Testimonials & Success Stories

David Goldberg et al,

I have to tell you that the Investigate Voice Over Class went well beyond my expectations. The pre-read materials and overall presentation delivered by Noelle Romano was spectacular.

The IVO Evaluation prepared by Noelle was extremely thoughtful and complete. Not to mention it was delivered in record speed which shows real commitment and dedication to her work.

The only thing I might have asked for is an MP3 copy of the program so as to be able to review Noelle's comments against my delivery.

Thank you for such a complete program.

I will definitely spread the word of the extraordinary value of this class and pre-requisite for furthering a VO Career.

John K

Just wanted to comment on the, "Investigate Voice..........." Webinar that I took April 16, 2013:

This was a great class! I was amazed how Noelle kept all of us engaged for an entire 4 hours!

The method and manner in which she listened, made suggestions and assessed our presentations was both clear and concise. She made me feel comfortable when I had to read my script assignments and when she critiqued my delivery. She accomplished this with warmth, professionalism and a little humor.

I learned a few things; and I am excited about taking other classes. Thank you, Noelle.


I enjoyed the 4 hour webinar on last Thursday evening. I thought it was engaging and eye opening. I appreciate the feedback I received as it relates to my potential and I will definitely continue to utilize many of the tools offered by ES!

Have a great day and thanks!


Hello Randye,

It was an delight meeting you yesterday. Your enthusiasm is contagious and passion for your craft shines through. I've done my share of public speaking/teaching and I know how exhausting it is to keep your energy level high and students engaged. I would be lucky to hone my VO skills to one-tenth of yours. Brava!

Please accept my sincere thanks for an enjoyable and most informative four hours.


This webinar was very enjoyable. The four hours sailed by! Noelle Romano was very professional and I found her direction very insightful.


I truly enjoyed the recent four hour webinar "Investigate Voice Over" led by Noelle Romano. Her personal insight into the business helped clear up several misconceptions I had about voice overs prior to the session. She used her experience as a talent and as a coach to guide us all to explore a variety of vocal possibilities, some of which we may not have originally considered. The webinar was both informational and creative. I especially enjoyed the one on one feedback she would give each participant after delivering their reads. I would highly recommend this course as the first step for anyone who is considering a career in voice overs.


Shortly after beginning my voiceover training with Edge Studios, I entered a national voiceover talent search. After stiff competition with talent from New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Memphis, I was selected as one of only eleven finalists. I didn’t take first place, but came away a winner after being offered a contract on the spot. It was the coaches at Edge who encouraged me to let go, trust my instincts, become one with the copy, and deliver great reads. They brought out the best in me and I am now a working voice artist. Even with this opportunity, I consider on-going professional development essential to perfecting my craft and look forward to future sessions with the coaches from Edge.

Bill Lord

Great webinar/class. The instructor was excellent (Noelle). She was very patient and had great feedback for everyone.


The class was amazing, a lot of information that I needed to know and pertinent to what I needed.

Instructor was amazing and explained everything thoroughly. Enjoyed our interaction throughout the class!

Overall, out things into perspective and gave me the tools so I can decide to go forward.

thank you


Really enjoyed the webinar last Sunday. Noelle is a super teacher! Learned a lot about myself and what I can do, and learned a lot about strategy and approach to this new (for me) industry. Looking forward to more reasonably priced publications from you in the future.



Two thumbs up to webinar, Investigate Voice Over, on Thursday
September 16 from 6-10 pm. Noel Romano was fantastic! It was a great
experience learning more about the craft and business of voice acting. I really enjoyed hearing other people read scripts. I had my favorites. I mostly enjoyed when It was my turn to read copy because I was learning from Noel's direction. Also hearing Noel's feedback to each person was very helpful because each feedback was information of something new to learn and apply. I enjoyed the entire experience. Thanks for making the webinar happen. I look forward to many more training sessions in the near future.


I just want to thank you for last Monday's consultation. I truly enjoyed myself. I was very much at ease. I read my evaluation and you were spot on.


I recently participated in the Investigate Voice Over class and had a wonderful experience. It provided everyone with valuable tools, about Voice Over, information about the industry and experience with reading scripts. Kristen Thorne was an outstanding instructor who was professional, knowledgeable and nurturing when providing honest feedback about our reads. I look forward to taking additional classes at Edge and building my career in Voice Overs

Gary Stern

Hello there!

First and foremost, I want to thank Noelle for her fabulous class. It was a lot of fun and the 4 hours flew by. I loved learning a little about the industry (and have honestly been devouring the technique guidebook ever since!) and getting my feet wet with the different styles of copy. It was fun to hear the other students' takes on the same script and how the same sentences can sound so distinctly different depending on each of the 4 vocal components.

I enjoyed Noelle's upbeat, positive style of feedback and all of her tricks she used to help explain different concepts. I found them to be very useful and creative.

I loved the extensive evaluation notes. They were very encouraging and made me really want to pursue this further. I thought I would be decent for narrative and children's books/characters etc, but to hear that I'm recommended for commercial is interesting, fun and exciting -- I just need to figure out the finances as I would love nothing more than to do this full time eventually.

Anyway, thank you again for the class. I hope and plan to continue on and be a part of this fun and dynamic industry!

Angela Olson


I attended your IVO class with Noelle on Thursday 7/17/2014 at 7pm. I enjoyed the class very much. I was not sure what to expect going into it, and was pleasantly surprised.

Here is what I enjoyed about the class:
1. We were able to participate in a group session which allowed for us to hear and learn from each other.
2. There were times that each person read different pieces, and not just the same material. I felt that it allowed me the opportunity to take a chance and not be influenced by others.
3. The length of time was appropriate.
4. The feedback seemed to be honest. I genuinely appreciated that my 'weaknesses' were pointed out. I did not feel like at any point during or after the class that I was just being fed a line so I would sign up for more training.

A big THANK YOU to Noelle and the entire team that puts the course together - I look forward to "seeing" you in training!!


The webinar was so informative and well done keeping all the participants engaged. The 4 hours just flew by. Danielle was a great teacher and explained everything in terms that were understandable even for those who are very new to the process of discovering the voice over industry.

Loved everything about the webinar and am looking forward to continuing my education with Edge.

Michelle F.

Hi Randye
Thank you for very professional and enjoyable introduction to VO and evaluation – you’re right on!!! I will be away this next week and on return will schedule Technique 101 and then schedule a private evaluation session, as you suggest.


I just wanted to say something about the class. I know it's a business and I know you're there to make money, but Noelle was so good that I wanted to mention it. She was warm, personable and professional with a very comfortable, informative presentation. But most importantly, the instructions she gave each of us was very clear and easily understood. After the class a few of us chatted and we felt that we all really got her direction and heard the others successfully apply it in their subsequent readings. Now we're ready for the big time… JK JK (I learned that from my kids, they would be so embarrassed)! Me, I have a lot of work ahead, but it will be fun and if I at least make back the school tuition I'll be happy…


I recently participated in a training webinar with Edge Studio. It was an absolute joy and ease. noelle romano did a phenomenal job too. I will be considering some more time with Edge Studio as each day is a step closer to a dream.


I just wanted to say “thanks'” for the IVO class. It was very helpful and encouraging, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Danielle was very methodical in her approach and well-organized, and she was good to meet each of us where we are in this journey.
I am in the process of deciding whether to go forward at this time, although I suspect I will.
Thanks again, and many blessings to you.


Dear Edge Studio Training Team,

I just wanted you to know what a great time I had in the web-based Investigate VO class with Noelle Romano on March 17th.

As a full-time trainer/educator for the past 20+ years, I've literally taught thousands of people from all around the world and I've evaluated hundreds of trainers and coaches. And, let me tell you, Noelle has a gift!

Not only is she a talented voice actor, but she is an incredibly patient and supportive coach. She encouraged us to take risks, made it safe for us to do so, and gave us just the right amount of feedback to help us progress with each read.

And, the structure of the IVO program was just perfect too! Not too long. Not too short. Just the right amount of information we needed to know to give us a healthy dose of reality, but even more inspiration to keep going. I honestly can't think of anything I'd tweak or change. It worked brilliantly for me.

This is my first experience with Edge and I am beyond impressed so far. I look forward to jumping into the ABC program ASAP and continuing my training with Edge.

My thanks to you (and Noelle) for all your support so far.

With much gratitude and best wishes,

John K

Hi Noelle,

Thank you very much for your time! I really enjoyed the class, and appreciate your evaluation.


Hi Noelle, and the EdgeStudio Education team,

Thank you for a thoroughly delightful webinar earlier this evening (November 9, 2016). It was great to both learn and play, to experience a bit of the training in store, and to have the opportunity to learn from both a professional and fellow students. Thank you for offering these introductory sessions.

For Noelle in particular, thank you for the insightful and individualized attention paid to each student, as well as for your realistic approach. It was very interesting to get to listen to one another then learn from the feedback and direction you gave. And your realism -- about timeframes, what's involved in the business, etc -- was wonderfully refreshing, and very much appreciated.



I enjoyed the class, the instructor, and the format. There was a fair mix of "what's this all about" and "let's roll up our sleeves and try this." Noelle Romano was engaging and positive, working to build a positive rapport with all of us quickly. From a format point of view, she wisely told us what we were going to do and how we were going to do it and then made it happen.

Useful feedback was received in under a day with Kendra making contact the next morning. What impresses me most about Edge is that people are not pushy. There is tons of info on the website and there is a clear plan for furthering my voice over education. I look forward to the next chapter in this journey.



Great class, great constructive criticism, and great time!!


Dear Bill:

We met a couple of Saturdays ago when I took your Introduction to Voice Over workshop for Edge Studios in Springfield. I wanted to reach out and thank you again for a highly informative, accessible, and even entertaining session. Your written comments were also helpful and encouraging. As I relayed to Kendra in the Education Department during our discussion about going forward with the Edge program, your professionalism and obvious talent and passion for what you do was essential in convincing me that giving Edge my money would be a wise investment for the future.

I don’t know where this all might take me in the voice over field but I do hope our paths may cross down the road.

John C.

I just want to thank you for taking time out of a very busy day for you to teach the class on Saturday. I enjoyed my time there and learned a lot.
The main thing I took away from the class is to do it right. I plan on taking the rest of the year to save money, learn about the business and learn how to run a small business. I look forward to taking the classes in 2014 and begin my pursuit as a voice talent.


What a great job Noel did in her webinar. The whole process which was completely new to me went as smoothly as could be. Not only was the practice and immediate feedback personal and useful, it was additionally useful to be able to hear what everyone was doing and their feedback at the same time.
I thought that 3 hours would drag, but it moved along quickly because of the content and instructor. Very well planned and executed! My additional thanks to all the others at Edge studios whom I have spoken to who patiently answered every question in minute detail and were also intuitive and experienced enough to know what my underlying questions were as well.
There are simply not enough superlative words in the thesaurus to compliment everyone of you on your outstanding and detailed work! Thank you very much!


I thoroughly enjoyed the class yesterday and am planning to continue training with Edge – I thought Noelle was excellent.

Thanks a lot for coming back with the evaluation notes so quickly!

I look forward to continuing with my training.

Thanks for all the great insight delivered today.


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