Why wait for VO work?

Say "NO!" to New Year's resolutions. Instead make positive changes when you come across them. Why wait???? It makes no sense. Some examples from daily life:

  • You realize you need to pee. We don't mean to be indelicate, but didn't your parents once tell you, "You should have thought of that before we left"? They were right. Go now, rather than at some more awkward moment.
  • You have a good idea? Write it down. Or make a song of it that you can remember. Or send yourself a phone message. Anything but waiting till later. Odds are, you'll forget.
  • You come across a way to get more VO work. Why wait? Make it a "self-fulfilling" resolution by getting your rear end in gear now!

Let's look closer at that last one ...

How will you come across ways to get more voice work? The range of possibilities is virtually infinite. We can't predict which one of the countless ways you might encounter in the coming year. But we can help you seek and recognize opportunities that are suited to you, and expand the germ of an idea, and help you match yourself precisely to the opportunity.

There are lots of ways to get more VO work now:

  • VO business consultations
    Sometimes it helps to speak with someone who's doing exactly what you want to be doing. Want audiobook work? Then work with an industry-recognized audiobook narrator. They'll hear your voice, know the type of publishing companies who are hiring your voice type, and can help mentor you to success.
  • Demos
    Freshen; target; improve the production to be more realistic; fewer or more cuts; reorganize (e.g., lead with different styles) to create several different versions (even if some demos overlap) and display on your website by style or genre; look into VoiceZam.
  • Market smarter
    Here, it often helps to speak with someone whose career is on the "other side of the glass." They are often more adept at seeking simple ways for you to increase your bookings.

So if you know what to do, then what are you waiting for? If you're stuck and want help, then why wait???? Call us.

Seeking advice when it comes to marketing my services

I have just. started my first marketing blitz and need advice on effective marketing. I appreciate everything that edge studios does move us Voicelings ever forward.www.davejvoices.com

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