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Upload a recording and receive professional feedback in your inbox! Select from these industry experts (click to meet them), or let us match you with an expert who specializes in the genre of your audition.

Checkups are one script, 60-seconds or shorter. If you want us to review longer recordings or demos containing numerous recordings, please call us at 888-321-EDGE or email training@edgestudio.com

Some examples...

  • Important audition? Get a second opinion before you submit it!
  • New home studio gear? Let an engineer ensure your quality will impress the client.
  • New client? Don’t blow your first impression!
  • Have a job in a new genre? Have a pro start you in the right direction.


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Step 1) Upload a recording of one script, up to 60-seconds long (dry voice or mixed with music).

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Step 5) Optional: If you are uploading an Audition or Paid Job

Format: February 21, 2012
Format: 03:02PM

Step 7) Optional: List any comments or concerns.

For example, "I have a new mic, how does it sound?" or, "Trying a new genre, what do you think?" (200 word max)

Step 8) Select an Edge Studio coach to provide feedback.

Step 9) Suggested option: Select "Yes" below to have your recording and coach's feedback posted to the public Feedback Forum, so that you can receive additional feedback from your peers at no cost. Only your user-name will be displayed.

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