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Dutch Voice Over Translation Chart, Accents and Tips

Dutch and English stem from the same language family. Generally spoken Dutch is about the same length as English, so if you translate an English ad into Dutch, it will be roughly the same length.

Dutch is a Germanic language native to The Netherlands, and is very closely related to Flemish, spoken in about half of Belgium (so closely, in fact, that many Belgians use the names interchangably). It is also the official language in a variety of former Dutch colonies in the Caribbean.

Just like with any language, when you are working with Dutch, you need to consider a lot of things very carefully. What is your goal by translating to or from this language? Who is your specific audience within the group of people who speak this language? Do you know how to adapt your script to speak to this group?

Edge Studio is a full service audio production facility, and that’s not restricted to English. If you need Dutch voice over, we have you covered from the initial translation and adaptation to casting talent and language monitors to help lay down those final recording sessions.

If you need Dutch voice over, translation, recording, dubbing, adaptation, or language monitor for cartoon, powerpoint, education videos, ESL, audiobooks, or commercials, call edge studio (212-868-3343).

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Allon S
A flexible voice that fits both commercial projects as well as character voices and presentations. Young, vibrant, professional
Ann G
I have a soft, warm, youthful, positive and trustworthy tone of voice. I am versatile and experienced with singing, acting & broadcasting background.
Arjan B
I'm your virtual salesman, anchorman and educator. Upbeat and enthusiast, neutral and wise. You choose, I'll perform!
Astrid T
From warm soothing voice to upbeat convincing message in either Dutch or American English with European flair.
Geraldine B
I am a very dynamic young woman with a bright, airy, sexy and expressive voice.
Hans v
Down-to-earth and very articulate
Inge M
warm deep voice with a sensual touch.
Jeroen M
I've a warm, pleasant, enthusiast, confident and friendly voice.
Jimmy V
calm voice, perfect for corporate projects like e-learning, company movies and audioguides
Jolanda B
Warm, silky, intelligent and informative style. Strong, authorative, warm and approachable. But also characters with a funny sound.
Petra V
Warm, soothing, engaging, intelligent, international voice for a global, corporate reach, or for e-learning. Clear sound for relatable advertising.
Rene V
Warm, friendly allround Dutch male voice, from hard sell to educational and convincing.
Tessa F
believable, expressive, clear, inviting, personable, trustworthy, upbeat and youthful. I am articulate and can sound educational.
fleur m
Corporate, Commercial. Children's books. Fresh.
sabine d
Non intrusive, deep, trustworthy voice for storytelling, audioguides or online courses; convincing voice for your pub, character for your animation