Voice over work. 13 creative ways to get it

Why do so many voice talent tell me they wish they had more work?

Change that. Why do so many voice talent market the BORING way?



...is easy: Just email an MP3 and hope.


...is easy
...is more fun
...gets more customers

Ready? Here are 13 ways to MARKET CREATIVELY:

  • MAKE A PRESENTATION to a local group of adults such as the YMCA, the PTA,... and talk briefly about what voice over is and the services you provide
  • HAVE A LOCAL NEWSPAPER write a story on your voice over business
  • DONATE YOUR SERVICES to non-profit groups
  • OFFER A FREE VOICE OVER JOB to casting professionals, audio studios, film production companies, on-hold companies,...
  • TAKE AN ADULT-ED business course at your local high school and meet all the entrepreneurs in it
  • EXHIBIT AT A LOCAL BUSINESS MEETING such as the local Better Business Bureau, Chamber Of Commerce,...
  • EXHIBIT AT A LOCAL EVENT such as a tradeshow, lecture, networking event,...
  • BECOME INVOLVED WITH YOUR LOCAL government - attend town meetings
  • JOIN A LOCAL BARTER organization
  • TELL MANAGERS OF LOCAL BUSINESSES, such as banks, grocery stores,... about what you provide
  • PARTNER WITH A NON-COMPETITIVE VOICE TALENT, such as one who speaks a foreign language, is the other gender, is a different age,... and co-market each other
  • WALK INTO THE HR DEPARTMENT of a large business and explain what services your provide

OUR SUGGESTION: Pick any 3 and DO IT! By next week, you'll have a new customer!

June 30, 2009
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Here are 13 ways to MARKET CREATIVELY for voice over work.
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