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December 2019

Edge Studio's CEO Goes Bananas at the Holidays

A message from our Founder and CEO, David Goldberg


Season’s Greetings from Edge Studio!

The holiday season is a terrific time to show gratitude to our amazing voiceover community, and to express how thankful we are for being a part of it.

For me, the most amazing part of this community is the diverse groups of people who make all this happen: from voice actors, copywriters, casting agents, producers, and directors to all the production coordinators, corporate clients, and admin teams. Of course a special shout out goes to my own admin team here at Edge.

During the holiday week, we stop casting, producing, and coaching, and instead focus on friends, family, and having a fun-filled holiday season. In that spirit, I wanted to share one of my personal favorite holiday memories, one where my holiday spirit got a little too carried away.

Once upon a time, security officers kicked me out of a veeery busy shopping mall wearing a Santa suit.  Well, a Gorilla suit adorned with a Santa suit and beard.

Let me explain.

My friend Jason and I each owned a head-to-toe, Disney-style Gorilla suit. We wore them in parades, for birthday-grams, as stadium mascots, and so on.  Then, we got full head-to-toe Santa suits. So we put them together (imagine a real gorilla dressed as Santa), bought a ton of candy canes, headed to the mall, and ran around handing out candy. We were hits! People stood in lines for pictures with us (possibly longer than the line for the regular mall Santa)! Until security came into the picture…

Oh, the Audacity!

Oh the Audacity! How dare you be such a capable audio recording software program and still cost nothing! You’re free! There must be a catch...


There are dozens of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software programs out there on the market today. All of them are worth every penny. Audacity has the same value and functionality of most of the programs out there, and it’s absolutely free.  When it’s time to choose an audio program for recording voice over it’s a no brainer. I recommend this program to every one of my students because it’s free, it’s easy to use, and it works for everything they will need to record and send out auditions.  Audacity has the same core functions as all the others like record, edit, EQ, compress, export as mp3 etc., plus a lot more that you may or may not use in your regular VO recordings.

So, what does all this mean?

As voice actors our lives consist of interpreting the scripts we receive, recording the performance and sending out the edited recording with all intentions of winning that audition. Yes, I simplified this but for a reason: The key component to the above statement is RECORD, EDIT, & EXPORT. Our focus should be on our performance, not worrying about being an engineer while doing it. It’s important that we quickly master the skills of recording, editing out unwanted audio, skillfully add/adjust the equalization if needed (low cut filter, High pass filter etc.), and send off a quality recorded performance. Audacity allows us to do this with ease. Look at it this way… using Audacity for recording your VO is like me using MS Word to write this article; simple intuitive functions like cut, copy, paste, delete, save.

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