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June 2018

What goes into a cover letter? A letter. Not a form.

In a previous article on EdgeStudio.com, we advised “15 things n-o-t to say in your voice over cover letter." The list is based on actual letters received from, mostly, voice actor hopefuls. Thing is, you can't write a thoughtful letter just by avoiding gaffes. What should your cover email include, and how should you say it? Here are some suggestions.

Note that in offering these suggestions, we'll also suggest some further things to avoid. Not that they're so wrong as most of the things in our first list. In many cases, they're practices that add to the length of your letter without adding to its substance. Or, as your high school English teacher would have said, they're just "wordy."

Also note that we're talking here about a "cold call" letter, one to someone you haven't already met. In cases where you've already started a conversation, you should be able to continue that conversation where you left off. But many of these rhetorical principles will still apply.

Get to the point!

Specifically, tell your reader the upshot of what you've learned about them, not how you learned it. Tell them how you can help them, not just what you do.

Consider, for example, the statement, "I see from your website that you produce explainer videos." A statement such as this is even found in some templates that otherwise might be good examples.

What's wrong with it?

Your reader knows what's on their website. They know what they do. And (just between us) it's no longer very impressive that you thought to visit them online.

Instead, get to your benefit. What did you learn about them that you are especially qualified to handle, or even fix?

Instead of saying:

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