Why are voice over auditions so nerve-wracking? The main reason is the client can immediately determine if they like what they hear. We want to make sure that the client is always happy so we brought in experts who have been on many voice over auditions with positive results. They will be able to tell you what works, what doesn’t, and the tried and true ways to prepare for your audition.

Audition Recording

Setting: In studio, Tele-session, or Skype
Instructor: Your choice!
Length: 15 minutes
Cost: $25

Increase Your Odds Of Winning Your Next Voice Over Job With a Custom Audition. It's easy: Just ask us to direct and/or record your audition. This can be done either at one of our studio locations or via telephone. You supply the audition script, we supply the studio (or we call you) and the engineer/director. You can prepare technique for multiple deliveries and walk-away with mp3's. We have a very high success rate.
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Advanced Audition

Setting: Webinar
Timetable: Offered once a month
Instructor: David Goldberg
Class Length: 45-minutes
Cost: $60 or included in Phase-3

The Advanced Audition classes are a series of unique group classes where you will sharpen your audition skills, practice giving the most polished read possible and learn to interpret the direction presented to give the client what they are looking for while still standing out from the crowd. Some previous topics were Self Produced Auditions, Political Auditioning, Video Game Auditioning, "Acting" Style Auditions, Emphasizing the Right Words.
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Audition Checkup

$30 Audition Checkups are an opportunity to get private professional feedback on an audition. Upload a recording and receive a written review of your audition! Select from our industry experts or let us match you with an expert who specializes in the genre of your audition. Some situations where you might want one include an important audition, new home studio gear, a new client, or a job in a new genre.
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