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December 2014

How’s that you say? (Part Two) A further look at vocal health

NOTE: This is the second post in a two-part article. Click here to read part one.

Last week we discussed hydration and how much to get of it. This week, let’s look further into the issue of vocal health care. Some of this may seem obvious to you, but – like hydration – it’s news to many people, and important for all to remember.

3. Avoid stress and get enough sleep.

In addition to helping you read in a relaxed and “vocally free” manner, it promotes health overall. (What good is vocal health if the rest of you is laid up?)

Following a dictum to “reduce stress” maybe harder to follow than getting regular and sufficiently long nighttime rest, but there are some things to explore.

Consider various relaxation techniques. Some people are able to take a 20-minute nap and it works wonders. Others find that a short nap just leaves them tired and likely to sleep much longer.

And alternative choice might be yoga, meditation, Alexander Technique, Buteyko Method, or some other discipline. We’re not recommending you go off the deep end with any of these, at least not till you’ve gotten your feet wet. Online you’ll find lots of good introductions to each, and there are also good introductory books. In the course of your investigations, you might find some “tricks” that work for you and simply adopt those. But some people say that to get the full benefit of certain disciplines, it’s important to work with a coach. See what works for you and how much training you’ll need.

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