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January 2014

David Goldberg’s notes on the GET-A-BUZZ, GET-AN-EDGE CONTEST

David Goldberg’s notes on the


Here’s who won, who lost, and why.

-- David Goldberg, CEO (Chief Edge Officer) of Edge Studio voice recording studios

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Yippeee!!! VOBuzzWeekly and Edge Studio put on a script reading contest during December, 2013:

Director's Notes:

This is a simulated audition for Intel. The company is producing a national commercial to promote the latest version of their core processor. They are looking for a male or female voice over artist with a natural, easy-going delivery, not a hard sell. This read should convey warmth and intelligence, with a hint of excitement.


Intel Core i7 - Visibly Smart

The fourth generation of Intel Core Processors.

Stunning visuals.

Intelligent performance.

Visibly smart.

The most amazing thing you ever saw.

Intel Core i7.

154 voice actors entered and competed for a $2,000 prize!

I was fortunate enough to select the winner. And there were some amazing entries! It wasn’t super-easy to select the winner.

While listening to the entries, I observed a lot of ways that entrants could easily improve.

So I noted various performance patterns and avoidable errors, and intended to write a helpful little article. That article grew and grew. And here it is.

* * * * * * * * *

Over time, a voice actor becomes a “working pro,” someone who knows the ropes. They can literally mail auditions in and almost do it in their sleep!

And that’s a problem. Because eventually many pros DO mail it in, going into an autopilot mode that stealthily puts their career to sleep. They fall into habits. These habits may work for their current clients, but won’t impress new ones, and may not translate to new genres.

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