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I would just like to thank everyone at the Edge Studio for giving me the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Evaluation Placement Program. I enrolled in the Investigate Voice Over Workshop with Kristin and learned so much about the voice over industry as a business and what it takes to succeed. Kristen is so perceptive and professional and gave fantastic advice. My private session was with Eric. He is an amazing coach and a one-of-a-kind motivator. I had so much fun working with him one on one. I felt like I had the chance to learn from the best. I also had the unique opportunity to speak with David and I cannot stress enough how much I benefited from our discussion and also from his encouragement and advice. I want to thank all three for the special attention and encouragement that I received. You are the best at what you do.
Thank you so much!


Thanks for your quick response. I am always impressed with the level of service you and your employees give to your clients on a consistent basis.


I feel very fortunate to have found Edge Studio. David and Mike are very knowledgeable, patient, and supportive teachers, and they deliver their instruction in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. They allow students to learn and progress at a comfortable pace and always strive to have them do their best. -I would recommend Edge Studio highly to anyone.

Dale G.


As always, you are brilliant.

I've got some CDs to burn and cards to print! I will probably be the only VO guy there. This is SO helpful.

Thanks again. You rock.


Having gone through the one evening voice-over intro, one-on-one coaching and just completed my demo at Edge Studio, all I can say is "wow". Voice-over work "ain't easy", but with the thoroughness and professionalism
of the Edge Studio coaches and staff, not to mention that they are just plain neat people, I am confident in launching this next career.

Sara C.

Hi All,

Just wanted to thank you again for an enjoyable and informative training experience yesterday. It's always nice to confirm that I'm going in the right direction, to learn new tips and tricks, and to get an extra ear on things. You run a first-class operation!

Hear you later!

John Pruden

WOW !!!! There are not enough positive adjectives in the dictionary to describe Edge Studio. It has been one of the most marvelous experiences I have had in my life. The staffs' knowledge and professionalism are second to none. In addition, they make you feel right at home. To anyone considering a career in Voice-Over, Edge Studio is the place for you.

I look forward to continuing my Voice-Over education with Edge Studio.

Most Sincerely,


My name is Todd Fleming and I have been doing voice over work for about 3 years. The experience that I had with Edge Studio was absolutely amazing. I worked from the DC studio with Kerry Miller and Brad Smiley. Kerry sat down with me, critiqued my abilities and devised a plan of action. Both she and Brad were friendly and honest. They taught me everything that I know about voiceover. I also completed a tele-training course with David that was extremely informative and beneficial. David's knowledge of the industry is unparalleled. After completing both commercial and narration
demo's with Edge, I was ready to go. Kerry even got me working on projects for Fortune 500 companies before my demo's were even complete! Edge Studio is one of a kind.

Thank you for sending me the newsletter, I have found the info both interesting and useful. I am a singer basso and have been going to voiceover training for some time now and find the subject of voice and voice-overs fascinating. Once again, thank you.

David Steyn South Africa

Hi, David!

First of all, I hope this email finds you and your staff at EDGE Studio doing well. Just to give you a heads up...I mailed a copy of my Audio Book Narration demo CD to you last Friday, so you should very soon be in receipt of it, if not already. While re-mastering it, I took all that you had mentioned (in our consultation session last December) into account and applied your great feedback, comments and suggestions to the best of my ability.

David, I want to thank you because I also sent a copy of this same CD demo to and the Director of Content Creation sent me an email this morning in which he writes: "Quite nicely done. You have a wonderful voice, and a terrific range of dialects and character work. I will be giving your info to our producer/director, Michele McGonigle, who will contact you for some upcoming auditions".


In the meantime, I would still very much like to be included for consideration of narration work with/through EDGE Studio. Thanking you in advance for taking the time to re-listen to my demo. And, most of all, thank you for your great workshops and consultation skills.


I really appreciate the fact that you're pulling for me. That truly means a lot. I'll keep you posted as to what's happening in terms of response to my emails.

Take care,


The feedback I'm getting from demo would make you proud! I keep hearing that it is "wonderful".
In fact, I've had offers from three agencies, within just a few weeks.

Hi, David!
Just returned home from spending an entire day at EDGE STUDIO (NYC) where I took two separate workshops: The audio book marketing workshop with Grover and the documentary style narration workshop with Paul. Both workshops were excellent and I left with so much new and highly useful information. Thanks for always being so warm and friendly, and especially for your encouragement and for staying in touch with me.



I got into the business with Edge Studio. They conducted the advanced
workshop and recorded my first demo (and my second, and soon my third!), and
I have used them ever since. David Goldberg, the instructor and sound
engineer, is a perfectionist about voice and sound, and he really knows the
business! And since he doesn't do voices himself, he's not in competition
with you! I have found them to be professional, very reasonably priced, a
terrific value, and extremely valuable resources. The email newsletter is
superb! And they are on hand to answer questions and give advice, too.

I have taken several workshops with them, and always felt 'stuffed full' of
great information and training. And they also have excellent information on
marketing, which is the key to getting work!

I posted this for David because I can recommend his services without
reservation, so I am biased! But there are others who have taken his
workshops, including Cinthya Scott at Discovery, who can tell you what they
think. And if you haven't checked out the web site do so!

If you are interested, be sure to register quickly; one of the Saturday
sessions is already full!

Good luck!


:) Thank you David!!!

I really am happy to have access to such helpful advice. I appreciate how blunt you are! It's really what I need!

Hope your week is great.


I love receiving your voice-over newsletter and read every word, taking the advice offered and applying it to my career in broadcasting.

Hi David,
I just wanted to thank you, Tom, and Jean for being
so wonderful throughout this process. Jean is worth
more than her weight in gold as she is always so
accommodating and helpful. Tom is extremely talented
and taping my demo with him was a blast! I also am
appreciative of your help during my demo prep session
and during the beginning of my taping. Thanks again
for being so great and I look forward to working with
you in the future!
All My Best,

Denise Martinez Przystawski

I am very interested in getting more training and creating a demo...I will choose a package this week..


Thanks Dave, and remembering everything you've taught me I can hit the one word several ways ... FANtastic, fanTAStic, or with a Yiddish slant "fantasTIC?" Of course, with some creative allowance I can change it to a very natural "FAAAAbulous!"

After studying at Edge Studio for a while now, I wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed being a student here. From the quality of the ENTIRE STAFF to the classes you offer shows you are always right on the pulse of the industry. I have not come across any other place where I feel I could get this level of training. You and the staff make being a student Fun and Interesting . Thank you for putting together such a great place to learn !



Thanks for calling David. No idea how much I appreciate your words. You said more in those few minutes than I've been exposed to in 2 years. I'll forward you my demo and cant wait to hear what you think. Warm regards,


Hi David:

I wanted to take the time to touch base with you. It's been almost a year since I sat in your Introduction to Voiceover class in Wilton last fall. Since then, I've had individual training sessions with Eric Rath and Kristin Price to get me going. Following that, I took an audiobook workshop with Carol Monda and have just completed 10 individual coaching sessions with Danielle and Carol (5 each - for commercial and narration). I have to tell you that your operation is first class. I've really enjoyed the professionalism, knowledge, advice, enthusiasm and encouragement exhibited by everyone I've come in contact with at Edge.


Edge Studio is a fantastic resource agency for voice talent. David Goldberg runs a great organization offering state of the art coursework. I highly recommend his services. At least subscribe to his e-newsletter where you can be informed of the latest trends in V/O.


I think the demos are amazing! They complement each other so well. The work you've done on the commercial demo is incredible and I've received such wonderful responses thus far. An agent from WME NY told me his LA colleagues loved them and asked if I have a recording studio I can work from at home/in NY..

Hi David,

Just a short, no-agenda thank you for the two-part webinar about auditions. There are a lot of webinars and training offerings out there, and so far Edge has been worth the investment every time.

Kendra H.

Hi Cathy,
Wow, what a great class on Friday!! It was so wonderful to hear your voice and
experience your upbeat personality (luv that you are sooo positive!!). I just wanted
you to know that I thought the class was valuable and well planned out.

Great job,


Hi Sara

I enjoyed the orientation. Cathy is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter. She gave us a really thorough and comprehensive insight not only into the website and what Edge will do for us during our training, but also into how the training not only gives us technique and business know-how but how that information will actually help our careers. It might seem obvious, but I've seen plenty of training sessions in my professional life where those pretty fundamental objectives weren't achieved! Anyway, I'm looking forward to working with Cathy for my first career guidance session in a couple of weeks.

Happy holidays!


Hi Erik- thanks for a great career guidance session! I'm pretty excited to get started!! Looking forward to training :)

Leighton Okus Mims

Hi Cathy,

Thanks so much for a great career planning session today. The ideas you gave me for my demo will really help me focus as I move forward. I cannot believe how much ground we covered in such a short time.

Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly.

Talk to you soon!

Cheryl Wieder


Cathy, I also wanted to add that my demo session experience went very well last night. Greg is a consummate engineer and I don't think I would've been able to have made it this far if not for the guidance and training from Michael Ingram. He helped me discover my voice-over 'identity' and the importance of developing my own 'sound' to establish uniqueness. He is a talented individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience that I was fortunate to have been paired up with him and I thank Erik Sheppard for that.


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