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The words “home studio” strike fear among some of the bravest souls in the voice over community. Wires, tricky computer applications and confusing equipment come together to form a nerve-wracking equation for many. Instead of fear and confusion, think of a home studio as one of the most lucrative things you can do for your voice over business. Incorporating editing and engineering capabilities into your voice over resume will earn you additional jobs and revenue. Learn how to simplify your home studio and overcome your fear from experienced engineers who spend all day doing this!

Home Studio 101

Setting: Webinar
Timetable: Offered every other week
Instructor: Greg Sextro
Class Length: 2-hours
Cost: $79 or included in Phase-2

Home Studio 101 will help you assess your home studio needs and discuss the in's and out's of what’s involved in becoming your own engineer and producer. Having a home studio at their disposal is rapidly becoming one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of any voiceover talent who wishes to stay competitive. We will ease the learning curve and help you write the shopping list for your studio.
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Home Studio 201

Setting: Webinar
Timetable: Offered once a month
Instructor: Greg Sextro
Class Length: 1-hour
Cost: $37 or included in Phase-3 or Phase-4

Home Studio 201 classes are a unique and exciting way to learn essential topics that will help you improve your skills and speed as a home studio engineer. Every month, we offer a webinar allowing you to call in to hear the class while simultaneously viewing the coach's computer screen from the comfort of your own home PC or MAC. You'll learn common editing techniques along with shortcuts, hardware tips, settings advice, delivery applications and other related subjects.
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Setting: In studio, Tele-session, or Skype
Timetable: Contact us to schedule
Instructor: Your choice!
Length: 30-minute and 1-hour sessions

Home studio consultations can be used to diagnose any issues, design a system for you, teach you how to install and/or operate your system, train you on whatever functionality you need. We can either talk you through it, we can visit you, you can bring your equipment to us, or we can remotely log into your home studio computer. No more guesswork. Straightforward and detailed information on anything you require.
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Home Studio Setup

Get your studio up & running. Affordably & properly. Having us design and/or set-up your studio is a fast way to begin wining more work and charging more for it. After 21 years, we've been there, done it. Yes, We Travel! You can have us design, purchase, set up, teach you, and save all parameters of your home studio... So all you have to do is "turn it on" and read your script!
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Home Studio Checkup

$27 Home Studio checkups are an opportunity to get private professional feedback on your Home Studio. Upload a recording and receive a written review of your audio! Select from our industry experts or let us match you with an expert. Some situations where you might want a Home Studio Checkup include an important audition, new home studio gear, a new client, or a job in a new genre.
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