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June 2013

Mea Culpa by Graeme Spicer

In my role as Director of Strategic Planning at Edge Studio, every day I get the opportunity to speak with voice actors about their victories and their frustrations. And as a working voice actor, I’m guilty of many of the things that I warn others about. Seems to always be the way.

Earlier this year, I did a session for a production studio located in my hometown – a midsized Canadian market. I have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the Creative Director – he has been feeding me work consistently over the past couple of years. I love this client.

The session went smoothly, and when I followed up to ensure he had everything he needed, he replied yes, and that the commercials had already been completed and approved. As he generally does, he graciously sent me MP3 copies.

In a moment of temporary insanity (I can think of no other reason to explain my irresponsibility), on a Thursday I posted the radio commercials to SoundCloud and on my Facebook page. "So proud of this work for my hometown, etc."

I knew better.

Not six hours later, I received an email from my client stating that his boss had just received a concerned email from the ad agency, and asking me to immediately remove the post from Twitter. The campaign didn't launch until Monday! Ironically, I hadn't tweeted the ad. However, I had completely forgotten that when I post to SoundCloud or Facebook, I have a setting clicked somewhere WHERE THE CONTENT IS IMMEDIATELY CROSS POSTED TO MY TWITTER ACCOUNT.

I was upset. I like to pride myself on being the easy guy to work with. Always cooperative and professional. I couldn't believe that I had acted with so little respect for my client, his client, and their client's client.

Things you may not know about Edge Studio

Some people are so enthused with training at Edge Studio that they see no need to learn more about us ... or they’re too busy. And some prospective students may be so jaded by some other schools or the world in general that they assume we’re not quite what we claim to be. So here are some interesting things -- and some important things -- we’d like you to know....

Our Founder David Goldberg is himself a voice-over coach. In fact, he was our first. Did you know Edge Studio has been around for a quarter century? David founded Edge Studio for music recording, and over the years Edge Studio helped capture and shape the sound of many well-known groups and singers. But David also recorded spoken voice, soon being asked by clients to coach them in voice over performance. In 1991, he wrote the first edition of our Voice Over Guidebook, and David still coaches and directs voice-over performers today -- in our studio locations, over the phone, and via the Internet (using Skype, etc.). In addition, David is industry-recognized for providing practical guidance on special auditions and demos. To schedule a session with David call 888-321-3343 or email training@edgestudio.com. He works equally enthusiastically with beginners and established voice over pros.

Incidentally, although Edge Studio hasn’t produced a music album since the year 2000, we still produce music for all sorts of clients, including Disney/Pixar, Marvel Comics’ X-Men, and other films, videos, telephony systems, eLearning, and more.

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