PHASE 1 Investigate

Voice Over Class


With evaluation report


Meet Your Evaluators

Anne Hartung

VO Coach

Location: NY - New York City

Coaching Formats: In Studio, Online Checkups, Skype, Telephone

Specialties: Audition, Commercial, Narration

To schedule with Anne call 888-321-3343
or email

Anne has been working in voiceover production and casting since 2007, and directing and producing theater even longer.
After getting her BFA in acting from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, she worked with various audio studios throughout New York City, while simultaneously producing and directing her own creative work.
Anne’s exploration of live performance gives her unique insight into helping an actor’s voice be clear, expressive and special. Her diverse background also helps her adapt to each student’s focus and needs. Working in a positive, friendly manner, with special attention to developing and controlling one’s breath, she makes beginners feel comfortable with their voice, and helps seasoned talent push themselves to give more dynamic reads.
She works with children pretty much the same way, finding that most kids respond positively to being trained in a manner similar to training adults. She has a wealth of patience and her nurturing attitude helps kids find their foothold in the vocal world. She has also directed many plays with children in the cast, and worked with large groups of young actors at Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp..
Seldom short of breath herself, Anne does double duty. As Production Director of Casting at Edge Studio, she knows exactly what clients look for. And when we’re looking for her, if she’s not coaching, managing or directing, we find her busy writing, storytelling, and running around the beach.
Sometimes all at the same time!

Danielle Quisenberry

VO Coach

Location: NY - New York City

Coaching Formats: In Studio, Online Checkups, Skype, Telephone

Specialties: Commercial, Corporate Industrial, Documentary, eLearning, Kids, Narration, Telephony

To schedule with Danielle call 888-321-3343
or email

Award winning voice actor Danielle Quisenberry has contributed her talents to radio and television commericals, web and software narrations, corporate campaigns, industrial and documentary films, English as a second language tutorials, and telephone systems. She is an experienced live industrial narrator and works each season at The Brooklyn Academy of Music' Kids Film Festival in live interactive animation. Her client list includes, Aetna Insurance, America Online, Fiat, McAfee, McDonalds, People PC, Timex, Tyco Toys, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, Oldsmobile, Panasonic and Verizon.

Here at Edge Studio, she is a private instructor, as well as the instructor for Technique 101 workshops, How To Supplement Your Income With VO workshops, and our popular Acting of Voice Acting class. She really enjoys introducing cross over acting techinques to new voice performers and working with trained actors to help them transfer their existing skills to the microphone. Her academic interests include acting methodologies, movement and the physical process of vocal production. She is personally interested in how advances in neuroscience affect teaching and adult learning in the arts.

In addition to being an awesome voice talent and coach Danielle Quisenberry has worked on more than 100 model art projects in cooperation with the New York City Department of Education. She contributed to the core methodology of the renowned Literature to Life Program at the renowned American Place Theatre, where she taught young people, trained public school teachers and teaching artists as well as presented workshops in interdisciplinary arts methodologies nationwide. Currently, on the faculty of Edge Studio, The Actors Studio Drama School and The School at Alvin Ailey, her previous arts in education collaborations include, The American Place Theater , The American Ballroom Theatre, The TADA! Youth Theatre, The Public Theatre, Classic Stage Company and Steps on Broadway. In addition, she has been a regular guest artist at LaGuardia High School for Music, Arts and the Performing Arts, often known as the Fame school.

She holds a degree in acting performance from The University of Michigan and a certificate in Radio and Television Production and Performance from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. Her faculty positions now include, The Actors Studio MFA program at Pace University, The School at Alvin Ailey and The New York Film Academy.

When out of the booth, she is still in the studio ... the dance studio that is -- teaching and performing as an International Standard Ballroom Dancer. This year, she will combine her favorite art forms by joining the team which does the live announcing for The Manhattan Amateur Classic, a top NYC DanceSport Competition.

Click to hear Danielle's Commercial Demo

Brian Bremer

VO Coach

Location: GA - Atlanta

Coaching Formats: Skype, Telephone

Specialties: Commercial, Marketing Consults, Narration

To schedule with Brian call 888-321-3343
or email

A working voice actor for more than 15 years, Brian is nationally recognized as the voice of Time Warner Cable and Verizon Wireless. He narrated the award-winning short film, "Mountains in Motion," and his other clients include REI, Disney Parks, Coca-Cola, Keen Footwear, Xbox, and Yamaha Motors.

Recently he voiced the series-regular role of Nick in Telltale Games’ “The Walking Dead,” season two.

On camera, his body of film and television work dates back to the early 1990's. He currently appears in the recurring role of Chet on Sundance TV's "Rectify."

Brian is also an improv and sketch comedian with 7 Course Theater, and his own company, Sketchworks Industrial Strength Comedy. He worked for seven years as a film and television agent with The People Store and, as a freelance producer, has produced content for HGTV and DIY Network.

Click to hear Brian's Commercial Demo
/sites/default/files/Brian Bremer Commercial Demo.mp3

Christian Taylor

VO Coach

Location: IL - Chicago

Coaching Formats: In Studio

Specialties: IVO Instructor

To schedule with Christian call 888-321-3343
or email

Christian's 30-year entertainment career spans stage, screen, and sound booth, as she has been talent, producer, director, casting director, and coach.

She loves people and takes great joy in helping them stretch and reach their goals. In fact, she taught acting and PE to grades K-12 for 10 years.

Christian came to Chicago's performance scene from Mississippi by a circuitous route. After cutting her acting teeth in the Theatrical Arts Society of Stony Brook, NY, and further honing her skills in the Drama program at The Catholic University in Washington, D.C., she worked in radio and TV on Capitol Hill, and toured with The National Players in Much Ado About Nothing and Animal Farm.

Her recent activity also ranges widely. She’s the signature voice of Kaleida Health, and has also voiced commercials, corporate narration, e-learning, apps, video games, explainer videos, audiobooks, children’s games, and documentaries, for clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Automatch USA, Whirlpool, Proctor & Gamble, Clorox, Service Master, L’Oreal, Hoover, Bank of America, McDonald’s, Daedalic Entertainment, Creative Baby, Publix, General Motors, Harley Davidson and Cigna. In addition, Christian is a live emcee announcer and seen on-camera for Khol’s, Contrave, Nabisco and Walgreens.

Ever the teacher, Christian has been a talent coach for more than a decade, also teaching many improv workshops over the years. In all this, she enjoys the support of her husband, four fantastic (and, she says, sometimes slightly insane) kids, and her adorable doggie, Brooke. She’s also a Cubs fan, and when not cheering them on (See? It works!) she keeps busy with improv, horses, and her own sports and Chicagoland activities.

Investigate Voice Over Class objective

Phase 1 is for newcomers who are unsure how they fit in, who need to learn about all opportunities, and determine if they have potential.

It’s a practical and comfortable way to determine if voice over is for you. The instructors of this voice over class will tell you for real. (We are polite, but candid.) Click to read what people found most eye opening

What you need to know

You'll see voice over work is exciting!

  • It's fun: Work on interesting projects
  • It's creative: Add life to words
  • It's flexible: Part-time or full-time, work from home (pajamas optional)
  • And there are 21 genres to choose from!

However, it’s critical to:

The 3-part process

The Investigate Voice Over Class starts with a fun, exciting 3-hour session.
Your coach will outline the entire industry and sample your voice-over performance. The voice over class candidly assesses the marketability of your voice and talent, pinpoints your most marketable genres (audiobook, animation, commercial, documentary, etc.), and provides an in-depth understanding of the skills required to be successful in voice over.

Specifically, you will be assessed on 3 attributes:

  • Your voice (do casting agents hire your type voice?)
  • Your delivery (do casting agents hire your delivery style?)
  • Your marketability (comfort, desire, passion, ability, excitement… is this for you?)

The voice over class is small, and has just enough participants to give you a sense of how you stand among others, and your coach how you perform in front of others.

Available by WEBINAR, or in New York City, Los Angeles, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, and CT.

After the voice over class, your coach prepares a detailed and candid evaluation.
This report will cover:

  • Voice type - Is your voice distinctive? Neutral? In need of training?
  • Delivery - How well do you read aloud? Can you vary your delivery?
  • Innate ability - Some people come by performance naturally, others need more training.
  • Training - How much will you need to become successful? How much related training do you already have?
  • How quickly did you pick things up in the voice over class?
  • Marketability - What genres (audiobook, animation, commercial, documentary, etc. ) are you best suited for in voice over? (In this voice over class, you'll learn that there are more than two dozen VO genres.)
  • Potential - Are you likely to find enough work to pursue VO full-time? Or should you consider it part- time? Or maybe you and voice performing aren't a good match.
  • What kind of demo(s) would you need to become successful?

Then, feel welcome to speak with our Education Advisor. Review your performance. Discuss opportunities.
Using this evaluation report, formulate any questions, ideas, and questions you have, and then talk with us. We prefer speaking (heck, that's what this industry is about), but email is welcome, too. either way, you will receive our honest assessment of what path you should (or should not) take.

What if?

  • If you show potential, we welcome you to train and begin your career with private voice over lessons, focusing on your particular strengths. You'll have the benefit of our honest, straightforward feedback, and a personalized game-plan.

    And if you continue directly into the demo program, we give you back the cost of the "Investigate Voice Over Class."

  • If it turns out you and voice over are not a good match, this voice over class will help you avoid wasting your budget. We discourage those without potential from taking another voice over class. We are polite but candid. Hear from someone who was not encouraged to move forward.

So, who is this Voice Over Class for?

In a nutshell, it's for anyone with an interest or passion for voice over. But who is:

  • Unable to determine if their voice is really marketable,
  • Hasn't assessed and/or considered the 21 genres of voice over,
  • And is concerned about recording voice over demos if they won't pay off.

In other words, this voice over class is for anyone who wants an honest, candid assessment as to whether or not they could make money in the exciting world of voice over.

Here is the voice over class outline...

  • Materials included in this voice over class
    • The Technique Guidebook (PDF version)
    • Access to 5,396 categorized practice scripts
  • 1. Begin with a realistic scope of the industry
    • Explore opportunities: audiobook, narration, promo, cartoon, commercial, eLearning,...
      • Begin assessing where you may fit in
    • Break down some misconceptions:
      • Gain realistic salary expectations (most don't make millions like other voice over schools claim)
      • There is MUCH more opportunity other than commercial work
      • Being a "Jack of all trades" is usually NOT the way to get more work
    • Discuss the 3 keys to success:
      • Trust your voice, read without tension, do what comes naturally.
  • 2. Continue reading/recording from multiple types of scripts
    • Learn core foundation technique
      • The basics of every voice over job you'll narrate
    • Read/record various genres: Audiobook, documentary, commercial, cartoon,...
      • The best way to get your feet wet is to jump in with this voice over class
    • Receive honest critique,
      • and try again. Our goal is to hear your improve.
    • Watch (and listen) as your instructor hones in on your most marketable niches
      • Some people perform well in only one niche. Other people do well in many.
  • 3. Your take-away: answers and coupons
    After the voice over class, we complete your evaluation report by answering 3 questions:
    • Is your voice marketable?
      • Where are you more competitive? audiobook? documentary? commercial? cartoon?
    • Do you have talent?
      • A great voice doesn't mean you can sing. Likewise with voice over.
    • Can you make money at this?
      • If YES, we'll recommend next steps
      • If NOT, we'll explain why
  • What to expect
    • After the voice over class, you'll have a private assessment consultation to review your evaluation report. If you're suited, we'll chart a path for your learning process. We'll also take time to answer any questions.


Whether we "greenlighted" someone who appeared marketable, or encouraged them not to pursue voice over, they all have good things to say. Here are some:

Class Schedules

New York City
December 16, Saturday, 11am-2pm ET
December 18, Monday, 6pm-9pm ET
January 9, Tuesday, 6pm-9pm ET
January 13, Saturday, 11am-2pm ET
January 23, Tuesday, 6pm-9pm ET
Los Angeles
December 16, Saturday, 1:30pm-4:30pm PT This Class Is Full
Washington DC
December 18, Monday, 2pm-5pm ET
December 18, Monday, 6pm-9pm ET
December 17, Sunday, 11am-2pm CT
dates to be announced
December 15, Friday, 6pm-9pm ET
January 9, Tuesday, 6pm-9pm ET
January 30, Tuesday, 6pm-9pm ET
December 20, Wednesday, 6pm-9pm ET This Class Is Full
January 4, Thursday, 6pm-9pm ET

Questions? Doubts? Concerns?

The "Investigate Voice Over Class" doesn't fit into my schedule.

  • We offer private evaluations, too – days, nights, and weekends. To fit one into your schedule, call us at 888-321-EDGE to learn more.

The "Investigate Voice Over Class" doesn't fit my budget.

  • Don't skip it. It pays to take it. If it turns out you and voice over are not a good match, this step will help you avoid wasting your budget. Or, if you continue directly into the demo program, we give you back the cost of the "Investigate Voice Over Class." You likely can't pay to explore every possible career, but whatever the career, you should always investigate the likelihood of it working out.

I don’t want a group class – I prefer a personalized solo evaluation.

  • We often hear this from new arrivals. Good news, the "Investigate Voice Over Class" does include important private-coaching components: both a personalized evaluation and a private consultation after the group session. And just as important, the group session component provides these other important benefits that private coaching can't fully give you:
    • Confidence-building performance in front of other people
    • Peer feedback and support
    • Peer demonstration - how do others perform the same script?
    • Benchmarking. Size up your progress, compared to your friendly competition
    • Establish peer connections -- exchange tips, experiences and other knowledge with people having the widest possible range of backgrounds
    • Networking opportunities
    • See how others take direction, and train your ears, so you'll hear what a coach or director hears
    • Learn how to contribute constructively, and tactfully, during a session

The full Edge Studio program will be a big investment.

  • Everything is relative. Elsewhere, inadequate or inexperienced coaching and a cookie-cutter demo might be a smaller investment, but will most likely be money wasted.

We'll accept you into Phase 2 only if we determine that you have the potential to succeed as a voice over performer.

And our legitimate, comprehensive voice-over training is a small investment compared with the training, testing, schooling, and licensing fees of many other professions. But it is important to invest your budget and your time wisely. Some outfits are all too happy to waste both for you. That’s why we candidly assess you first in this voice over class, so you can then soundly decide if this is the investment you should make in yourself.

Honestly, does everyone pass the screening?

  • No. Even though this evaluation voice over class is full of people who have unique voices, we “greenlight” only 50% of the people who participate.

How can I believe this is not a scam?

  • Smart question, as scam artists do exist in the voice over industry. In addition, many well-meaning services are simply inexperienced, inept, or incomplete. The robust nature of our team shows you that we're for real.

But don't take our word for it. We're members of the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has never had a complaint against us.

We’ve also put hundreds of testimonials on our website. We even have testimonials from people we did NOT "greenlight." They avoided what for them would have been a wild-goose chase career decision.

These sorts of things are why we’re simply the most trusted school in the industry, and why agents and acting schools send actors here for straightforward assessments. Even pros come here to “try out” new performance styles.

I'm already an actor, a radio personality, have a friend in the VO industry, etc. Why do I need an "evaluation"?

  • If you don't need the evaluation, terrific! You can begin Phase 2 without it. But we've seen too many people think they're ready when they're not. And if there's one thing to know about us, we do not want to waste your money. So we strongly encourage you take the evaluation voice over class and, assuming you are “greenlighted,” we can credit its cost back to you. In other words, this voice over class won’t cost you anything. You have nothing to lose!

I've had an evaluation by someone else. Why should I take yours?

  • As noted in the answer above, if you continue directly into Phase 2, the "Investigate Voice Over Class" evaluation is effectively free. So why not take it? Get a second opinion. See if there are gaps in your knowledge and plans. And learn how to be your most marketable self in the Voice Over industry.