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10 Tips for a Successful Home Audition

Tips for successfully auditioning from home.

These days, you usually submit a recording, rather than visit the client. So no worries about the mechanics of signing in and how to behave at a commercial studio that your client sends you to.  More than ever, winning the audition depends on your ability to self-direct. But there are still other ways to boost your chances.  Are you doing all these things right?


Don't sound like everyone else.

This is easier than it might seem, but requires study, thought, practice and maybe some coaching to explore the many ways you can make your read distinctive, yet still "you" and on-target.

Don't read too fast.

Is that really a mistake in the copy? Don’t be too smart for your own good.

Nobody’s perfect. But isn’t it sometimes tempting to show the client how close to perfection you are? For example, every so often, you encounter what looks like mistake in a script, and have to decide how – or whether – to point it out to the client, director or producer.

But is it really an error? Here are some apparent mistakes that aren’t, and what to do (or not do) about them.

What's in a word? Or the absence of one?

The script, talking about doors, said, "They lead different places." Shouldn’t that be "lead to different places"? Well, yes it could, but it’s also okay without the proposition. Before citing an error, consider other possible meanings of a word. One way to test that is by substitution. One sense of the word “lead” means “go.” And although the doors themselves don’t “go,” the paths from them do, and “they go different places” would surely be decent vernacular speech, so the script as written seems okay. Another test would be to search with the core phrase enclosed in quotes (so the search engine will find examples with that exact construction). In this case, “lead different places” turns up lots of cases, many of them in professionally edited publications. For that matter, “lead different directions” produces yet more.

Furthermore, if you include the word “to,” your listeners might think you meant “two.” The statement that “they lead two different places” has a very different meaning!

How to Prepare for a Voice Over Audition; A Few Dos and Don’ts

1. DO: Be Timely

a. Okay, so someone has contacted you for a voice over audition. Horray! Congratulations! How’d you find out? Did they send an email? Did they leave a voicemail? Either way, respond as soon as you get the message. (Side note – you should check your email and voicemail at least once a day so voice over auditions and other important life stuff don’t slip by!) Please don’t leave the casting director hanging for days. Not only may you lose that opportunity, but it can reflect poorly on your organizational skills and your commitment, making the casting director think twice before approaching you again for a voice over job.

b. If this is an in-studio voice over audition, make sure you arrive on time. Scratch that. Make sure you arrive early. Often, studios will have tightly scheduled auditions and showing up late will throw off the rest of their day. This will not ingratiate you towards the people you are trying to be hired by. If you can’t show up on time to the voice over audition, what’s to say you’ll show up on time to the voice over recording? Seriously, being timely is one of the most important things you can do for your voice over career.

2. DON’T: Be Rude To Anyone At The Studio

a. Whether it is the receptionist, the engineer, the mailman, or the casting director herself, never be rude to someone during a voice over audition. This should be common sense, but often nerves take over and you may snarl without meaning to. Being gracious will get you a long way at a voice over audition, not to mention in life.

3. DO: Go Over The Script Prior To The Voice Over Audition

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