Good economy voice over: 7 ways to prepare!

"One day" you wish, as you stew in self-displeasure. Why? Because as a couch potato, you listen to OTHERS narrating voice over commercials wishing it was YOU narrating them.

The economy is slow blah blah blah. Okay, but its an opportune time to DO WHAT YOU CAN TO COME OUT OF A SLOW ECONOMY AS A WINNER!

So we thought we'd provide 7 WAYS TO PREPARE:

- - - - -


Get off your ass and into class. Whoever wrote that (it wasn't me) was smart (it was me). Seriously, do NOT become rusty and do NOT become complacent. Classes keep you motivated and keep you "in tune." And voice over schools (at least ours) focus on long-term objectives so you and your voice will be primed for when your phone starts ringing.

- - - - -


Think your favorite sports player or musician doesn't practice? Wrong. Think your favorite doctor doesn't read about new techniques? (If so, find a new doctor.) The point is, professionals practice. And so should you. Just 30-minutes a day makes a BIG difference and will ensure you're ready when your phone rings.

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Think of your voice over demo as a resume. Resumes are always updated and tweaked. Likewise as you learn new styles and/or strengthen existing ones, update your demo!!! Casting professionals will expect quality demos (as they ALWAYS HAVE) when the busy season begins... so ensure yours remains top-notch.

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When the economy kicks back into full swing, casting agents will rely on home studio auditions and recordings more than ever to cut costs. So what better time than NOW to learn how to engineer and produce yourself! Engineering and producing comes from practice and professional feedback. (Without professional feedback, you may be going the wrong direction and reinforcing bad habits!) So focus on this imperative skill.

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$79 Home Studio tele-courses (schedule listed here)

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It would be a shame if you weren't ready. When things start moving again, you'll get more work faster if you're ready to market. So now, while you have time, prepare lists of potential customers, write template emails, review your rate card, and so on.

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$79 Marketing tele-classes (schedule listed here.)
Free rate card:

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When a new client requests an estimate, how long will it take you to create it? And how accurate will it be? Whatever your answer, you can do a lot better by experimenting now. So determine how long you can read without getting a soar throat, determine how many hours you can work a day, which cough drop works best for you, if hot tea with lemon or water with honey soothes your throat better, how long it takes you to save a file, to name a file, to convert a file to MP3, and so on.

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Free words-to-hours converter:

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Seriously, watch (listen) to as much TV as you can - specifically documentaries and commercials. Also listen to radio ads, audiobooks, online tutorials, telephone recorded systems, website presentations, safety videos,... Notice common styles. Notice which narrators seem good, and why. Notice which narrators seem unprofessional, and why. GUARANTEED, this simple exercise will prove valuable because it WILL MAKE YOU BETTER VOICE TALENT. For dessert, skip the commercials and watch Law & Order. I'm sure it's on.

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Free: use your ears

In closing, folks, voice over is your career. Whether part-time or full-time, be ready - because eventually the biz will pick up! And Edge is glad to help. Just ask.

May 26, 2009
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This article discusses 7 ways to find voice over success no matter what the economy is doing!
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