Marketing 101 Class

Make sure people know who you are & how to hire you!

You can have the world's most professionally produced demos and an absolutely incredible delivery, but nobody will be able to hire you if they don't know who you are.

Learn how to self-market intelligently and effectively to increase your visibility and show up on a potential client's radar.

We'll discuss various aspects of voiceover marketing including agents and representatives, personal branding, pay-to-play website services, creating your own website, and much more.

When getting your career off the ground, voice talent should spend more time marketing and building their client list, than they do behind the mic. Learn the techniques that you can use to build up your businesses and have your voices heard by millions.

Instructor Kristin Price has honed her marketing skills to grab the attention of clients like Office Depot, Crest, Yale University, the U.S. Army, and hundreds more. Kristin's marketing expertise will help you learn how to start off on the right path, be sure that your name speaks as loudly as your voice, and learn how to be seen, so that you can be heard. Questions are welcomed during the class.

Topics Covered

  • Dos and Don’ts
  • How to Market
  • Getting Your Demo Out There
  • How to Find Contacts
  • The Types of VO to Pursue as You Get Going
  • Using Internet Audition Sites

About this Class

  • Setting: Webinar
  • Timetable: Offered every other week
  • Instructor: Kristin Price
  • Class Length: 2-hours
  • Cost: $60 or included if you are in the Phase-2 (Part-A) or Edge Kids program

To Participate

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Marketing 101

After You Register

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