Advanced Audition Class

Even those of us with the best reputations, representation, active websites and full inboxes need to audition regularly to keep our income stream steady and attract new and ongoing clients. The quality of our auditions today directly affects the amount of billable microphone time we will have tomorrow.

In this series of unique ongoing classes, you will sharpen your audition skills, practice giving the most polished read possible and learn to interpret the direction presented to give the client what they are looking for, or perhaps interject your own style and give them more than they knew they wanted by standing out from the crowd.

The most sought after projects often have hundreds of submissions sent in from other established professionals from across the world, be sure you know how to remain competitive and catch their ear to land the greatest percentage of gigs.

Enjoy classes such as:

  • Self Produced Auditions
  • Political Auditioning
  • Video Game Auditioning
  • Auditioning the Toughest of Reads
  • Emphasizing the Right Words
  • Timing Your Auditions for Video, Film, Picture
  • Auditioning for Telephony
  • Dialogue Auditioning
  • "Acting" Style Auditions
  • Auditioning for Long-Form Reads and On-Going Projects

About this Class

  • Setting: Webinar
  • Timetable: Offered once a month
  • Instructor: David Goldberg
  • Class Length: 1 hour
  • Cost: $50

Advanced Audition Classes

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David Goldberg

CEO (Chief Edge Officer), Booth Director, Coach

Location: NY - New York City

Coaching Formats: In Studio, Skype, Telephone

Specialties: Audition, Consulting, Demo Evaluation, Demo Recording, Mentoring, Promos, Website Review

To schedule with David call 888-321-3343
or email

A leading authority on voice-over and Chief Edge Officer of Edge Studio, David Goldberg has cast and directed thousands of voice-over productions. He has also coached innumerable voice actors, from beginners to top working pros and celebrities.

David says, “Although I don’t have a golden voice, I guess my ears work pretty well.”

Indeed. David's ears are considered the best in the industry.

He's known for an uncanny ability to provide super-quick yet precise direction. Because he sees things from all industry perspectives, many veteran voice actors rely on him as their mentor. David is also one of the most active directors and speakers, frequently illustrating his practical answers with fun anecdotes from his many years of experience.

Soon after founding Edge Studio as a music-recording facility in 1988, David added spoken voice recording to its repertoire. In response to many clients asking him for voice over guidance, David wrote the first edition of the 'Voice Over Performance Guidebook' in 1992.

Since 2000, Edge Studio has focused exclusively on spoken voice, and is now one of the world's premiere voice over production, casting, and training facilities.

Clients and agents rely on David's ability to pinpoint the right voice actor for their production. Voice actors rely on his ability to help them find their full potential, benefiting from his perception, straight-forwardness, production savvy, and those acute ears.

People and companies that David has worked with at Edge Studio include: Nickelodeon, Disney, Pixar, DaimlerChrysler, The US Postal Service, Scholastic, IBM, The United Nations, countless radio stations, National Public Radio, ESPN, Discovery, Mel Brooks, Joan Rivers, Eartha Kitt, Tom Brokaw, John Ratzenberger, Denise Austin, Mark Linn-Baker, and scores of leading Broadway and TV performers.

Edge Studio remains one of the country's most acclaimed voice over facilities, offering voice over production, casting, and education.

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