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What’s your image of Imaging?

In a world where “real” voices are paramount, where being “vocally free” is prized, what does a VO pro make of promo, trailers and imaging work? Isn’t it the domain of the big voice, the DJ sound, and distinctive affectation?

It was. Not so much anymore. Even in imaging.

First, let’s all get up to speed with some definitions.

• Promos are the “commercials” that broadcast stations and networks (TV, radio, cable, satellite, web, etc.) run to advertise their own programming.
• Imaging is what the advertising community calls “branding.” It refers to a station or network IDs, audio billboards, logos, and other productions that identify the station or network and define its “position” in the programming marketplace. (For example, “This is CNN,” or “All hits on the Big 102!”)
• Affiliate promos are related to both imaging and promos, in that they are promotions produced by networks for their affiliated stations’ use. Each station receives a localized version (e.g., with a specific channel number and names of local newscasters).
• Trailers promote movies. Even when a movie promotion is run on television or included on a DVD, etc., it’s still called a trailer, even when it’s more like an ad or commercial. (No matter -- the word is an anachronism anyway.) Increasingly, in theaters trailers don’t have a voice over at all. In other media, voice is necessary.

Clear enough, right? But how does, say, an imaging job differ from a promo job?

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