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David Goldberg coaches and mentors innumerable voice actors, from beginners to top working pros and celebrities. He is widely recognized as one of the industry’s most knowledgeable, practical and "hands-on" experts. As Chief Edge Officer of Edge Studio... Read David's bio

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Past students say that working with David is a career-changing experience,
that they've gotten more out of these sessions in one day than in all their time training with other coaches put together.


A breakthrough program for working voice actors
with Edge Studio's Leader, David Goldberg

Voice actors are frequently asked to audition for jobs with no interaction and limited direction from those making the final casting decision. This leads to the voice actors’ daily conundrum - play it safe, or make a specific attempt to stand out and risk completely missing the mark?

In this full-day workshop, respected coach and casting director David Goldberg teaches the six essential and practical steps needed to make certain your auditions are not only what the client is expecting to hear, but also distinctive and infused with your personal style!

David teaches by telling stories and providing examples from his 20+ year career in casting voice actors in national and international commercials, animated series and narrations. Much of the day will be spent with students examining and interpreting audition scripts and then reading their “auditions” for group discussion and David’s critique.

Learning these six essential steps could be what moves you from a career plateau to a whole new level of jobs and clients.
Don’t miss David Goldberg’s Winning Auditions Workshop!


First impression, due diligence, research, slating, and don’t forget “bang-for-your-buck.” What do these terms mean? They mean you win more auditions.

In Step 1 you’ll learn how to

  • Know what the client really wants
  • Intrigue clients from the first moment of your audition
  • Avoid unwitting mistakes that embarrass or disqualify you
  • Surprise and impress clients with your knowledge of their business


Nearly every voice actor I work with thinks they should work on an audition until it sounds great to them. What could be wrong with that? When I tell you what’s wrong with this mindset, you’ll whack yourself on the head and realize why you lost some auditions that you felt you were perfect for!

In Step 2 you’ll learn how to

  • Do a “180” and see/hear things very, VERY differently
  • Submit auditions that intrigue casting teams
  • Review your own demos, and understand how to make them more marketable


In this step, you will read a LOT of scripts and receive personalized feedback, but in a different way than you may expect. I take a unique approach to improving your delivery and training your ears – this is critical for any audition.

I will direct you in a very comfortable, yet matter-of-fact way, giving you practical suggestions, each tailored to your own unique voice. You'll read solo, you'll group-read, and you'll even group-direct. Playing the Director role will give you even more insight into how clients hear you.

In Step 3 you’ll learn how to

  • Fit into the client’s big picture
  • Understand what goes into casting
  • Identify the 7 types of casting team members, and learn what each listens for
  • Make each team member thrilled with your read


Stop thinking in stereotypes. When you carefully consider what you’re reading, who may be listening, where they may be listening, and most importantly why they are listening, you’ll be better able to make smart choices -- choices that help you win auditions.

I’ll go through a whole range of things to consider, showing ways to go against the conventional flow, while still channeling exactly what the client wants.

In Step 4 you’ll learn how to

  • Figure out when to play it safe and when not to
  • Recognize the stereotype within each genre and why it’s often nonsense
  • Know when to fix typos, when not to, and what the client will think
  • Know when to disregard what the direction says and the right way to do so


You’ll be shocked at how quickly an experienced casting pro will click the “Stop” button. Maybe to you everything seems fresh, but a seasoned casting director has heard just about everything again and again ... and again. Every actor needs to bring something fresh to the table. I’ll show you how to infuse your own style, instead of predicting what style you think your client wants.

In Step 5 You’ll learn how to

  • Give clients what they want while still making it your own
  • Sound unique and unpredictable, yet real
  • Contribute to the creative process by employing your special skills
  • Win over the casting team by helping them shape the script
  • Stand out from the hundreds of other contenders


In this step, we’ll review common mistakes that turn off casting teams. Countless auditions are blown every day because of simple errors and oversights that talent could easily avoided. Scriptwriters know the solution: have someone proofread. Self-recorded voice actors should do the same. Have a friend “proof-listen” to your audition, without seeing the script.

I’ll suggest what that person should listen for. And I’ll help you better proof-listen to yourself. This is small stuff, takes just minutes in your recording session, but has a potentially big payoff.

In Step 6 you’ll learn how to

  • Explain what to listen for
  • Catch your own mistakes
  • Be sure you’ve followed every instruction correctly
  • Catch technical recording errors and glitches
  • Sound like a pro


Join us the Friday night before for a voice over networking event! Meet other voice over talent, industry professionals, and David Goldberg. This is the perfect opportunity to step away from your mic and talk shop with like-minded individuals.

David will also lead a voice over Q&A - providing you with helpful tips on technique, marketing, and how to up your VO game.

Light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be served. This networking event is automatically included when you register for David's Winning Auditons Workshop. It can also be purchased as a stand-alone event for only $27.

Bring a Friend and save $100!!!

Register with a friend and you'll each receive $50 off! That's only $554 total for two people!

Note: Offer only valid if you register together/at the same time. You may register online or call our Education Department at 888-321-EDGE (3343).


David Goldberg Road Trip - New York, NY - (June 26 & 27)

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Dates: Leading Edge VO Networking Night, Friday, June 26, 6:30pm - 8:30pm ET (Q&A begins at 7:30pm)
Leading Edge VO: Winning Auditions Workshop, Saturday, June 27, 10am - 6pm ET

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