How to Choose a Microphone

Buying a microphone?  Of course it seems smart to ask people what they recommend, since the microphone has one of your voice over home studio's most important roles: It is the connection between you and what your clients hear.

BUT ALL TOO OFTEN, people make recommendations without knowing YOUR facts.  Grrrrrrr that's frustrating!


a) What kind of voice over do you record?

  • Some genres of voice over typically require a microphone that produces a thin, clean, clear, bright sound - such as telephony, talking games, and so on.
  • Yet some genres typically require a microphone that produces a full, big sound, such as promos and trailers.
  • Do you record many different genres? Then you should have a mic that works across the board.

b) How are the acoustics of your recording booth?

  • A reverberant room needs a directional mic.
  • A dry room may sound better with an "open" mic.

c) How sound-proofed is your recording booth?

  • It's not? Consider a super or hyper directional mic.
  • It is? An "open" mic may sound best.

d) What about you?

  • Have a big, full voice? Get a mic that captures that low-end. Maybe a tube.
  • Have a bright voice? Don't get a tube.

e) Lastly, the question you can NOT answer until you experiment: How does the mic react to your voice?

  • Every mic reacts differently to different voices... so try a few. And listen carefully.
  • Not sure what to listen for? Ask an engineer who produces that type of voice over.

IN CONCLUSION: Do NOT choose a microphone because it's a good price, because someone suggests it, or because it looks cool.  In fact, sometimes a less expensive microphone may work better for you! 

Want to make more money at voice over? Then get a mic that makes you sound the best! We're glad to help you determine which mic that is.

We hope this helps.

January 27, 2009
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This article addresses choosing the right microphone for your voice over home studio.
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