The Performance Guidebook, Including practice steps, practice scripts, and post-training help

Edge Studio Technique Guidebook

Often referred to as the Industry Bible, this 123 page Voice Over Performance Guidebook helps you develop your vocal skills as a part-time or full-time voice over actor.

From assessing your voice to zipping into action, learn how to Investigate, Evaluate, Train, Sound Professional, and grow your business.

This guide is filled with techniques that the pros use to make it sound so simple... techniques that will immediately set you apart from competitors. Concise, well-organized, and chock full of updated information.

This is a must-read for amateurs, and recommended by professionals.

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Chapter 1: The Voice Actor’s Profile

  • Do you need a certain profile?
  • Do you need certain skills?
  • What are some of the obstacles to becoming a voice actor?

Chapter 2: Performance Styles

  • The two styles of performance
  • Which performance style is most popular today?
  • Why is the natural style most popular?
  • Does the public notice natural delivery?
  • Why does the public think that voice-over is mostly the affected style?
  • Why does the public think that voice-over is mostly commercial?
  • Why is the affected style still used sometimes?

Chapter 3: Advice on Training

  • Capitalize on you
  • Three steps to learn how to perform
  • Don’t rush your training!

Chapter 4: The Performance Mindset

  • Composure
  • Vocal freedom/Tension-free read
  • Be yourself/affectation-free

Chapter 5: Foundation Training

  • The four vocal components
  • Inflection and pitch
  • Flowing naturally
  • Variety
  • Diction
  • Numbers, web addresses and more
  • Emotion, character, tone
  • Microphone essentials

Chapter 6: Advanced Training

  • Mental and physical preparation
  • Copy analysis ... on your own
  • Copy analysis ... with the creative team
  • Delivery/character development
  • Valuing words
  • Mouth noises and breathing techniques
  • Diction
  • Flow/smoothness
  • Timing
  • Hitting
  • Smile
  • Variety
  • Consistency
  • Punctuation
  • Keywords
  • Multi-person scripts
  • Auditions

Chapter 7: Practice

  • Practice steps
  • Practice scripts

Chapter 8: Post Training

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