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August 2020

My Top 3 Tips for Voice Over Auditions

I have a confession to make.   Early on in my voice over career, opening my email and seeing an audition request in my in-box would fill me with equal measures of excitement...and panic.  Yep,  just a little bit of panic.  Because while I was excited for the opportunity to potentially book a job,  I was also anxious about that opportunity because I lacked confidence.

So there I was, a trained voice actor and I was actually getting the opportunity to audition and book gigs so why wasn’t I just plain excited?

Here’s what I eventually discovered.  I realized that I did not have a consistent audition strategy.

The voice over industry is becoming increasingly competitive.  A client may receive hundreds of submissions for any given audition and quite honestly, many of those auditions won’t even be listened to all the way through.

So how does a voice actor stack the deck in their favor and make sure that their audition stands out and stays top of mind with the client?

It’s about having an audition game plan that allows the actor to consistently create their best reads.  Here are my top 3 tips for creating your own audition strategy:

1) Make a really good first impression

Learning to Speak Naturally

In the modern voice over world, speaking naturally, or “conversationally” is the key to booking any job. The days of the old-school announcers are over, and if you can’t deliver a read that is smooth and natural, you will probably not get hired. This is something that we have to work on with most of our students. Even some seasoned pros still have trouble delivering a read that is free of extra, weird pauses. People tend… to read their copy...like...THIS! As if the script had commas all over the place and choosing odd words to emphasize. It doesn’t sound very natural, and will turn off any casting professional. Don’t get me wrong, I love William Shatner; he’s a national treasure. But you don’t want to sound like him in your voice over submissions.  If you find yourself delivering these weird, choppy reads, you need to ask yourself: do I speak like this in real life? The answer is probably not. When we speak to each other, we tend to do so naturally, without pauses, moving smoothly from one thought to another. So why do so many voice actors fall into this trap? What can you do in order to smooth out your reads and sound more “natural?”

 I too struggle with reading naturally, but through private coaching I’ve been able to work out some of my own issues and improve my reads. Here are a couple of tips that I learned working with some of our coaches that you can keep in mind on your next audition:

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