Career Guidance

Create a game plan that results in work! The world of voice over is as vast and multifaceted as it is exciting. Sometimes it can be difficult choosing which path to pursue, and on occasion we can lose our way.

Our Career Guidance sessions are designed so that we can have a comprehensive understanding of your past experience, your goals, your strengths, and occasionally your weaknesses.

We use this information along with our understanding of the business to help you decide exactly what it is you are striving to achieve in voice over and to put together a personalized plan of action so that you can succeed.

We will work with you to formulate a career plan and help you to decide which types of voice over demos you should record, what type of training you may need, and what it will take to stay on track, focused, and profitable.

About this Session

  • Setting: NYC, LA, DC, CT, Skype, or Tele-session
  • Timetable: Contact us to schedule
  • Length: 30-minute and 1-hour sessions available
  • Cost: $70 for a 30-minute session, $140 for a 1-hour session

To Schedule

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Career Guidance Session


1. Assess the business side of your career: Part/full time? Union? Agent? Home-studio?,...

2. Assess the talent side of your career: Audiobooks? Cartoons? Corporate? eLearning?,...

3. Create a game plan:

  • Which voice over coaches should you work with
  • What type of demo(s) will be most marketable for you

YOUR VOICE: What genres are most marketable for your voice?

  • Have an edge to your voice? Consider online tech-tutorials,...
  • Speak softly? Consider relaxation, yoga videos, lullabies,...

YOUR DELIVERY: What genres are most marketable for your delivery?

  • Speak articulately? Consider museum tours, educational videos,...
  • Speak quickly? Consider radio spots, tech-tutorials, videos,...
  • Naturally sound plain? Consider relaxation videos, inspirational,...


  • Speak another language? Then let's explore museum tours, documentaries, dubbing, international telephony systems...
  • Or have an accent? Let's assess using it, or losing it


  • Have the flexibility for last-minute auditions? If so, consider national spots


  • Have the ability to sit still for hours? Then consider audiobooks


  • Know someone who can get you work? Consider it... then network with all those involved (copywriter, engineer,....) and springboard into the genre of work you want


  • Good with computers? If so, consider home auditions and genres of voice over that can be recorded from home-studios


  • Speak medical jargon? Consider medical CMEs, educational films, how-to-videos,...
  • Know how to pronounce math terms? Consider math educational books, math games (like speak and spell),...
  • Work in banking? Consider finance tutorials,...
  • Like history? Consider narrating documentaries, non-fiction audiobooks,...
  • Are you a personal trainer? Then narrate exercise videos
  • In the legal industry? Consider narrating CLEs (continuing legal educational videos), narrated law-review programs,...
  • In the corporate world? Narrate "welcome to our company videos", college fair videos, tradeshow exhibit videos, flash websites, telephony systems, product displays, online tutorials, compliance videos,...


  • You will generally sound MUCH more marketable if you read what you like. This should be considered when setting a game plan.

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