Voice Over Demo Updating

Have you improved? Is your demo out of date? So you produced a fantastic demo a few years ago and it was doing great for you, but things have started to fizzle out lately? Noticing that your old radio announcer demo isn’t getting the warm reception that it once did? Maybe you have just finally polished your delivery or have started focusing on other genres?

Even the best voiceover demo has a shelf life, and if yours is getting stale then chances are it’s time for some updating.

Bring yours in for some subtle reworking, or even a complete overhaul to be sure that your work is up to date, still represents your voice, and is relevant in today’s market.

Either way, it's time to update it.

The Process

1. Begin by getting copies of all your work onto audio files, such as wavs and mp3s. This may mean:

  • Contacting ad agencies, film production companies, and recording studios to request copies of past work
  • Converting non-audio media (such as vhs-tapes, pal-film, ulaw files, and so on) to audio file

2. Then organize it into categories such as audiobooks, self-guided tours, commercials,...

  • Once in categories, select 3 or 4 segments from each category which are the most varied and the best performed. (If you're not sure, bring them all in and we'll help choose.)

3. Next choose 1 or 2 passages from each segment which may be the most marketable. (If you're not sure, bring them all in and we'll help choose.) Mark it down by minutes and seconds.

Here is an example of what steps 1 through 3 should conclude with:


  • Kids - Peter Pan
    • At 21:04 I have a lot of dialogue which use many characters.
    • Also at 1:19:35, the last paragraph of the audiobook has terrific emotion and music was also added which makes it an interesting piece for my demo.
  • Kids - Snow White
    • At 0:00, the introduction is very emotional and I used many emotions within a short passage.
    • Also at 13:45, another actor read some dialogue with me, so this shows the ability to work with other talent.
  • Adult fiction - The Bio Of John Adams
    • At 1:38:34 I read a poem which is full of emotion.
  • Adult non fiction - Tom Clancy
    • At 3:45:59 I use many accents back and forth. I also did this at 4:11:13.
    • At 6:52:45 my voice was digitally altered to sound like a robot - I had to read in a very specific way for the production team to make this happen.

4. When completed with steps 1 through 3, send us your notes so we can review. Then we'll advise you what to do from there.


Fortunately, updating demos is usually very inexpensive. Often adding just one or two new spots is all that is necessary. If you have copies of real work you have narrated, adding them is all you need.

The cost simply depends on how much time you need. Curious? Call - answer a few questions and we can tell you.

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