Testimonials & Success Stories

Edge Studio coaching staff succeeded in preparing me to produce a terrific demo. (Two demos, actually) Their feedback was constructive, informed, and candid. What's more, I found no one (Discmakers, Mixonic, etc.) who could beat their small job CD duplication and printing rates.

Craig Phillips

Hi David:

Not sure if you remember me from the Norwalk Continuing Ed class you "taught" several months back. I also took a few classes with Randye in Fairfield in which you were kind enough to intervene to ensure she would be available on one particular date. Currently in the "career training package," and next step is a private coaching session Thursday with Eric Rath.

Anyway, as someone whose been in the marketing business for more than 25 years and worked with a variety of companies (although VO is a new area for me), I wanted to reach out to you and share my thoughts about Edge.

Your organization strikes me as one of the most professional and 'buttoned up' I've seen in a long time. From your instructors and office staff (Sara and Rose are terrific) to your generous support resources and organizational integrity, you guys truly stand out. Of course, I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know.

Regardless of whether I succeed in this new direction, I just wanted to state that I am fortunate to have hooked up with such an organization as Edge.


Steve Goldstein

I got the book and it is EXCELLENT!!! You've done a great job and it's the most up to date thing I have seen. I'll be in touch. If we have the finds next semester and you have the interest, I'd love for you to come down and do a workshop with out students. We have CD burners and are supposed to be getting a new studio this summer. I appreciate all you did and hope to see you in person on my next trip to New York.
Thanks again,

Marian Monta

Dear David,
Hi, it's Dale. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all
the effort you put in on my behalf on Wednesday. It was honestly very deeply
appreciated. -
You've always been willing to go the "extra mile" when assisting me in
furthering my voice-over career and I can't tell you how much that means.
Being that I've never viewed myself as being all that computer
literate, I'm sure I'll have questions along the way as I get my web site in
order. But it's a very good feeling to know that I have you as a resource when
something I'm not sure of arises. ...Thanks again and hope you have a great

Take care, Dale

Thanks for everything. Working with EdgeStudio was a completely rewarding experience. The training sessions with David and the other coaches were invaluable. Everyone at the Studio is down to earth, friendly and so helpful. I walked away with a fantastic demo that I couldn't be happier with, as well as the confidence to start marketing myself for work.

Thanks again! I'll be in touch soon about ordering copies.


Jaime Saginor

I would like to thank everyone at Edge for all your assistance in preparing me for this demo. The process has been a fun and exciting journey, and everyone has been so supportive and professional.

Also, I really appreciate Eric for all his help working with me to create compelling material, and Jake for producing an amazing final product.

David, thank you for all your insight and advice. It is always a pleasure speaking with you when I was in the office. I look forward to working with you and the team in the future.

All the best,


Thank you David for your professionalism, helpfulness and honesty throughout the entire process, from the very first phone call to finally producing my demo. I know you're a perfectionist and it is a great asset! And thank you Judy for being a fantastic coach and helping me, a novice, learn the art of voiceovers. I truly enjoyed working with you! Your coaching has been valuable. Thanks also to Gina and Susan for being helpful and friendly on the phone. I wish you all the
best! Thanks!

"I moved to NYC 15 years ago as a musical theatre actress. Then I was just a trained actress that could speak well but I had no idea that there were other ways I could express myself as an artist combining the skills of acting and my speaking voice. I came to Edge Studio and met David Goldberg who took my potential and honed and coached me and believed in me. His ears have guided me into an awesome career. Because of Edge Studio and David, I am a voiceover talent in NYC. I have voiced cartoons, audiobooks, ESL programs, telephone answer systems, commercials, toys, industrials, films, and children's television shows. I am freelancing with one of the top VO agencies in the City and I have independent relationships with casting directors and recording studios and I book on my own as well.
Edge Studio is one of my creative homes.
I have a foundation-that is where I began my training. David trained me, produced my demos, and I continue to study with him every chance I get.I have a community and support system-I meet other voice talent there in the ongoing classes, I have been cast to record jobs for Edge, the staff is available online or on the phone for just about anything VO related. Edge has provided me with resources and tools- I refer to my VO Industry Guidebook often and carry my notes from classes into audition sessions. I receive weekly emails with newsletters and industry articles, and thousands of scripts for practice are mine for the taking off the website.
One of the best things about going home in life and at Edge is that no matter how long you have been away, you are always welcome at the table. Everyone is loved equally. Whether you book constantly or you are new to the business and trying to record your first demo-there is a place for you. So thank you David and everyone else there for being part of my family

Lisa Adams

Hello David,
Thank you, I really enjoyed my workshop! I was a little hesitant on participating in a 3 1/2 hour phone call. However, the time flew by. Your techniques, candid feedback, and passion provide a great combination for understanding and learning the business. It's been a long time since learning was so much fun and valuable! I am excited to have my coaching session!

Renee G.

Hi, David!

It was terrific to be a part of the class attending: Voiceovers From
Home, Marketing, and Telephony.

I found all the classes exceeded my expectations. I got the most out of
the Marketing gave us a wealth of information, most which I
hadn't previously learned.

In the future, are you planning a workshop on making a demo? I know there
is a wealth of info about it on your website, and you and your staff are
so accommodating, but was wondering, nonetheless.

Thank you for coming to Washington and personally teaching the workshops.
You are extremely knowledgeable and have a marvelous hands-on teaching
ability, which makes learning more fun and that much easier.

Have a great Fourth of July weekend, and I look forward to a continuing
relationship with you and Edge Studio.


Linda Kirk

I really enjoyed all the practice sessions I took with Judy. She was very
patient with me and she helped me to learn all the technical skills that are
needed to do well in voiceovers. David was wonderful during my demo
session. He gave me a lot of direction and good advice.
The music that he found for my demo was just right. I am looking forward to
participating in the marketing class. Edge Studio helps you every inch of
the way, which is really what you need in this business!

Irene Stefanik

Hi David, you may not remember me, I took your course and did a demo CD with you over a year ago and moved to Colorado. I wanted to let you know that I have been getting some work here and have been well received. The training I got from you was excellent and it prepared me quite well, not only for the voice over itself, but how to work with directors and editors. I feel comfortable in the sound booth and taking direction (no one could be tougher than you!). Thank you for your help and wise counsel...and for helping me produce a demo CD that is up to par with the best of 'em.

Stew Mosberg

Hi David,
Just wanted to say thanks for the great workshop on Saturday. I got a lot out of it and hope to continue to learn and do it. You are very professional, but also did a wonderful job of entertaining us. I can tell that you have a very good ear for voices, barely a word was out of our mouths before your comments. I felt as though my previous classes were just for fun, this was serious. And I still had a great time. I plan on practicing on my own, but would like to do another training session and demo in the near future.
You've really gotten me motivated. Thanks much.

Sharon Rich

You guys are the best. I really appreciate it.



Just wanted to say "thank you" to David. No matter what may or may not happen in terms of voice-overs being in my future (I am still interested in narrative work), I had to take this opportunity to say that David was a first-class teacher. The four or four-and-a-half hours passed very quickly, and I never once approached boredom! David was incredibly informative, humorous, patient, and persistent! I came away with a much greater understanding of what's involved in voice-overs, from all perspectives--"performer", producer, client, etc. I also came away with a few additional insights into myself as well!
Again, many thanks to David!

Steve McKay

Thanks David, I had a great, and learned a lot in a
very short period of time. There is no way I could have accomplished the
polish I now feel I have, if I had not done the training at EDGE. Tom was
wonderful, and has a great personality. He and I hit it off right away,
and of course that helped to make the entire process very comfortable and
relaxed right from the beginning. Tom was complimentary when deserved, but
also very candid with criticism. Just the right blend. Between my great
initial session with you and my following sessions with Tom, I feel very
ready to tackle any audition that comes my way. Your staff is also great.
Very pleasant and friendly. I actually miss going there. Thanks so much
for everything. If you would like to use my comments in a testimonial in your web, please
feel free.

Hi David.
I want to thank you so very much for the help and encouragement you gave me since the day I took my first workshop. Having just cut my first demo, I have some work to do to get started, but what I have learned over the past few months has been invaluable.

The honesty and candor, without being crushing to my self esteem worked very well for me and I know I have improved measurably since day one. I have already used many of the techniques I learned, in my work of recording prompts for my company's Phone System and several people have remarked on the difference.

I look forward to the next steps that Edge Studio and its professional staff can offer me and will be returning for more. My thanks to David, Judy and Joan for all their guidance, information and again, their patience.


Jean Sandler

Thanks, David.

Edge Studio has been a great launch pad for my voiceover career, from the very first introductory session right through to the marketing class. Look forward to staying in touch


Thank you for the VO advice you gave me last week on pricing the job I had on the table. I did wind up taking the work for Keeler Volvo and applied your pricing advice. As always you are a resource I am glad I can count on. Since taking your course and making my demo tape I have recovered my costs and am now in the profit from the work I have obtained!

Amy (Geragosian) Fox Internet Business Developer W

Hey Lara-
AND thanks for hooking me up with Jay. He's fantastic; exactly what I needed.

Thanks again!


Dear Kristin, Jay and Linda:

Thank you so much for all the invaluable help you offered me on the way to (and during) the narration demo recording. I learned so much from you, and had great fun along the way. I look forward to working with you all again soon.

Very best regards,


I wanted to get back to you to make sure to thank you. You all did a great

And I would also like you to please let David know that I really
appreciate the talent and expertise that he and Edge Studio in general
provided me during the training and demo production process. I used to
work in New York as a model and commercial actress in the mid to late 80's
and I worked with a lot of really talented people and I must say that
David is awesome. He is a wonderful director and very easy to work with.
He is able to communicate in such a way that I was always able to first
visualize and then reproduce what he wanted me to convey. At times I am
sure I could have done it faster and better but he never made me feel
uncomfortable. I look forward to continuing an ongoing 'training
maintenance schedule with Edge and appreciate everything

Best Regards,



I do hope this email address will allow me to convey my appreciation to you
for the time you spent this evening providing such great voice over
learning. While I read a number of articles you have written or been a part
of and I've heard you on my iPod, it was great to hear your voice live (even
if it was over the telephone occasionally punctuated by the occasional
throat clearing and distant children's voices :-)). I found your approach
to be refreshingly frank and direct. Your advice was to the point and had
the confidence of success behind it. My particular thanks for your answer
to my question about labels on CDs.

I look forward to learning from you and Edge Studio again soon.

P.S. And your comments about making a unique name work for you were most

Doug de Nance

Hi Morgan,

The tele-class last night was wonderful! I really enjoyed it - I had to cut off about 15 minutes early, but it was a very well-spent 3 hours. Kudos to our instructor!

My next step is to set up a one-on-one with a coach - was hoping you could help me with that. I am local to DC, and wanted to see if I could have an in-studio session in the Bethesda location.

Thanks so much!


I just wanted to write a quick thank you directly to Noelle Romano, Brandon and David. I was in last Tuesday evening 8/18 to record my demo after two months of learning and being coached through this intense but fun training program.

After meeting with several different coaches and learning from each and everyone of them Noelle was one that I felt most at ease with especially with her consistent positive reinforcements. She made the final recording session fun. Brandon was on top of his game and David thank you for popping in (though I didn't know you were there! lol) but more importantly everyone's feedback that night was pivotal in giving me a burst of energy and optimism to know this long time dream WILL be a reality and that I have the skill to do so.

I eagerly await to hear the final demo and continue taking the marketing classes. Just know that all the folks at Edge Studio do "great work and greater service" to us aspiring talents that need lots of direction, guidance and encouragement. You are all a great team! And I hope to see Noelle and my other coaches very soon! Best wishes!!

Thank you,

Sally Almeida

The workshop is a first hand look into the world of voiceovers. It's packed full of very useful information to help you pursue a career as a voice over artist. David adds a lot of personal experience to the mix, giving the workshop a real-world, no-nonsense approach to the industry. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in doing voice-overs." Thanks again, and I will be in touch.

Chris Swee

...I must say, the staff at Edge Studio go way beyond the definition of "passion" or "devotion" to their students and the VO business...I'm truly impressed:). They are so fabulous that I wish I worked for Edge!


Hi, David!
I believe I'm repeating myself, but I can only say 'wow', what I've learned from you in such a short period of time, what, a couple of months -- and what I didn't learn over years of trying with several so-called voice over instructors, demo producers and whatever else is out there -- is absolutely amazingly not funny. Has no comparison. Would recommend anyone come to your studios if she/he is seriously interested in starting a career in voice over. I've only just made my demo and haven't marketed yet, but I'm totally excited about the prospects. This time I'm not ashamed of my demo! Thanks again and will see you again for maintenance and knowledge.


I studied voice overs with a few other people before I found Edge Studio. I wish I had found Edge first. No
other studio or teacher comes close to offering everything you need to get into Voice Overs like Edge
Studio does. I've trained, recorded in a real studio, worked on all kinds of copy, produced a demo, and
learned how to market myself. Edge Studio has made me feel very confident that I can succeed in the Voice
Over Industry!

Thanks again Guys!!!

Brett Beyer

Thanks to what I've learned at Edge Studio, I have now been invited to auditions that I wouldn't have been asked to go to before. The one-on-one coaching from Eric Rath and the guidance from David Goldberg really raised my performance levels in both commercial and narration work. I get many compliments on my demos... and I credit it all to Edge. Be assured I will continue to sharpen my skills with more Edge classes in the future. Thank you!

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