Audition Ringer Classes

Audition Ringer Classes are a blunt, inexpensive way to nail auditions! Because auditions are demanding, special training is required. These classes simulate actual audition experiences. You will audition and receive critical feedback on how you can improve.

Prepare for Three Types of Auditions

  • tele-auditions
  • home-studio auditions
  • in-person auditions

Be Forewarned

While more intimidating, you will be critiqued with other participants listening. Why? By hearing others win and lose, your ears will tune into why casting agents hire some, and not others. Using this knowledge, increase your own wins. Receive copy and be subjected to an intense audition (learn it the hard way with us). The difference? Receive a frank, detailed assessment of why you would win the audition...or not.

About this Class

  • Setting: Offered via webinar
  • Timetable: Offered every week in the evening
  • Instructor: Industry experts from around the country
  • Class Length: 2-hours
  • Cost: $37 or included if you are in Phase-2, Part-A or Phase-3

To Participate

  • Already in our Phase-2 or Phase-3 program? This class is included. Just send an email to at least one business day before the class saying you would like to be registered for the class.
  • Want to purchase this class "A La Carte"? Select the class below and click "add to cart", or email, or call us at 888-321-EDGE (3343).
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Marjorie Kouns: Sibilance Strategies; don't get Hissed off! - THIS CLASS IS FULL
Marjorie Kouns: Lists Lists and more LIsts - how to Voice 'em - THIS CLASS IS FULL
Kristen Thorne: Developing Tone - THIS CLASS IS FULL
Marjorie Kouns: Short Form Script Analysis
Kristen Thorne: Dynamic Phrasing with the Dynamic Range - THIS CLASS IS FULL
Kristen Thorne: Archetypes
Kristen Thorne: Developing Tone
Kristen Thorne: Pacing and Phrasing

After You Register

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