Hey voice actor, are you wearing 4 hats?

It's really cool hearing your voice on the radio.  Does it give you a big head?

I hope so, because as a voice actor, you have a lot of hats to wear!

In today's world, you (an entrepreneur - running your own voice over business) must know a LOT more than just how to read a script well. You MUST ALSO KNOW:

MARKETING: Essential for gaining new customers and maintaining existing ones

ENGINEERING: A must in today's world of home-studio work

BOOKKEEPING & THE BIZ: Need we delve into the importance of appearing professional?

So take a moment and consider your friend the chef who can't even manage his own checkbook. He tells you he's opening a restaurant. Will good food alone make him successful? NO! SO WHAT WOULD YOU TELL HIM?  You'd tell him that he'd better learn how to wear the hats above.... or he'll be out business.

So back to you, with the great voice:  Please remember that you're a business, and you MUST LEARN how to wear a number of hats.


Because we've seen too many voice over actors who rely ONLY ON THEIR VOICES. So while they sound great, auditioning and hiring them requires TOO MUCH EFFORT.  Subsequently, our clients no longer request that we cast them. 

What do they do wrong?  From wrong information on their invoices to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.  With the NUMBER OF VOICE TALENT WE HIRE, we cast talent based on their BUSINESS-side as much as their PERFORMANCE-side.

No worries, most everything can be learned. Examples:

MARKETING: Ask an advertising or marketing friend for advice. Read a book on marketing. Take an adult-continuing-education class on advertising. (Or, we'd recommend our MARKETING 101 Webinar!)

ENGINEERING: Intern at a local studio. Get some books and videos on Protools. Experiment recording your friends. Practice editing until you learn how to do it. (Or, we'd recommend our HOME STUDIO 101 Webinar!)

BOOKKEEPING & THE BIZ: Ask your cousin the accountant. Hire an accountant. Take a bookkeeping course at a local college.  Speak with other voice talent. Read books. Ask question on forums. Do what you can to learn about the business. (Or, we'd recommend our BUSINESS & MONEY 101 Webinar!)


When you sound great AND act professionally, YOU WILL DO WELL!

And then you have enough money to buy yourself a large pair of headphones for that big head of yours.

See (hear) you soon!

May 21, 2009
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The voice over industry today requires talent to be capable in marketing, engineering, bookkeeping and the “biz” in addition to providing quality voice over.
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