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November 2016

The swinging, swirling world of Telephony. Yep. Telephony.

When you first looked into a voice-over career, did someone ask what kind of VO you want to do? It’s an understandable and reasonable question, but if a coach asks you that at the outset, it should be just to get a sense of where your head is at. It does not mean you should immediately charge down whatever path you mentioned, because -- until you’re aware of all the VO genres and their opportunities, and your own potential and capabilities -- how can you know what would be the best professional path for you? After all, there are well over two dozen VO genres to choose from.

Many people initially answer “Commercials,” or “Animation,” or “Audiobooks” or “Narration.” Relatively few people start with dreams of Telephony. Yet, voice artists who specialize in Telephony love it! Here’s why.

What's "Telephony"? In terms of voice-over, it's any voice recording that is heard over a telephone, as broadly as "telephone" has come to be defined technologically these days. Mobile phone, Internet phone connection, copper land line, fiber optic, cable, no matter. If it involves a telephone and/or a phone number, it's "Telephony."

Telephony can actually be “glamorous.” Yes, glamorous. It enables you to make your mark on society. Like some other VO genres, you may be anonymous to your listeners, but your voice could be heard all over. And, if you land a Fortune 1000 company, or an especially innovative client, imagine how that rubs off on you.

It’s very important to clients. Whether they are a Fortune 1000 company, a regional retail chain, or a small manufacturer, you are their voice. You are the first impression of that company when people call. That’s as important as doing a commercial, maybe more, because it’s likely to be ongoing work.

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