Just like traditional schools have textbooks, Edge Studio offers written material to give you even MORE information about the voice over industry. Taking a cue from our classes, The Performance Guidebook and The Voice Over Career Planner are both clear, well-organized and full of useful information. Both books are downloadable and can help grow your voice over business.

Voice Over Career Planner

Cost: $30 or free for anyone in Phase-2, Part-A

This planner can be purchased online, via email, or by calling us at 888-321-EDGE (3343).

The Voice Over Career Planner is a 17-page, PDF Planner that sets forth a simple, fact-based course of action that will help you create, grow and operate your business successfully. That's why we have incorporated a Business Plan into the Career Planner that you can follow from your first meeting with a voice over industry expert, to your first paying job, and throughout your career. Use it from the outset, but this is not merely a "start-up" plan.
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Voice Over Performance Guidebook

Cost: $30 or Free if in our Investigate Voice Acting Class.

Often referred to as the Industry Bible, this 123 page Voice Over Performance Guidebook helps you develop your vocal skills as a part-time or full-time voice over actor.

Learn how to Investigate, Evaluate, Train, and Sound Professional - ultimately growing your business.