Global VO Market: How to book English-language work in non-English speaking countries

Live and Interactive Webinar!

with Jason Bermingham and Simone Kliass

Learn how to book English-language work in non-English speaking countries.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
7:00 - 9:00pm ET
2-Hour Live and Interactive Webinar

Production houses and ad agencies in non-English speaking countries offer a wide range of opportunities for VO pros who are fluent in English, even if English is the only language you know. Jason Bermingham and Simone Kliass will discuss genres that are more obvious (such as corporate videos, training videos, phone prompts, and e-learning ) and those that are not (such as advertising festivals, advertising presentations (pitches), and productions for client approval). This 2-hour live webinar focuses on clients in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. However, these marketing and communication strategies can be adapted to win clients anywhere.

Your professional home studio gains you entry, but it’s just the start. There are many other things to know besides voice-acting in English!

  • Since your audience often does not speak English as a first language, you may need to adjust your read accordingly. We will look at the full process, from preparing to receive the script, to offering suggestions, corrections, and your view as to how to read it.
  • We’ll explain how to develop demos for foreign markets, and how to make your website and online casting profile attractive to international clients.
  • We’ll also cover the technical angles, running through a live job with several clients on the line (from different regions of the world), discussing software, hardware and communication technologies that are commonly used in different world regions.
  • And we’ll answer the big question: How much should you charge clients overseas? Are the rates higher or lower than in the USA? And how will you get paid? Even though PayPal is a global service, there’s still the matter of dealing with payment bureaucracy and international contracts. Jason will discuss options for payment (including currencies), present samples of contracts you’ll encounter, and give tips on how to get paid more quickly (or at least without fraying your nerves).

Jason Bermingham is an American journalist and VO talent who has lived and worked in São Paulo, Brazil, for more than 15 years. Alongside his wife (Simone Kliass, one of Brazil’s leading voices), he records for clients around the world from a purpose-built home studio. Jason has written extensively about voice-over for Sound on Sound magazine and he presents talks on the global voice-over market at industry fairs and conferences in the USA and Brazil.

Simone Kliass
Brazilian actress and VO talent Simone Kliass has worked in the entertainment industry since booking her first TV commercial at just nine years of age. Currently one of Brazil's most recognized voices, Simone lends credibility to the brands she represents with a friendly and natural style. She is the voice of the São Paulo International Airport, LATAM Airlines, Walmart call centers, Sky pay TV, Avast antivirus software, and hundreds of TV and radio campaigns that have aired in recent years. Simone coaches voice-over for Portuguese-speaking talent at Edge Studio and hosts videos featuring audio-production companies for Sound on Sound magazine in Brazil. To learn more, visit


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Dates: Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 7:00 - 9:00pm ET


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