Demos Recorded At Edge Studio


We do. As a working production studio, we showcase our graduates' voices for our production clients to hire, so the demos we produce MUST be marketable. Each demo uniquely fits the voice over artist. Listen to the samples below. You'll hear why we are known for helping voice talent make back the money they spend.

Alex K

I can play a young man in college or high school.
I also excell at characters with an element of fear or evil intent.

Ami K

I can be quirky, silly, and animated. I can also do imitations and accents and have tenor singing voice. My natural voice is young 18 - late 20's

Gillian V

My voice is warm, intelligent, professional, and friendly.

Dan K

I have a deep voice but I'm able to bring it high if needed. I see myself as a character actor, able to do comedy, drama, and everything in between.

Kristina F

I'm the best friend, the fun teenager, or the young mom type. I'm also very kid friendly.

Beth G

Articulate, clear, educator, girl next door, friendly, Mom, sister, dramatic

Jerry T

That "Every man" voice with a spicy smooth, articulate sound that brings warmth, engaging style, and credibility to Jerry's voice work.

Glenn C

Clear, Confident, Personable, and Mature. I have a dynamic range that allows me to express warmth, and intimacy, as well as energetic excitability.

Roger H

I have a friendly, resonant anchor/announcer quality with a very natural delivery; the best of both worlds. I can be humorous, dad-like and intimate.

Monica S

From a warm and believable mom, sister or best friend, to a smooth and sophisticated delivery style. Characters are a specialty!

Mia B

The voice of mother earth - warm, vibrant & comforting. Also can sound smooth, mellow & sexy or change it up to perky & sweet. Educational tone too.

Mark C

Mark is big... deep... believable... dignified... trustworthy... warm... friendly... the everyman... Can also sound "reverent" or "spiritual".

Kevin G

I'm quirky and fun, a touch of sarcasm with a smile and a smirk. Can sound educational and articulate, or relaxed and cool.

Craig H

The boy next door. Casual, Current, Educational, Expressive, Friendly, Neighborly, Personable and Quirky.

Timothy B

Deep, warm, rich and resonate; a true storyteller that draws you in, with the versatility to engage and propel the audience into emotion or action.

Nick C

I have a slew of interesting characters at my disposal and specialize in enthusiastic, energetic, and youthful voices.

Amy C

I'm the fun, happy go-lucky girl. I can sound cute and personable, but also flirty and sensual.

Amy N

Trusted mom and best-friend, my voice is soothing, warm, bright, fresh and sophisticated, conveying comfort, hope, happiness, fun and confidence.

Tad S
Eli G
Jolynn B

I'm the friendly neighbor who is spunky and smart. I can entertain and educate.

Paul B
Thomas R
Jim H
Karen A
Jonathan C
Jennifer Y
Matthew W

Character -- smooth, raspy, wacky, southern, fun, kooky
Narration/Commercial -- friendly, conversational, guy next door

Bob P

My voice is deep,warm,soothing, mature, neighborly, persuasive, authoritative, caring, and some have called it wise.
I can punch it up or down.

Katie M
Charity S
Ben C

"Steven Wright with a smile in your tone." is how one person put it. My voice has also been described as intelligent, direct, and trust inspiring.

Traci Adair J

conversational, friendly, warm, bubbly, smooth, compassionate, motherly, high-energy, youthful, playful, serious, comforting, trustworthy.

Annette C

I'm your girlfriend who needs a discuss a very intimate problem, educated, warm, believable and trusting
Healthcare professionals often seek me out,

Cassandra M

I have a youthful and energetic female voice, that's very clear and vibrant. Can also sound like a spunky young boy.

Peter H

My voice is calming, corporate, expressive, neighborly, trustworthy and warm. My delivery style is that of an everyman, grandpa and story teller.

Dale G
Christopher M
Heather G

Crisp and educational, Intelligent. Young mother or friendly teacher. Can also do deep, smooth, sexy, and airy.

Jim S

Voice of calm assurance. Can accommodate from low and smooth to the guy next door. From promo to longer narrative, from sales pitch to educational.

Balazs P
Susan H

A clear, articulate, friendly delivery. Elegant and professional, while remaining versatile and real.

Alison L

Dark/smooth female voice that can easily exude luxury/exclusivity. Higher register lends itself to wry humor and quirkier characters.

Wanda P

Smart yet sweet, youthful yet trustworthy, friendly, compassionate & warm. Ranging from playful & enthusiastic to straightforward & unpretentious.

Bruce B
Harris M

I'm Colorado baritone, the guy next door, young and cool.

Mike H

I'm the warm and friendly guy next door. I can also do reads with a youthful, high-energy vibe or simply smooth and sophisticated.

Christian T

My vocal wheelhouse is a calm, comforting & strong, perfect for anything hospital, pharma, food, cars, food. I have also perfected the vocal fry read.

Scott C

Warm, rich, sexy, professional, naturally dynamic, expressive, personable, & approachable. The buddy, dad, man's man, guy next door types.

Samantha C

I'm a girl-next-door and that new young mom; I'm fresh, bubbly, and articulate with a conversational, easy-breezy tone.

Colleen H

My voice is very clear, bright and animated. I'm the person you can trust to give you the inside scoop or secret, or educate in a relatable way.

Brett B

A deep, resonant voice with a dynamic pitch-- from guy next door up to an astute, authoritative. Warm and rich resonance.

Jack S

My range is from Sam Elliott-style everyman, to professorial, articulate and technical.

Ryan R

I'm a nerd in disguise, an accessible teacher, an overly enthusiastic fan, a dependable brother who's not afraid to be witty or sarcastic.

Sandi S

Sincere, energetic, empathetic, best friend, mom type. Very articulate and good at factual, informative, educational material.

Jackie W

My voice ranges from kid friendly to sexy and sultry, smooth, warm, professional, educational, girl next door, mom, energetic, quirky, characters.

Hubert W

I have warm, calm, and soothing voice.

Christopher K

I'm the cool & friendly- yet articulate- guy that lives next door. Can also sound technical, but in a "business casual" sort of way.

Pamela A

My voice ranges from low, smokey and smooth through confident, professional and educational...and always friendly, warm, and conversational!

Ben M

Trustworthy guy next door. Reassuring, easy voice type. Can be very articulate if needed.


Based on my diverse voice, I am able to reflect various sounds like Guy Next Door, Smooth, Edgy, Fun, Personable and Dynamic.

Sophie A

Vocally flexible to move from one accent/gender/tone/age to another. Youthful and grounded at the same time.

Jeffrey W

I am an articulate, youthful-sounding explainer. Think of spots that need a friendly, easy-going vibe with a hint of passionate expertise.

Tom L

Deep, Warn, authoritative and comforting. Think Peter Thomas or Mason Adams, not Cousin Brucey.

Debbie B

I sound warm, intelligent, conversational, educational, friendly, upbeat and sincere.

Charly D

Contemporary, smooth, articulate, professional, corporate, authoritative, intelligent, warm, friendly, calming.

Jenny A

My natural voice has been described as warm and honest with a playful quality. It's has a professional and confident quality.

Sarah G

My voice is professional, friendly & rich. Can be authoritative, business-like, warm & welcoming, informational; also mom/kid-friendly or playful.

Kate L

Grad student, cool aunt, the everywoman with an edge, plus multiple characters. I can bring out the comedy in your copy or the sincerity in your PSA.

Kimberly D

My voice is medium ranged and raspy. Because of this, I normally get asked to play the tomboy.

Deborah S

Smooth, clear with an authoritative soft edge. Low and sexy as well as someone's mom/teacher.

Catherine W

I am expressive, witty, conversational, clear and articulate. I can also invoke an endearing and magical quality perfect for young listeners.

Lane A

Versatile range: Females toddler to adult & males toddler to teen. Warm, multi octave, can be soft or w/an edge.

David J

My voice has a broad range, it is very trusting/ soothing which makes the listener at peace with what I am saying. My voice is calming yet reassuring.

Anthony P

My voice can range from the friendly neighborly guy, educational, enthusiastic, know it all New yorker, old school announcer, funny and quirky voice

George O

Friendly, conversational, informative, Jersey tough-guy, streetwise yet approachable.

Don S

I have a deep, rich, warm, sincere and honest voice that is extremely friendly with many different tones and nuances that will fit multiple projects.

Kyle S

New York area talent with the everyman voice. "The Guy Next Door." Conversational, trustworthy, soothing, friendly, authentic, playful or sarcastic.

Andy B

Dad, best friend, just one of the guys, or a serious professional. I've got funny, quirkly sound, but also trustworthy and confident.

Darren K

I'm a 30 year broadcasting professional who trained under EDGE's David Goldberg. Friendly, snarky, credible, believable guy next door.

Monica O

My voice is casual, conversational and friendly. A raspy quality that can sound older or younger.

Halley D

I've got a cast of thousands in me; little girls, super heroes, young boys, harridans, monsters, you name it. Equally skilled at comedy and drama.

Jeff D

My voice can be described as friendly, intelligent, regular guy, trustworthy, smooth, calming. I can do the powerful truck commercial read and comedy

Joshua A

Articulate, deep, authoritative.
Friendly, warm.
Over-the-top, high-energy, announcer-style.

Gervais W

My voice is very friendly, warm, conversational, and baritone.

Chris V

My voice is very animated and I can change it from drama to comedy I can go to child like to up to 40's. I'm looking for more animation work.

Victoria M

I am extremely articulate and natural sounding with no regional accent. Friendly, real, sassy, husky, raspy, luxurious, sexy, creepy.

Laura C

Professional, intelligent, competent, business-like, friendly, funny, snarky

Lois A

I'm the friendly, intelligent woman down the hall. I have a warm and soothing voice, with an elegant delivery.

Nik M

My voice has been described as natural, relatable, believable, friendly, guy next door, genuine, informal, sincere, authentic, and so much more.

Brian C

I am the dad, guy-next-door, trusted teacher, articulate, but can be quirky.

James W

I'm your Best-Friend / Everyman type, with a warm, relatable, intelligent, and friendly delivery.

Steve D

Steve's easy, congenial voice can be fireside cozy, scholarly, sincere or blue collar nod-and-a-wink.

Biker H

I'm the guy next door. My natural voice is warm and friendly, but i have a wide range.

Brian Tom O

Warm, intelligent, friendly, calm, soothing, persuasive

Michael S

I am your everyday man, modulate and assertive sounding, yet pleasant and a little characterized. I am very articulate, and can sound formal.

Evan C

I have a very trustworthy sounding voice. Commanding and authoritative. Very articulate and low registered with resonance. Powerful and captivating.

Nicholas (Nick) V

I have the "boy next door" kind of voice.

Robert B

Warm and personable sound - I'm like your best friend that you've grown up. Comforting and reassuring, but also direct and confident.

Gene A

business professional, father, coach, mentor, explainer, friendly, upbeat, corporate, conversational, educational, sales, financial, technical

Mack S

I'm the expert: articulate, deep, educational, informative, intelligent, warm and resonant.

Alexandra S

Sexy, sassy, soulful, and sweet.

Maura G

My voice is full, rounded and resonant. A warm, sensual, sophisticated sound able to range from highly educated, seductive & authoritative to motherly

Alan F

Resonant baritone, well-modulated voice. Generally comforting tones. Educated/professional to casual/folksy. Father, professional, friend.

Jason S

There’s definitely a NYC edge to my voice which an be scaled up or down as needed. Really good at comedic timing and sounding relatable.

Danny H

My voice is warm, friendly, and youthful. Ultra-friendly kids focused narration is a specialty of mine, and I can also be formal and educational.

Graham H

Quintessential friendly, guy next door or fatherly. Range of:
Charismatic & sly
Down to Earth.

Michael D

I have a conversational and friendly, but authoritative and convincing voice and delivery.

Angela F

I'm the sarcastic yet caring teacher with some fluidity in the voice...think of the fruit clementine (natural, somewhat sweet with a hint of tart.)

Ricardo L

I can portray laid-back individuals with a rugged or cool sounding voice. I can be upbeat or serious, depending on the reading. I also do characters.

Robert L

I have a smooth baritone voice, Mans man, voice of authority and reason, also sarcastic and dry

Vidya M

Trusted friend, warm, sincere, optimistic, educated, worldly, melodic, colorful, caring and articulate

Frank H

Low, warm, articulate but relatable, can sound conversational or authoritative as needed.

Ava E

I have a versatile voice that expands across a wide genre including animation, children's audiobooks, commercials, corporate training, and news

Maya Elizabeth S

I'm a young, friendly sounding, female who can bring joy as well as sarcasm to a read. I am very articulate and can also sound mature.

Jon H

I'm a bombastic personality with a soothing baritone. Capable of versatile character work, accents and articulation. Energy to match any project.

Alexa B

I have a very expressive, youthful voice and am very articulate.

Julie W

Julie's voice is rich and lively, and she can speak with welcoming casualness or strike the perfect balance of precision without sounding stuffy.

Sean O

I have a regular guy vibe but am very articulate and can sound authoritative.

Carlin T

The guy next door able to show compassion, humor or be more authoritative. Friendly, Sophisticated or Urgent and educated.

Les W

The professional relating well to business people without "trying too hard." Baritone voice perfect for sports/military copy.

Emile L

I've a deeper voice overall. Good neighborly, educational and consultant. Also good at sensational NASCAR type!

Meli G

I have a lower, husky voice. I have a focused, articulate delivery. I have a slightly nasal sound, but bright and smooth. Can also read as androgynous

Anthony S

Humor, honesty, integrity and a touch of snark -- which you may find charming! I love doing promos for radio and have a flair for the comedic.

Suzanne A

I'm the genuine, trustworthy, person-next-door who can sound matter-of-fact.

Michael C

Authentic, chill vibes. I'm that natural-sounding guy you can trust. That friend with the great advice, with nurturing support. Relatable. Reliable.