready to cut a demo?
  • What should a commercial demo cost?
  • Can I produce my own demo?
  • Is it required for vo to learn to be an audio engineer?
  • How long should a commercial demo be?
  • I find that I can't swing a dead cat without hitting 2 people who want me to pay them for coaching. I'm sure many of them are legit but I struggle to determine who is and isn’t. Just because they are a good even great voice talent doesn't mean they can coach …
  • Facebook groups were mentioned earlier - are there any specific FB or LinkedIn groups you'd recommend?
  • Is it ok to use spots that we were hired for and the business has released to the public on our website?
  • Where do I find material to practice from? Specific to pharma clients specifically?
  • Do you recommend over

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Genre Talk - E-Learning 11-27-2016
November 27, 2016
  • What are the elements of a good e-learning demo?
  • So how long would David suggest an e-learning demo to be? (vs. the commercial 70 second?)
  • To whom should you submit a elearning demo? Do regular ad agencies handle this kind of work?
  • What types of scripts that would be appropriate for an e-learning demo?
  • Should you put background music on your demo? If so, should it be on all segments, and.a similar rhythm for all segments?
  • How clean does our home studio editing have to be for e-learning? Mouth noise, etc? Is it like audiobooks where breaths are ok if they're not too loud? Or does it depend on the client?
  • Do you get a lot of revisions for long form projects?
  • The big focus now in commercials is to "sound conversational.” Is there a similar focus in long form narration?

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Tech Talk 11-20-2016
November 20, 2016
  • How do I best remove moth clicks and pops using Audacity?
  • Can Punch and Roll be added to Audacity? Program suggestions?
  • What are your thoughts on Presonus Studio One software for the beginner?
  • What do you think about using Adobe Soundbooth CS5 for recording, is this a good program and what would you recommend to use?
  • Whenever the conversation moves in this direction. I have a Twisted Wave question. My question is recording in stereo vs mono.
  • Need some suggestions on how to get my noise floor as low as possible through technology.
  • Is there a "normal" for professional levels of noise -20, -30, -40 dbls?
  • Can cables or other items significantly increase the sound floor?
  • Any suggestions for USB mics other than the Blue Yeti?

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Genre Talk - Commercials 11-13-2016
November 13, 2016
  • Where can I go to find scripts and other material to get started?
  • What is the transition like from on-camera work to voice-over?
  • What types of commercials should you put on your demo and how many?
  • What if the type of commercial you’re good at isn’t a currently hot style?
  • I am getting ready to do my demo. I have done some para professional theater acting. I am interested in doing narration vo. I am not certain that I've found my voice. Should a vo coach steer you toward what they hear in your voice or encourage you to try commercial and narration voice-over work? Once the demo is complete where other than the such a voice website should my demo be up loaded or heard?
  • Please talk about online casting/pay-to-play sites. The talent I know who are successful are usually experienced, right? Beginners ought not apply?

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