Where are Voice Over Marketing Resources?

There are many, MANY places for voice over artists to market their demo to. Following are some. (Visit marketing for detailed help.)

  • Talent agencies - A talent agency is a company that represents talent (actors, musicians, voice-over artists, etc). When a creative team cannot find the "right voice," they pay a talent agency to find the voice.

    Being represented by a talent agency is a great way for a voice-over artist to obtain work. Most reputable talent agencies will not charge you for representation. Instead, they take a commission (usually 10%) of your billings. Because they are commission-based, they work hard on obtaining high-paying jobs.

    Only market to talent agencies that deal with voice-over artists, as some specialize in modeling or acting and have no arrangements with voice-over clients.

    Some talent agencies will charge a fee to put your demo on their website or on their "demo of demos" CD (which talent agencies give to their clients in order for the clients to hear a selection of voices whenever they want to).

  • Casting directors - Many creative teams have their own casting department, which is responsible for finding and hiring voice-over artists. Contact the head of the casting department.

  • Recording studios - Contact audio-recording studios that record and/or produce voice-overs (some studios only offer music-recording services). Ask for the manager.

  • The Internet - Contact web-based companies that represent voice-over artists or that send audition and casting information to subscribers.

  • Advertising agencies - Contact agencies that offer voice over services (some agencies specialize in print or billboard advertising only). Contact the production director and the casting department.

  • TV and cable stations - These stations have their own in-house recording studios and record local advertisements and television promos. Contact anyone in the recording department.

  • Film / Video Production Houses - Production houses record films, documentaries, training and instructional videos, etc. Ask for the production director.

  • Multi-media companies - Multi-media companies record audio for website narration, CD-ROMs, interactive multi-media, software narration, and more. Ask for the casting director or the manager.

  • Publishing companies - Publishing companies record audiobooks and the like. Ask for the casting director or the manager.

  • Educational companies - Educational companies record educational films for interactive applications, films, slide shows, talking books, etc. Ask for the casting director.

  • AV (audio-visual) departments - Most large companies (e.g., corporations, hospitals, colleges, associations, foundations, etc.) have their own in-house recording studios that record training tapes, sales presentations, on-hold messages, trade show exhibits, voice-mail, etc. Ask for anyone in the AV department.

  • Radio stations - While disc jockeys voice most spots at their radio station, stations occasionally need to hire outside talent. This may be because none of the staff disc jockeys have the required type of voice or the station wants to impress a client with a particularly good production (which the disc jockeys are often not able to deliver).

  • Representatives - A representative is a salesperson whom you can hire to create sales. You will need to write a contract with a representative. They can be paid a set wage.

    Or you can pay them a commission of the work that they are responsible for obtaining. A typical commission fee is between 15% and 33%. The advantage of a commission-based fee is that they may work harder for you, since they only make money if they get you work.

  • Industry-related organizations - There exist numerous organizations that work with and hire voice-over artists. For example, film and video organizations, acting resource centers, advertising groups, etc. Join them and attend their meetings. This is a great networking opportunity.

Good luck!

March 19, 2008
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There are many, MANY places for voice over artists to market their demo to. Edge Studio shares a list of resources.
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