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May 2015

How To Write Your Bio: It’s about you. And it’s not.

People like working with people they like. Above all, clients want a quality product that meets their needs, but they can usually get that from a choice of providers. Who to choose, and who they look forward to giving repeat business to, is often decided by who will be most fun, interesting, easy, and/or productive (etc.) to work with. That’s why every voice over talent should have a bio on their website and be ready to give it to whoever can use it. That way, when a client makes the all-important choice of talent, your bio moves them to choose you.

With the vast majority of voice over jobs being produced off-site (that is, from your own studio), a professional bio is more important than ever. It helps a client feel they know you, even though they’ve never met you, and it gives them an idea of what makes you special.

A good professional bio is therefore much more than a resume. In fact, it may not be a resume at all – you already have one of those, right? (Right?)

Your bio is more about your personality, about the background that is the foundation of your ideas and contributions, about special personal qualities that you bring to the session. It might hint that you have some interesting (constructive) stories to tell. Or, if you have a celebrity quality about you (or if you travel in celebrity circles), your bio even suggests (tacitly or subconsciously) that a bit of that celebrity might rub off on the client. (Or make the client feel like a celebrity, too.)

So, to that extent, your bio is about you.

But it’s not all about you. It’s also about matching you to your prospective client and their needs. There are lots of things about you that don’t relate to their needs -- things that aren’t relevant to what you’ll contribute ... things they don’t want or need to know.

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