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Who chooses a voice over artist?

The creative director and/or creative team does. This could be the producer, the copywriter, the client…anyone who is in charge of the production.

The creative team maintains a library of voice over demos. When they need to hire a voice over artist, they search their library to find the appropriate voice. It‘s advantageous for them to have a large library, as this allows them to be more specific when choosing a voice over artist.

Often, the creative team will give a third party the responsibility of choosing the voice over artist. The third party could be a casting director, talent agency, recording studio, or anyone else who maintains a voice over library.

In this case, the creative team will furnish the third party a list of required voice characteristics. The third party will then search through their library of demos, find a few voices that closely fit the description, and give those demos to the creative team to make the final choice.

Once a good rapport is established between the creative team and third party, the creative team may allow the third party to choose the final voice.

It is estimated that creative teams will play a voice over artist‘s demo 20 times for each time that it is chosen. The voice over artist is unaware when their demo is being played.

Response to AdventureVoice3572

Thanks so much for your comment. You are not alone. Many voice actors get nervous in front of the creative team.
To help you build confidence, we offer a free service in which you can post recordings and receive peer feedback. Visit the feedback forum at: http://www.edgestudio.com/feedback-forum.
Also, Edge Studio hosts a free script contest. Every entrant wins and prizes are awarded to the top finalists! But the most beneficial part is what comes after: You can read why the winners won and why others didn't. Enter the weekly script contest here: http://www.edgestudio.com/script-contests.
If you have any additional questions, feel welcome to give us a call at 212-868-3343.

Living in North Carolina, trained and looking for work.

I just wanna say that nothing can make a new voice actor more nervous than auditioning in front of the creative team. I would like a chance to show the admins what I can do but I need some help getting started on this site. Can anyone please help?

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