While there is voice over work for practically every voice type, it is voice delivery that makes someone a professional voice actor. Learn the techniques pros rely on to make it "seem easy," expand your skills, and gain the performance experience that will leave your clients saying, "You sound terrific! We'd like to hire you for another voice over job!"

Private Training

Setting: In studio, Tele-session, or Skype
Timetable: Contact us to schedule
Instructor: Your choice!
Length: 1-hour
Cost: $175 per session

Private voice over training with an experienced professional coach -- is often the best way to hone your delivery and fine tune your voice(s) to your competitive advantage. Far from our studios? No problem: Every one of our instructors also teaches by telephone, and most by Skype.
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Technique 101

Setting: Webinar
Timetable: Offered weekly
Instructor: Danielle Quisenberry
Class Length: 2-hours
Cost: $50

Technique 101 helps you hone the most fundamental, core aspects of your career as a voiceover talent - proper vocal technique. Learn all about tone, pitch, tempo, and volume and how to instantly incorporate these concepts, and others -- transforming lackluster reads into marketable performances. Through reading copy and receiving feedback in our voice over workshops, you learn to fine tune your interpretations and unlock your unique sound, the key to your future success.
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$30 Checkup

$30 Performance Checkups are an opportunity to get private professional feedback on your voice over. Upload a recording and receive a written review of your audio! Select from our industry experts or let us match you with an expert. Some situations where you might want a Performance Checkup include an important audition, new home studio gear, a new client, or a job in a new genre.
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