Backbone Not Included

How to strengthen your VO business in 20 Minutes a Day.

Here’s how to make your business happen, and build it strong. It works whether you focus on TV promos, radio imaging, movie trailers, national radio commercials, national TV commercials, or (gasp!) international TV commercials, a voice in a major movie, documentary narration, major character in a video game, announcing a game show, whatever.

Philip Banks has done all these things, by building a solid voice-over business. It’sbased not on smoke and mirrors, but on selling the only thing he has to sell: himself. Now, in just 4 hours, he’ll teach you how to do the same.

This course is “how to,” simply that. The “learning” part is easy, and will be fun. But notice the second part of the title: “Backbone not included.” You’ll need to supply that. No business succeeds without one.

Philip will explain how to apply your business backbone. How to grow strong. How to endure. Is that part easy? No, trust us, it isn’t, not without developing performance habits, business habits, people habits, and memory habits that Philip will explain.

Then, when you leave on the Saturday afternoon, he’ll ask you to do something for your business -- your career -- every day for 20 minutes. Do it all correctly, and get in the habit of finding more money in your pocket, doing a job you’ll love.

Bring yourself, your open mind, your notebook and a pen. And don’t forget your backbone!

Class size is limited to 20, so sign up now.

About Philip Banks

Philip lives in Portgordon on Scotland’s northeast coast, with his border collies Jazz and Bess. A graduate of Oxford University (law and economics), he did his first paid commercial VO session in 1990 while an employee of a Swiss merchant bank.

When not doing voice-over work, he can sometimes be found at the controls of an Airbus A320. (Don’t ask; everyone needs a hobby!) Or he can be found on the beach watching seals.

Working mainly from his ISDN-equipped home studio, Philip has a wide range of credits, including the Oscar-winning and nominated movies Volver and The Queen. In addition to being name winner of the Vox Award 2016 for best male performance, he has voiced promos for CNN, CNBC, PBS, BBC, and HBO, and countless international and national TV commercials including NBCUniversal Resort, Citizen Watches, BMW and BUPA International. In Telltale’s The Wolf Among Usvideogame, Philip played the villain “The Crooked Man.” Has also been a talking Mexican Tequila glass, a bedside lamp, and given two German shepherd dogs their voices. Philip has even done movie trailers, mainly in the Horror film genre.

Philip Banks is a member of the British actor’s union, Equity.


Backbone Not Included

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